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  1. She's gonna some deliver disco bops, like back in the day.
  2. A part of me dislikes the idea... but the rest of me is happy as hell because Anitta will help increasing the streams, and will also improve Madonna's airplay...at least in my country
  3. Damn...if Madonna drops some reggaeton with Maluma and Anitta, radios from my country WILL EAT THAT
  4. Give Me All Your Luvin' issa 5/10. Good production and kinda entertaining but somethings just feels off and doesn't make sense Girl Gone Wild issa 9.5/10. She served looks, strong choreo, SEX, the models were HOT as HELL. She gave the gays everything they wanted with this music video, without trying too hard. Turn Up The Radio issa 2/10. Cheap and boring. I bet even Madonna herself would call TUTR her least favourite video. Living for Love issa 9/10. The red-white combo is just so aesthetically pleasing. It's pretty simple, but I really don't imagine a music video for LFL being less or more
  5. Hopefully no more leaks this time. She's been through this way too many times.
  6. This aged pretty bad for me...I was obsessed with it in the first day, but now...
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