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  1. I think they're coming up with the strategy right now. Patience people. I think it's gonna be worth it this time. Just don't leak the thing, please!
  2. Thank you. Awesome people like you are making this wait so much easier. So it's very colorful. I like the sound of that. I trust Madonna.
  3. Well, if Madonna is to be disruptive in any way, she needs a sword and a shield. In the past, her controversial point was the sword, and the quality of the music was the shield. If she's gonna do this again, she should have incredible music to back it up. I hope she does anyway, because although I don't really care what other people think, I don't wanna see her being dragged through the mud..
  4. That's an excellent idea I just hope they're able to choose the right singles, without any input from the GP..
  5. Interesting..well, I'm gonna wait to see it. But I hope it's not weird in that way. The Witness album cover is not that exciting. Hopefully, it's gonna be weird in a beautiful way. Like, the LAP cover, or the BTS cover.. hopefully nothing like Witness. I trust Madonna.
  6. Sounds pretty awesome.. I hope it's real. But it's probably another Mirwais song.
  7. Madonna is keeping her cards close to her chest this time. Something huge is coming our way, I can feel it!
  8. This. I agree one hundred percent. But let me point out something about AL. The album was spectacular. But the lead single was poorly chosen, in my opinion. So many incredible songs, and American Life to me, was the weakest track, or one of the weakest. But I'm sure I'll enjoy the album, and it's gonna be great regardless. But I'd love to see other people having a similar good experience on some level.
  9. Uhmmmm... Don't hate me for saying this, but I think something's fishy. She's taking quite long this time. Normally the record would be finished by now. Obviously something was missing, or maybe she just wasn't satisfied.
  10. I'm hoping that the first single is incredible. I really feel that back 1989 they wanted to bring her down for Like a Prayer. But the song was SO good, that it couldn't happen. I think if she's gonna be very controversial again with the new video, the quality of the actual music needs to be on point...
  11. That's what I'm thinking too. Madonna is the mother of controversy in media, she can make it work.
  12. Indeed. But as you know garlic sauce got a whole machinery behind her, somehow. I'm not saying Madonna needs that, though. I'd love to hear the song right now. But I know it's in Madonna's best interest to wait until everything's ready.
  13. This. I was gobsmacked when they didn't release Rebel Heart as a single.. I mean, it's a really strong song imo, and it's the title track. Unreal.. Hopefully this time will be different.
  14. You're absolutely right She hasn't explored this approach very much recently. Of course, it has to be done very carefully and correctly. It's not an easy thing to do.
  15. Yeah, and that one didn't come out. I think the last time it worked in her favor was the Music video, and still the controversy there was a little mild....compared to other things she did previously. Whatever it is I hope it works. Imagine if it is LGBT related. She'd get the support of the whole community. *fingers crossed*
  16. Absolutely. I'm just hoping for quality for myself. I don't really care what other people think.
  17. Interesting, but also a little worrying. This strategy hasn't worked for her in a LONG time.
  18. I don't know about the other services for sure, but on YouTube they are disregarding the views when they are suspiciously repeated. I tried doing that to one of my videos, and after playing it on repeat, eventually they cut the views back to just one. So, I'm not really sure if it's worth it to try to fake it like that. The best we can do IMO, is spread the word. Just post on message boards, twitter, instagram etc..Get real people excited about the music.
  19. It's an ageist society. I'd say is possible, because anything is possible. But it will be an uphill battle to get the record played, even if it is really good. I think Madonna will have to make a BIG compromise, to get her single to be #1 in the US. The right people, A LOT of money. Both from her record company and herself. A lot of fucking promotion. The perfect strategy. And all of that on top of having the perfect song as a single. I'd love to see it happen, but I'm not taking it for granted. If it happens I'll be so happy, and if it doesn't...it's fine. I don't necessarily care a
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