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  1. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    (TPOG's reign has ended ) Bedtime Story vs Material Girl
  2. https://www.forbes.com/sites/carriekerpen/2017/12/14/want-to-have-a-long-career-be-like-madonna/#6efd3b5840d3
  3. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Power of Goodbye vs Masterpiece
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    Power of Goodbye vs Spanish Lesson
  5. Omg Madonna tour 2018 I'm shook
  6. Does this work? I just checked and the album disappeared when I opened the app
  7. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    The Power of Goodbye vs Mer Girl
  8. Omg yes they're available here
  9. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Express Yourself vs Frozen
  10. When is the good sis gonna release a new album?
  11. Is "I Love New York" one of your favourites from Confessions? I always liked it