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  1. Her next tour

    I'm starving for new music, not for a new tour/new expensive ticket. I'm still fresh of the awesome experience of RHT and I rather wait for another two albums before a huge stadium tour comeback.
  2. lol there are so many ways to get poisoned by...drinking water should be the last of your worries. In most of Europe we don't buy water to start...we drink it from the sink. and if you go out we got many natural sources of water in the mountains etc....filtering water is so DUMB in most cases...it only makes sense if you're attempting to drink a brown backwater...but if water is flowing from the source it's pretty safe cmon! Yogurt got bacteria too you know...it's not the end of the world and you definitely don't get poisoned by LOL
  3. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    This. Sometimes I dream to blow up the White House but I know this is not the solution in reality. We must not let racism to be taken so softly.
  4. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Trump just reached a new low referring to Haiti and African nations as 'shithole' countries. He's truly disgusting.
  5. St!nk

    I'd love to see her and M perform together tho
  6. Yes. None is on the league of M tbh. This makes totally sense tho. They say it will take another 100 years before another Einstein will be born. Same goes with M imo. Nevertheless, there are plenty of successfull pop princesses nowadays. Among them, Ariana is clearly a spotlight.
  7. Rebel Heart Tour on UK TV

    Nothing can stop the RH revolutionary message
  8. This reading has been a pleasant Xmas present. Thanks.
  9. Rank the BA tours

    1. Japan 2. The rest
  10. rate the tours

    1. BAT 2. S&S 3. MDNA 4. CT 5. VT 6. RIT 7. DWT 8. WTG 9. RHT 10. TGS
  11. Holiday from the tours ranked

    1. BAT 2. VT 3. GS 4. WTG 5. DWT 6. RIT 7. S&S 8. RHT
  12. Express Yourself from the tours ranked

    1. BAT 2. Girlie Show 3. MDNA 4. RIT
  13. Vogue from the tours ranked

    1. BAT 2. S&S 3. RIT 4. GS 5. MDNA