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  1. Madonna on her own can't get a US hit. Europe is possible if she does something more danceable but everything on Madame X is too "messy" for anyone outside the fandom to consider listening to. If she wants a hit so badly she needs more female collabs. Her fans are like 80% gay men who want her to collab with other women, which is why M + Anitta was as big as it was, despite being an album cut.
  2. VEN CONMIGO It's a (Beautiful life) That Dope Everybody Say Amen I'll Be I Don't Think We ShouldWait You Must Think I'm (Crazy) Comma Live Pay the Cost Faz tao Gostoso PUT it INSIDE I don't smash I flop Looking The people in the government who are voted into power are lying to us ... And us kids seem to be the only ones who notice and are prepared to call B.S
  3. Disgusting behavior from MIRWAIS! hope she never works w him again
  4. I don't think there'll be many 2019 year-end lists...every publication seems to be focusing on decade end rankings rn Sucks bc it got some great reviews...it could've places high on some pop album rankings
  5. Welp At least something from Madame X got nominated... even though it's for a remix of her worst song. Congrats to Tracy, queen
  6. They didn't actually publish that list, it's just a ranking of their lowest reviews from this year
  7. I never get tired of this song! Quavo's verse is weak though
  8. I would've rated this a 7-8/10 in June but idk about now... those Rolling Stone & Guardian writers were right saying this album had some of her worst ever music, so it still surprises me that they were able to give it such high scores. Dark Ballet & Killers have cringeworthy lyrics, and the instrumentals are either trash (dark ballet) or forgettable (killers). Crazy, Come Alive, and Crave are decent but all scream filler to me...Awful production ruins songs like Batuka and crap lyrics did the same to Extreme Occident (). I still enjoy IDSIF, Looking for Mercy, Future, Medellín, and God Control, but I don't personally think it's >6/10. I liked what she tried to do w this album, incorporating various sounds alongside some nice collaborations, but was disappointed when a large chunk of the tracks were just "ok" (or worse)
  9. What is her issue with the video exactly? That it's too graphic and needed a disclaimer? It had one...........
  10. Billie Eillish blocked Madonna in Canada...we love Billie so I will tolerate
  11. When she was doing interviews at the time of the 2015 BRIT awards, interviewers weren't as reluctant asking about the fall. Why should this be any different? Anyway he did need to be more specific. I wish someone would just ask a real question about that performance
  12. I like the song, it sounds like a demo. It sounds raw I guess idk
  13. Pitchfork doesn't have multiple reviews per album but since Sputnik Music does can they only count the staff.
  14. The sputnik music review was by a contributor and they only count staff writers I believe
  15. That was cute wished they talked a lil more in between the dances but I liked it
  16. WHERE is Billboard? where is CoS, Chicago Tribune etc. ???
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