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  1. As if M has ever actually looked at a Jancelled album. I don’t think she does this bc she runs a very tight ship and wants each track on her album to have meaning. I’d be open to some spoken word poetry or something of the sort (she keeps posting on insta) as interludes.
  2. Honestly I hope u have an amazing life outside of Madonnanation bc ur a genius. Love you and this.
  3. its not the same dress tho (or same location). I believe the OPs original photos were just used for the video box in the limited packaging beauty roller.
  4. Ugh honestly I wish she would havee recorded all her songs with grills on. Can u imagine the beauty of songs like Forbidden Love with grills ”oncthe upon a thime there was boy there was a girl...are we shupposhed to be thoogether”
  5. When u have 4 minutes to save the world and you spend 3 of them making ur forehead smaller.
  6. I just want the non-stop mix of COADF on Apple Music. She uploaded it to Spotify but the Apple music version has the annoying intros and outros.
  7. Mastering of MDNA overall was amazing. Crisp clear audio quality and good bass. The vocal production and engineering however was an issue in itself. You can't even understand what she was singing in the 2nd pre-chorus of LoveSpent (which is sad bc it could have been a classic M song). And the pitched vocals were also an issue (they pitched her vocals on TUTR and GMAYL way too high, creating the "helium" sound). I'm hoping Mirwais and Lauren pull through and give us full-treble, raw, M vocals with true depth (like on AI and Music).
  8. Yes but I definitely listen to more than one new album a month. And how much is the price of an album now? 15-20$? I only pay 10$ a month for unlimited, high quality music.
  9. Would love a Beautiful Game/Let It Will Be Mashup lol
  10. I think the song is called Mercy (“looking for, looking for, looking for mercy” + she hashtagged mercy). Also think that it was the song with the children’s choir. But we’ll see
  11. I was just a little kid then omg! I didn't even understand what half her songs about--what does a fifteen year old know about songs like HeartBreakCity, Wash All Over Me, or Unapologetic Bitch? Even at 19 I'm not sure I know them to as great an extent as I one day will!
  12. Would love someone new. But I prefer Klein to M&M for album covers. Klein is much more dramatic, I find Mert and Marcus to be far too “meh” (good for magazines and stuff but not iconic enough for a record that will go down in the history books for one reason or another)
  13. Huh? Madonna is synonymous with track suits?
  14. Yes I agree. I don’t think it was anything M related. These guys probably work on a whole bunch of projects at once. It also didn’t sound like it would work in an album with Mirwais or Billboard produced tracks
  15. did he really think the gays would fall for that lmaooooooooooooooooo He might as well have posted Bad Romance's instrumental and claimed it was Beautiful Game
  16. There was definitely vocals in that very first snippet we got where she’s talking over it into the megaphone. You can hear vocals I’m sure
  17. Intervention and X-Static Process where her best vocal deliveries of the past two decades in my opinion. Hope that type of raw vocal shows up somewhere on this album too imagine if Wash All Over Me and Messiah had those types of vocals
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