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  1. Avicii has passed away

    I wonder if Avicii's death will inspire Madonna to write introspective and deep lyrics. Death always seems to impact her.
  2. M at Eurovision?

    I mean its in Lisbon and the whole show is very camp... I would think the producers of the show would reach out to M. What do you think the chances of her performing at Eurovision are? 200M+ viewers (more than Superbowl!), mainly Europe and Australia (her main markets). It would be the perfect place for her to launch her era... But its less than a month away and Madonna is still recording. Thoughts?
  3. An account that appears to be William Orbit's commented on Madonna's latest post. Have we found out whether @WilliamOrbit was real???
  4. Madonna is working on new music.

    An account that appears to be William Orbit's commented on Madonna's latest post. Have we found out whether @WilliamOrbit was real???
  5. SAME!!! 15 years he's had to evolve as a producer. I can't WAIT to see what sounds he brings to the table.
  6. Madonna is working on new music.

    Let's just say that Madonna has been working with Mirwais long before she revealed she was working with him. (When those photos of her walking out of Sarm dropped). How long does mixing/finishing/meeting with labels/etc take?? I mean how long after finishing the recording does an album usually drop??
  7. I really don't want it to be a retread of Music or AL- but we all know how M hates to repeat herself, so I doubt it. I think Music is so inventive and creative albums- I just want her to have that level of creativity on this next album. They work so well together I just want it to be progressive.
  8. Madonna is working on new music.

    This is what im really worried about... but i doubt it. I mean Madonna doesnt like to be featured on stuff. She likes the lead and clearly she’s working on a project of her own... i really doubt it.
  9. Random Madonna Discussion

    I know everyone here always drags M's promotional team as inadequate... but didn't they promote Rebel Heart on Grindr? I think thats a pretty brilliant and innovative idea. So they're clearly capable of being smart. Maybe its not the promo but the product....
  10. ugh this thread is just making me miss non-puffyfacedonna LMAO
  11. Madonna’s Instagram

    I keep checking back everyday too see if she posts anything other than the twins or MDNA skin... and she breaks my heart everytime. It's getting so frustrating.
  12. Madonna Rewind: Beautiful Stranger

    It's my personal favourite of all her tracks I think. It just speaks to me... I love it. How I wish I was around when it first dropped.
  13. Was MJ a big of a star as Madonna?

    In terms of who has the higher peak, it was MJ. But M's peak lasted much longer. In terms of who had the greater cultural impact, I think it was MJ. In terms of who had the greater musical impact, I would say M. She literally created the blueprint for pop stardom, refined it to the point where no one can seem to follow it. MJ was just a friggin' musical genius. He had no control over his image nor did he know how to handle fame. But wow was he talented.
  14. Madonna is working on new music.

    One thing Madonna has on her side is her legacy. If she makes an CLEARLY 80s inspired album it would be HUGE. Nostalgia is SOO in right now. It would even appeal to the younger generation.
  15. Madonna is working on new music.

    COULD NOT AGREE MORE. She needs to revisit ~escapism~ again. If there's one album I want her to recreate or be inspired by, its her debut.