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  1. We already got effordless batuka for that. So no thanks
  2. Do you guys think that the autotune in KWAP at 2:18 is on porpuse? Also in Batuka at 0:46 - 0:50 I think you can hear the echo from the previous frase between the cuts.
  3. For me it already killed the experience because of the double. I dont like the video.
  4. I told you she just recorded her parts on the studio! Thats not her on the beach #itoldyousoooooo
  5. I dont get her love for super short bangs also i wouldnt hype it up too much, i could be wrong, but it looks like if she just recorded her scenes in a studio and the batukadeiras are out and about lisbon
  6. Did they recycle moves from deeper and deeper RHT and beautiful killer? Love her outfit and god control
  7. Of course that botch deactivated the comments on her insta
  8. Basically its nothing new. Its Just like her interview Marathon
  9. The only thing i dont like about the song is that they include her autotuned vocals in the repeated parts. Is it because the batukadeiras didnt want to sing in english?
  10. So deeep. Gun control doesnt effect me a bit and still i feel touched and in the need of doing something
  11. I hope madonna gets into the sun this time! Shine your light baby. I would love to see her in a sunny environment like TUTR but just better.
  12. We know how irrelevant esc is in the us. You guys keep talking about it
  13. I liked the interview very much. Finally someone who goes further than Just asking the the 4 standard questions everybody asks.
  14. I knew that the twons wete blowing on dark ballet. But i cant say why
  15. Wtf its the same thing as yesterday. Whats the point of doing a live broadcast.
  16. Is it the same thing as yesterday? Or something new?i dont get it. If so, why the live streaming?
  17. Is that the same thing just broadcasted or something else?
  18. That wig lools awful . Hope for a better look for fallon
  19. I played god control to various people and nobody liked it. I think the only ones who enjoy that song are 30+. Its beat is too old school and cheesy IMO and not in a good way like bruno mars did with some of this new "old school"-ish tracks.
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