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  1. But it doesn't say whether their father was raising them or were they raised only by their grandparents?
  2. So he's racist and a homophobe. Overall, I would be scared to bump into Chucky at night. His eyes look flueorescent and his "confidence" in his own "looks" is unbelievable.
  3. fookmetoo


    The best thing about them is their plastic surgery. The music is so manufactured that looking for an ounce of personality and individuality is impossible. Good for their label, lots of money and more work for the underpaid slaves.
  4. fookmetoo

    WTF...now the demise of CDs?

    I don't think the young people today have any need to "own" a CD. Everything is running so fast, the music itself has become very hyper-bland. I still buy CDs of artists I like, I love the smell of freshly pressed booklet etc. I guess it's something only someone born before the 90s can enjoy. MP3s and streaming are fine, but that doesn't seem to hold any nostalgy value. I miss those days when we had lots of teen music mags like Bravo, Popcorn... they shaped the music world for young people. Now it's all about catching the crotch, vulgarity, music that requires one button on the piano to play, terrible singing, lyrics that make no sense... no wonder they don't want to produce any plastic CDs for it as it all will fade away like the smell of a fart... Erasing CDs from existence is rather pointless, it's an art in itself. MP3s, especially in countires like Poland are still rather expensive, sometimes an mp3 album costs more than the CD equivalent, and shouldn't they be cheaper?