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  1. Crazy for you and Into the groove are not into the official album so Rebel Heart is no.1
  2. Album version superb...girlie show version cute...single remix? why did she remix that amazing futuristic sound for a generic r n' b production...was she trying to show us the direction with the Bedtime Stories album? Do you think if she used the original version the song would a have gone further?
  3. I saw her very close at the sticky and sweet tour Buenos Aires, I was so close to her that I was in shock most of the concert cause she was so close.I remember that the show stage was huge and i couldn't really see the whole stage at the position I was , but i didn't care cause i was just seeing her all the time ..She looks so much better than the pictures that we saw of her at that time.....she never appeared older than 30 years old..her skin was flawless really amazing. At the flamenco section, she sat down really close to the people and she started to pose for pictures, very nicely and gentle....she looks much better in person than in pictures at 50!......I also saw her very close at the MDNA tour, i saw her first at rehearsals she looked tired, not a pretty look for people who never saw her, i think those rehearsals were not a good idea for general public...but then when she appeared at the show she was flawless i didnt know how she did it