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  1. This song is out of this world, when the beat dropped . It made me sad i won't be able to see her concert, I just imagined how amazing this will be live with everyone singing the words after M.
  2. When the piano comes back and she repeats the line it's a beautiful life at the end, I got chills, dark indeed.
  3. Yup, she just posted a video rehearsing the song. If only she would come to South America
  4. I like the idea of some re-imagined songs + some new ones. I need this version of human nature. https://www.instagram.com/p/Btyq1_OBbl0/?igshid=18rzgbtkiqosf
  5. Where is the madame x coming from? What about Lady X (LX)
  6. Is it confirmed she's releasing a documentary on Netflix or it's all just guessing?
  7. Who could expect her to debut new music in such small event on NYE? Without any promo or indication of release. Worst idea ever. Don't be stupid.
  8. I hope with all the power of the universe she's not working with him. What would be next a bad bunny feature?
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