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  1. I'd switch Celebration for What It Feels Like For a Girl. Other than that, I think all these songs should indeed make a comeback.
  2. Marco

    ABBA thread

    Did you also know that Fernando is one of fewer than forty all-time singles to have sold more than 10 million physical copies worldwide? They're legends.
  3. I'd add Music as another crowd pleaser that resonates with casual fans/audience-goers and has become an imperative addition to the set list.
  4. Marco

    ABBA thread

    @Jazzy Jan
  5. You're absolutely right although I'd love it if Madonna brought back signature songs that die-hard fans wish to revisit and were most definitely not performed in enough tours. Live to Tell, Papa Don't Preach and Frozen are merely a few examples of worldwide hits that are way too often paid dust.
  6. Yep. It was essentially the dullest segment in each of these tours.
  7. Marco

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Agreed. America needs a President that's younger, with bolder and fresher perspectives. It’s also pivotal that they’re not in any way, shape or form tied to a toxic surname. Avenatti is a great candidate like you pointed out. He's articulate and very much capable of sharing his perspective without resorting to contrived victim playing or hate speech.
  8. Marco

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    What were your thoughts on Sanders back in 2016?
  9. Marco

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    Yes. Not only was it promoting her greatest album to date but it was even more of a spectacle than Blond Ambition.
  10. Marco

    Troye Sivan

    Makes my blood boil too. It’s also infuriating when everything is referred to as “iconic” nowadays. That is supposed to be a well-earned term last time I checked. I don’t fit with other Millennials. I was born in the wrong era lol
  11. Marco

    Troye Sivan

    Prince was more of a King to me but MJ undoubtedly deserves the title due to international success alone.
  12. A section entirely focused in a Post-Apocalyptic theme. Video Interlude - Similar to Ghosttown. Monologues about overpopulation, pollution, famine, wars echo in the background as a hopeless Madonna watches through the TV. Once she steps out into the wilderness, a handful of survivors (all women) emerge and they hold hands, vowing to rebuild a better world. The limelights shine on a giant staircase ascending from the stage, revealing an all-female crew. After a few seconds, focus shifts to a cloaked figure amidst the women, soon revealed to be M. Live To Tell Similar to the MG performance of Beautiful Game, during which the women carry M around while she dramatically descends the stairs. Ghosttown (contains elements of One More Chance) Male dancers suddenly emerge. Madonna and the other women are initially hesitant to trust them. They eventually give in and come to the conclusion there’s hope that both genders will live accordingly. Nothing Really Matters (contains elements of Amazing) A tightly choreographed performance during which all of Madonna’s dancers represent the social obstacles of our world as she takes them down one by one. Love Profusion (contains elements of Swim) The final number of this section. It’s a simpler performance during which Madonna and her dancers engage in freestyle and let their inhibitions fully come undone.
  13. Marco

    Performance vs Performance

    Frozen (DWT) vs Like a Virgin (BAT)
  14. Marco

    Performance vs Performance

    Frozen (DWT) vs Vogue (MDNA)
  15. Marco

    Performance vs Performance

    OYH (BAT) vs Holiday (VT)