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  1. Galactic-Tiger

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    MDNA obviously. Unfortunately I could not see it live and the DVD edition is so wack. Neverthless MDNA was groundbreaking on so many levels. Firstly, it revolutionized stage design and scenography. Then you got the crazy backdrop and visuals from the Moment Factory. On top of that, Madonna delivered and killed it. From awesome choreos to slow intimate moment like when she sings Love Spent and LAV. Moreover, you can really appreaciate the production value on I'm a sinner: a simple acustic performance that can be so fun to watch. Epic opening and epic closing performance. The highlight is difficult to find. The MDNA slays all around. On the other hand, I've been to RHT and hated the small crowd atmosphere. Everyone was so obssesd to record with their phones instead of making real connection like in a stadium crowd. The show was good, but many performances were kinda lacking of the usual high-energy Madonna's standards. In particular she kinda avoid shaking her ass too much. Not many epic choreos and Candy Shop was a show killer. Awful song and awful performance. The closing with Holiday seemed like a cheap version of the closing of the Reinvention Tour. Not to mention the all flags wearing concept was so badly done. The RHT it is easyly Madonna's worst tour to date imo.
  2. Galactic-Tiger

    Blond Ambition Japan or Nice concert film?

    Japan by miles
  3. Galactic-Tiger

    Michael Jackson

    Apparently Michael Jackson's body was melted down by undertakers to make plastic toys. So, kids can play with him for a change
  4. Galactic-Tiger

    New Album Means New Tour

    It's gonna be an arena tour. Hence a flop. ✌
  5. Galactic-Tiger

    New Album Means New Tour

    I hate this. It would have been much smarter to wait for 2 more albums before another tour. I'm afraid Madonna has lost it as business woman.
  6. Galactic-Tiger

    Performance vs Performance

    Frozen (DWT) vs Hanky Panky (RIT)
  7. Galactic-Tiger

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    Not the show I went to. I was the only one jumping on the floor next to the stage and I had to argue with the audience cuz I was ruining their video recording on their smartphones. Furthermore, I prefer the energy of a stadium audience.🙌
  8. Galactic-Tiger

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    Ask Madonna. Maybe cuz it was mainly an arena tour so she focused more on the fan's interaction rather than the show itself. Personally, I refuse to believe that the reason it is her age. However it is a fact that the stage design of MDNA shits multiple times on the stage of RHT. Same the choreographies, the dancing and the visuals. There is a drastical drop in the energy level of performances. On MDNA you get the hypnotic Girl Gone Wild, the visually spectacular Gimme All Your Luvin, the high-energetic ending perfomance of Celebration, the Tarantino's vibes performance of Gang Bang, the show-stopping performance of Like a Virgin when she strips her clothes off, the cool performance of I'm Addicted....on Rebel Heart tour you can count the good performances on one hand. Even big club smashing bops such as Bitch I'm Madonna or Music feel slowed down on the RHT and way less energetic than the MDNA's performances.
  9. Galactic-Tiger

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    Rebel Heart tour it is her worst tour ever. Deal with it.
  10. Galactic-Tiger

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    It is out of the top3 tbh
  11. Honestly, it is much better than MDNA tour editing. This time is actually enjoyable and it looks like a movie
  12. Galactic-Tiger

    Performance vs Performance

    ITG (S&S) vs Celebration (MDNA)
  13. Galactic-Tiger

    Her next tour

    I'm starving for new music, not for a new tour/new expensive ticket. I'm still fresh of the awesome experience of RHT and I rather wait for another two albums before a huge stadium tour comeback.
  14. lol there are so many ways to get poisoned by...drinking water should be the last of your worries. In most of Europe we don't buy water to start...we drink it from the sink. and if you go out we got many natural sources of water in the mountains etc....filtering water is so DUMB in most cases...it only makes sense if you're attempting to drink a brown backwater...but if water is flowing from the source it's pretty safe cmon! Yogurt got bacteria too you know...it's not the end of the world and you definitely don't get poisoned by LOL