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  1. those fake hits are completely forgotten..There are Madonna hits that don't peak charts like La isla bonita and Material girl, still they are bigger than Mariah's 18 no.1....I think it could be more important to have her new songs on radio because of demographics
  2. yes Anitta the hit that went away AGAIN! Pretty sure it could have been huge in Brazil and big in Europe, Do you think the did not release it because it was a cover? so she won't get any coins there..you are right female collaboration sells more...
  3. I want her to go back songwriting with Patrick Leonard and produced by a a undiscovered producer like Orbit/Mirwais type of producer...not more trap samples and no more collaborations
  4. I know the lawsuits ...but at least the leads went top 10 and other singles a couple of top 100, Europe keep supporting her. Since she left WB her single chart presence is really low you can't have hits only with youtube streaming, you need radio too
  5. It is true as we still enjoying her music and we don't see age, we simply don't get the lack of promotion..I think it worked with 4 minutes... at the beginning it was seen as a joke but after a couple of weeks.. the song was a hit worldwide and triple platinum.. no one cares she was almost 50..They tried to do almost the same with Maluma, this time looking for a hit outside US but the lack of a supporting record company did not help this goal
  6. I know but the missing record company is an important key there...Record companies push those songs and owns a lot of radios and tv station, magazines...in my opinion, keep blaming her age for the lack of promotion on radio is not exactly a reality...she kept getting hits in her 40s and early 50s and most pop artists are over when they reach their 30s..after warner that ended specially in Europe
  7. So she didn't really has a record company that send her songs on radio, so how she's going to have a hit there..maybe GMAYL was only a deal with the Superbowl people....pretty sure they are very powerful and owns lots of stations in the US...She accept the superbowl for free and they have to promote the single through their stations....Still she made a song called Turn on the radio but they don't put her new music... the irony there.... She will never have another hit until she signs with other record company who really push her songs on radio...I only hear her Warner songs every time I go to the mall...I only heard once GMAYL at Cinemark, like couple of years ago..So it does not matter which song will be first or second single
  8. Since she left Warner does she ever has a radio hit? .. I don't think Live Nation has done anything about radio deals maybe Interscope who knows!
  9. agree with everything you said ..but Maluma is big in Europe too, he tours at big arenas there..look his Instagram he tours around the world..a week before they released Medellin, he released another collab. with Becky G...and it had more than 300 M till date..but that song is very commercial..I think Medellin was not supported on radio, the video is a little dark .... and GP prefer easy music ...like La Respuesta which is very basic..Medellin is so much better than anything Maluma has ever done.
  10. any M assistant should not allow those trashy sites to have an access to her. by giving them an interview it made them look like she is ok with all the crap they throw at her or maybe they wanted to put them at her side, still they let trash Rebel Heart and Madame x, they also did review her older albums trashing Bedtime and give only 8 to Ray of light or something..
  11. lol, of course they just want to give her so much credit with that army of producers on every album that she does, and at the same time trash every M album why even bother to do that
  12. to be used is too hard, I mean.. but there is nothing wrong with a duet with him, he is huge around the world minus US, look for his videos all over 900 M and he always tour in big arenas in Europe, to be honest I don't have a problem is she wants to work with current stars like him or Anita or Swae Lee, why not? I want her to still going to no.1, cause her music still amazing. My point was that if the track would have been produced by a "current" hit maker, it could have been bigger than it was.. if it was only for the artistry I prefer her to work with someone like Bjork so then it won't matter if it peak the charts or not. In the end it helped more to his career, now he is most recognized in the US than before...so M is still helping new talent, she is always very supportive.
  13. so why a duet with Maluma? they sure need a hit otherwise there will not be new albums no more tours etc. I don't think she needs more hits but I don't think she wants to be a greatest hits artist or only doing theaters tours forever. a hit help the album to be known for new generations like Hung up did with Confessions and 4 minutes on the Sticky and Sweet tour.
  14. Didn't M have a manager? he should know about the trash they always throw to her, why they allow them to do that interview where they basically lick her feet and later they review Rebel Heart with 5 or 6. They hate her and always put >Beyonce albums over 10 ratings
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