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  1. Kids react to Madonna

    I started to like Madonna when I was a child, although I'm a fan since Hard Candy, I was 13 years old by that time. The album was a huge sucess in my country. 4 Minutes, Give it to me and Miles Aways were played everywhere. I remember seeing my colleagues dancing Madonna while doing sports. A funny fact it was that we didn't know that she was already 50 years old in 2008, we all thought that she was a young or new singer. Me and my colleagues we were so shocked when we discovered her age. Even when I was pretty much young, like 5 years old, I remember listening to La Isla Bonita on the radio, and idk why but this song was so catchy that I still remember that it was one of my favourites songs, although I didn't know who was Madonna at that time. I also remember when Confessions Tour premiered on TV, I watched the whole concert and I thought it was amazing, I was 11 years old. (by that time I thought I was watching a concert of a 30 years old singer) When I was in High School I remember when they released the Madonna's Glee episode, in the other day everyone was talking about Madonna and Glee, it lasted a week or even more. By the time of MDNA I was in the University, we didn't have that much time to discuss about music and stuff like this, but I remember that when we were listening to the radio in the drawing classes, GMAYL and GGW used to play a lot and some colleagues were even singing these songs. From the RH era, I just remember non fans sharing the fall at the Brits Award, but BIM was a huge hit here, it played a lot in the parties and I saw a lot of non fans dancing and singing this songs in the night clubs here. I'm really hoping that Madonna will release a new single and it'll be a huge hit again, I love when everyone, even the young generation they are able to relate with her.
  2. Favorite M songs produced by Martin Solveig?

    BK with no doubt, one of the best songs from MDNA.
  3. rate the tours

    I agree, the closer we get from an iconic moment it was Holy Water. It was a different tour from what we were used, but I think it fits well with CT, GS, WTG, so RHT was a great concert tour also. Let's see what Madonna will bring next
  4. rate the tours

  5. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    The interviewer named some portuguese celebrities and asked him which one he'd like to meet, then he answers Madonna. Yes, he's actually the heir to the throne here in Porgugal as we are not a monarchy anymore. Madonna has been a topic conversation here, in Portugal, since she has moved to Lisbon, even in political debates
  6. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoSwiT2Qqeo The King of Portugal, D. Duarte about Madonna on the famous Portuguese TV show 'Cinco para Meia Noite': "I'd like to meet Madonna, I hope she'll become a Portuguese soon. I heard she may be my neighbour in Sintra."
  7. RH was great and I can't wait to hear the next album. I live in Portugal and I'm curious about how it'll sound. Portuguese guitar with dance music would sound quite good. About this residence and intimate concerts, I don't think it'll happen. I remember when she said she would like to do smaller dance clubs concerts and then she did Confessions Tour.
  8. It reminds me of vogue music video She looks so young, even more than me and I'm only 21 years old
  9. Got my Rebel Heart tattoo!

    Great tattoo, looks great and you look so happy, that's nice
  10. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    I'm also Brazilian, although I live in Portugal :)
  11. I'm also new here, although I've been reading this forum for years also haha :)
  12. Well I think she won't slow down because of age, as it was said before many other artists they were able to keep going with full of energy concerts on their 60's. I agree that Rebel Heart tour was missing choreography from Madonna in some numbers, but as she said in one of the first interviews she couldn't prepare herself for this tour like the others. I believe it was for personal reasons, maybe, in my opinion, she seemed like she was suffering because of all the Rocco situation. If someone think she doesn't have the energy to put on a great show like in the old days, just watch her performing at the St. Tropez event, she was full of energy there dominating all the stage.