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  1. It's been possible for quite a while actually, she used it for American Life performance on the Jonathon Ross show in 03 (you can hear the effect kick in) Iconic and Body Shop (probably a few more) were sung live with auto tune too. Vocoder is a different effect.. the best example would be the 'Do you like to boogie..' part in Music
  2. I'd like to see her incorporate more props again.. I think the strongest visual from the RHT were the poles in Holy Water, while a considerable amount of the show felt highly dependant on the dancers, stage and screens (and herself of course). In other words, more of a spectacle. I agree that there should definitely be a live band. No more live autotune! I'd much rather her prerecord vocals to demanding songs and mime instead. I also personally think she should find some new backup singers. Reimagined songs have been absent for a while (apart from the RHT Like a Virgin remix, which was already out there). I loved the Instagram clip of her singing along to a slowed down acoustic version of Like a Virgin in 2017 (I can't find the clip) - I'd be interested to hear more of that. No more: Vogue, Like a Prayer, La Isla Bonita, Holiday I'd like to see he re-explore Bedtime Stories, Erotica, and Confessions tracks. I also want another huge production American Life performance. As for predictions, I think Bitch I'm Madonna might be the one single from the 2010s she'll bring out again in future tours. (I also predict that she might not tour this album)