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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Diplo and Starrah posted by nick guy from Maverick...she enjoyed Diplo and he defended her RH tracks...esp Ghosttown for not getting airplay so maybe he’ll be on the new album in some capacity.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Hold tight. Cardi B posted a photo shoot in progress w ROL playing and her mouthing a few lyrics. Are we being M-trolla’d again. 🤔🤣😂
  3. She should name her next album Madonna... easy to market confusion will be exist w her debut but name recognition and reintroduction to the younger consumers if she wants will hopefully result in sales. Is it possible or will WB object. Likely I imagine.
  4. Take a bow

    When the song came out I remember hearing it on the radio and the DJ saying that this was likely her swan song ....they counted her out after every proper album cycle that wasn’t a critical darling...(I am excluding StR and Evita)bthen bam ROL etc but she still here and I’m still here for it.
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    She continues to be click bait which is likely her point. She wants make headlines for wierd unflattering odd funny ironic political beautiful fun etc pics. She has always says to fear mediocrity and worry when no one is talking about you. I don’t mind as a fan. I used to cut the magazine newspaper clippings then print online articles now i enjoy the social media Queen.
  6. Billboard published the numbers and the already has been tour grossed 90 mil... a lil more than half the Rebel Heart Tour. I will be avoiding Vegas til that’s over if it ever begins. Hope the venues insurance is rated excellent.
  7. I thought this was a joke. Before Damita Jo and Sasha Fierce there was Dita from ..madonna created a blueprint for the 80s90s stars and beyond trailblazing and honoring those before her all while continuing to challenge others and change the landscape and not coming from a music family that was already well established.
  8. Random Madonna Discussion

    Random...final lady caca (as my goddaughter calls her) only grossed 95mil on tour....a bit more than half the Queen of Pop Rebel Heart outing.