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  1. i dont' understand this citi card stuff, what the hell is it.. that hoody looks real nice. It's kind of annoying as i'm in the UK and this exclusive stuff seems the nicest. Why should the best stuff be only for these Citi Card nights. What's special about them?. You have to have a certain credit card to get tickets.. It's all wrong in my opinion..
  2. The packaging is imported into Japan, only the CD's are made there
  3. not a fan of this track at all the demo wasn't great and this version is worse.
  4. MTV was a fantastic channel... It's NOW SHIT! it doesn't even play videos so it's no LOSS..
  5. I'm not buying anything else, the services is bloody terrible.
  6. This CD thing free with a ticket is only for the American market..
  7. I usually cave, but this time I've not... I can't wait and by the looks of it my first purchase will come through my door on Thursday
  8. I'm waiting too... certainly until i can hear it all in LOSSLESS
  9. Every copy I've bought is Physical, I'm not buy Digital crap when you don't see anything for your money!
  10. Can't understand how anyone has bought it.. there's nothing to buy... just T-Shirts.
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