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  1. Only lie I see it's about puking. That was clearly a figure of speech. The truth is that I'm already saving money for the upcoming tour and you can be reassured that I will jump and scream along every song. At the end of the day a mix between classics, deep cuts and new songs can make everybody happy, I guess.
  2. I agree. I get that LAP always get the crowd emotional but there is no need to do it always. All the smashes that you mentioned scream justice tbh.
  3. Ok, I agree. bim stays underrated tho. It should have been a huge smah hit imo. It's impossible not to shake your ass to it.
  4. Sure but would vogue have obtained the same enthusiasm if she performed it in full? Lap was not in the setlist so again was a nice surprise. Here, however I am talking of songs included in full in the setlist and to be more specific I am referrinf to: mg, la isla bonita, lav, holiday, music, dress u up+get into the groove. How many times she performed those songs? Anyway I can't complain too much coz honestly she gave one of the best lav performances ever.
  5. I really enjoyed the holly water/vogue mix tho and I think it's a great idea to perform only the most iconic lyrics lines instead of the full song. Let the new generation of pop singer tribute those songs. Madonna has gave them enough justice imo. Also she's touring quite often recently so I'm really looking foward to hear as many different songs as possible from her. I won't survive another candy shop, but same goes for la isla bonita or human nature or vogue (regardless of my love for those sobgs). Honestly, was holiday a powerful encore in the RHT? I think holiday was much more powerfull and emotional in the Reinvention tour. Sorry, but BIM would have served better as encore for the RHT. BIM is much more appealing than holiday to the gp today. Or am I wrong?
  6. I totally get that point. But I'm still puzzled by it. Madonna has proved to be an exceptional performer so why go to her concert to watch everytime the same songs? It's true that everytime she delivers a new reinvention, but personally I am saturated of her classics. On the other hand there are too many songs I'd love to see live coz she never performed them: promise to try, how high, easy ride, hold tight etc etc The setlist is short so I really don't see the point to perform more than just one signature song. Only reason is economic bussness, I guess. But from my fan point of view is a bit disappointing.
  7. No seriously. Madonna has the best music catalogue ever and she performed her classics (vogue, lav, lap) so many times already. It would be awesome if next tour she focus more on songs that she never (or very few times) performed before. About the other issue, I do recognize the iconic status of Vogue, but LAP is more iconic in terms of sound, vocals, image and message of the lyrics.
  8. No way, pls. Next time she performs Holiday, Vogue or LAP I'm gonna puke big times! I was so happy that she performed only extracts of Vogue. Such a relief. I can't imagine a fan not tired to see the same songs performed, except for you ofc. BTW Like A Prayer is wayyyyy more iconic than Vogue.
  9. No lies detected! Imagine if she would have pulled a BIM performance at the Grammys
  10. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    This. Sometimes I dream to blow up the White House but I know this is not the solution in reality. We must not let racism to be taken so softly.
  11. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Trump just reached a new low referring to Haiti and African nations as 'shithole' countries. He's truly disgusting.
  12. I didn't argue your point I'm just saying that's a shame coz both Beyonce&Katy cameos were so short and forgettable.
  13. David's cameo is the best tho... & Aya and Bambi are more relevant than Katy or Beyonce to me
  14. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Secret vs How High
  15. St!nk

    I'd love to see her and M perform together tho