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    Reggio Calabria, Italy
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    Music, philosophy, romantic literature, writing, go at the beach, fishing, travel, aviation and meet new cultures and people.
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    Keep It Together

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Smart, funny, empathetic, altruistic, open-minded, romantic and very sensible guy, that loves and appreciates every aspect of life, nature and that of the human mankind.
I like music, reading philosophy, romatic literature, writing, sometimes, go at the beach, fishing, travel and meet new cultures and people, and aviation (for me, airplanes are an escape to everyday's life problems. Being up in the sky at 30,000ft is both relaxing and refreshing to my mind).

I'm also a very quiet and meditative guy, that doesn't like to talk too much, but prefers to observe, in silence, and think deeply before coming to a conclusion, or making judgements. Something that's kinda rare to find in people these days.
I came here mainly to make some new and interesting friends. And I hope to find some serious and interesting people to talk to, and maybe meet, in person, one day, if we both share the shame passions.


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