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  1. Vogue was iconic, I've only missed a refrain choreography, all the rest was perfect. American life was surprisingly good. God Control was a high light. She danced so much good. I may agree with some other user comment about some parts of the dancing, but I think she'll probably do it even better while on tour. I rise was interesting. It was such a nice way to teaser a tour. She probably used this performance to test this songs live and they will probably end ep on the tour, with some improvements. Well done, Madonna
  2. This far better than Eurovision, I'm happy for her
  3. Thge guy has just saved his live stream, so if you go to his profile, you can watch it again I hope you've guys enjoyed it, I've discovered his page thanks to brazilian youtuber
  4. You should go on your phone and not on the computer
  5. My dear gays, go to the instagram with the nickname jroinstant, he's doing a live stream
  6. Dead with the Gays singing along American Life after all the meltdown here
  7. So she's supposed to be on stage at 9 pm, right? Let's stop talking about asses and try to guess what time she'll be on stage for real.
  8. These videos are from Donatella's instagram
  9. Is there any possible link to stream it?
  10. Donatella is already waiting for Madonna. So Madonna will be on stage soon, right? I hope she'll do a live strem on her instagram.
  11. Ohh so was it confirmed that she's performing? If yes, great, because she really needs to present the album to the GP
  12. Ohh but this one it's only one interview, she won't be performing any song there
  13. She has always done art with her performances but in a way that at the same time she could deliver what the general public wants for her. It's jut lately that she seems disconected.
  14. Eurovision was horrible, I understand her message, but it was a completely bad decision if she wanted to promote the album. Imagine if she would have done God Control, they would have praised her a lot, probably Madonna X would have more pre-sales and she would not be struggling to get a number one album in many countries as she's doing now. Just look at SuperBowl, she delivered a nice performance with a message, and thanks to that MDNA tour was huge sucessful in North America. If she keeps going on with this not so good performances, it'll only get the general public away from her.
  15. I'm quite disappointed with Madonna's performances lately. I think she's just not focused as she used to be. I feel like she wants to get things 'easier' for her, as she prefer spending her time with the kids. Her late performances are far away from the level she used to deliver till the MDNA tour. Things started to slow down with Rebel Heart. So I've no high expectations for any of the performances of this era, including the tour. (But I would love to be proven wrongly)
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