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  1. Who the hell is Peter Shue?

    "DNA stained panties" sounds really creepy.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Hasn't she said that a lower angle makes her look heavier, something about how it emphasizes her neck/chin fat? I remember during the Bedtime Stories era she had a camera angle changed for that reason.
  3. Madonna RARE

    I love that she's wearing one of her own shirts.
  4. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    Take this with a grain of salt because I have no proof to back it up, but I have a friend in New York that works with a transportation company that provides services to a lot of celebrities and he told me that Madonna will be going to the airport tomorrow (Sunday, December 10th) and leaving NY. I'm assuming she's headed back to Portugal but can't say for sure where she's headed.
  5. I think Jimmy Fallon reaches a wider audience than Colbert does? I have no reason to think that Colbert is on Madonna's radar. However, I wouldn't be surprised if she does James Corden's show when she's in LA. By the way, Stephen Colbert is a huge Lord of the Rings/Hobbit fan, sometimes he gets a little starstruck when anyone related to those movies does his show. I'm not sure what his thoughts on Madonna are. He did have Sean Penn on his old show though.
  6. I agree with this as well. I get that he's a fan (he always seems to throw endless Madonna questions at some of his guests), but maybe it's that Kathy Griffin video where she discusses him, something about him irks me.
  7. Collaborations that never happened

    Regarding the Sinatra collaboration, Madonna discussed it in her Q magazine interview from 1994. She basically said that he wanted her for his Duets II album and that he kept sending her things like flowers and strawberries trying to court her for it. This is the first I am ever hearing of Madonna and Mariah ever having been in the studio together... is that real? Things have always seemed icy between them, even in 2008 when Madonna was promoting Hard Candy and was asked about Mariah Carey, it was as if she didn't want to talk about her. Also, wasn't Trent Reznor one of the people Madonna reached out to when she was interested in working with Goldie? I vaguely remember something being said in one of his interviews when he promoted The Fragile.
  8. I'm thankful to Anderson Cooper for asking that question about when new music would be coming. Kind of made me wish it had been Kelly and Anderson interviewing her instead of Ryan.
  9. ^ Someone on my Facebook feed just called her MooDonna
  10. Collaborations that never happened

    -Adele turned down the Super Bowl spot that went to Cee Lo Green -Pink turned down the 2003 MTV VMA performance -Lady Gaga turned down a surprise appearance at Yankee Stadium during The MDNA Tour -Jay Z wanted Madonna to appear in his song Justify My Thug (she turned him down and he later turned down Iconic) -In the 1980s, Rolling Stone reported that Billy Idol and Madonna would record a song together, but nothing came of it. -Due to contractual reasons, Tupac was unable to appear on Bedtime Stories, but the demo he recorded with Madonna can be found online. -Not a collaboration per se, but Debra Winger pulled out of A League of Their Own because Madonna was hired on, Winger's role was recast with Geena Davis.
  11. Does anyone know what the thing with Anderson Cooper is... does she something else airing as well?
  12. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I wouldn't be surprised if it's because she's making a ton of money from it. I heard awhile back that the reason we never really see Jessica Simpson touring or pushing her music career anymore is because her clothing line is so successful and she has no real financial incentive to give her music career much attention.
  13. Your top 5 favorite Madonna movies?

    1. A League of Their Own 2. Who's That Girl 3. Body of Evidence 4. Desperately Seeking Susan 5. Dick Tracy
  14. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I loved that "Hey, that's not fair.... I'm taking the pictures around here!" I've wondered what Madonna's feelings about the paparazzi are. When Madonna was filming W.E., I went down to try and get a glimpse of her and a paparazzi that was there waiting for her told me when she's in a good mood, she's joked with him in the past. I don't get the feeling she hates them like some celebrities do.