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  1. Billboard can keep sucking her dried pancake tits all they want, she isn’t relevant for 5 years now. Meanwhile, Madge is making news for every single thing move she does in Europe without even trying.
  2. Janet Jackson thread

    É difícil imaginar quais os produtores com quem ela irá trabalhar e o tipo de musica que farão juntos. O Jimmy Jam e o Terry Lewis fizeram algo decente recentemente?
  3. Two Steps Behind was not only a bad porn spoof of Truth or Dare but it confirmed to many of us that Fraudga is indeed a narcissistic waste of oxygen. She committed elder abuse, made her friend’s cancer battle all about her and had the audacity to mock real victims of fibromyalgia by claiming to have an illness that causes a lot of pain on the human body yet she allows herself to be photographed in hooker heels that make her look like an extra from a Prince video! To all the Little Monsters lurking in this forum, chock on your fave’s dusty period. I’m sure that given how much of a disease bait she is, you’ll enjoy her next documentary which will most likely narrate her recovery after breaking a hip while taking a shit
  4. Mariah Carey/KFC/Lots of Steak thread

    Thank you so much. I had a rough day and I needed a laugh
  5. Mariah Carey/KFC/Lots of Steak thread

    Can one of you photoshop Pariah into a fake poster of “A Mariah Muppet Xmas”? I love the memes and I need a laugh
  6. Thanks, sis. I’m just saturated from the current wave of celebrities. Everybody seems to have a soft spot for conniving, self-important sociopaths like Slob and Lena Dunham. One cried rape yet has associated herself with known sex offenders such as R. Kelly, Terry Richardson and Harvey Weinstein whilst the other one molested her sister yet she’s hailed as this revolutionary feminist figure. Maybe that’s just me, but I gravitate towards survivors rather than idiots who are victims of nothing but their own fragile egos. Fraudga can trash Madge all she wants because she’ll never go down in History as a worthy musician or pop culture act. I pity any man who has ever slept with that bizarre looking creature. If I ever woke up next to that fugly beast, I’d run to the nearest hospital to get a rape kit
  7. I think it all stems from childhood and maybe because she’s lived under her dead aunt’s shadow, she assumes that everyone has to automatically be fond of her. The difference is that instead of breaking free from her father’s expectations and uncovering her own identity as an artist and a person, Slob chose to play the victim. She draws attention to herself by constantly throwing pity parties in order to evoke this sympathetic aura around her. At the end of the day, she’s a deranged sociopath who promotes an extremely unrealistic “you can accomplish your dreams” message that doesn’t connect to rational people like us because we know it’s not true. Life is unpredictable as hell and you’re certainly not always going to fulfill your goals, no matter how hard you work to get there. Hearing a manufactured europop act with a privileged background who also happens to be the biggest corporate whore in the music industry reaching to her audience through these tacky monologues that sound like something I’d hear at a high school play written by somebody who’s severely out of touch with reality only showcases how much of a self-serving cunt she truly is. Fraudga remains the McDonald’s of Pop: disposable, overrated and unsanitary.
  8. YouTube reaction videos

    I fucking hate that Dylan guy. He thinks tropical house music is amazing and the fact he’s never heard a song or watched a video by Madge or even MJ just goes to show how ignorant he is! I hate my generation so much. I’m 21 next month and I’m one of the few in my circle of friends that doesn’t listen to Toilet Swift or whatever trash is popular nowadays!
  9. Single Ladies is such a shit stain in her discography and music overall
  10. BR is indeed Haus of Pancake Tits' signature song but I would say Crazy in Love is Beyoncé's most iconic single rather than SL
  11. Single Ladies’ only changed Beyoncé’s career by becoming her last number one lmao and Bad Romance didn’t even reach the top position! Thriller revolutionized music videos but it didn’t change the face of music. And as for IWALY, it’s one of the most successful songs of the 90’s and of all-time but there are at least 10 other songs that come to mind who were more impactful
  12. Considering how saggy they are it really does work. Now she can have a mammogram and a pedicure at the same time since they go all the way down to her feet
  13. AHS has been shitty for years now (although the current season is good so far) but Hotel really was the worst. She has like 55 different accents. Not to mention it's pathetic how her tits were always covered with pasties during sex scenes. It's like they were meant to prevent them from going all the way down to her knees
  14. It would explain why she only dates closeted gay men guys with a busy schedule
  15. Yes, I almost forgot Lena Dunham made saggy tits a thing thanks to her HBO series Girls and of course Fraudga will capitalize on that. Remember when she stripped naked at that strip club and no one gave a fuck?