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  1. They better unite them for BB. If that keeps it from charting it'll be the epitome of incompetence.
  2. It's a strong grower, and that's a good thing. In my experience, when you get a song right away it doesn't go far with you. Song seemed strange at first, like something I wasn't expecting. But I'm really digging it now..
  3. It's really growing on me! The bridge is enchanting! I hope the GP appreciates this song. I can't wait to get the video!
  4. Yeah.. it's sounds very modern. A little generic.. just a little. It didn't sweep me away immediately, but it's growing on me FAST! I think when we see the video it's all gonna make sense.
  5. Couldn't get iTunes to work, and neither Apple Music. Someone, please record it for us mortals. pleeeeeaaaaase!!
  6. The cover reminds me of 4 Minutes a little bit. Only much prettier.
  7. Madonna is entitled to rip her off, if that's the case..
  8. I live near a five way cross roads, and the Baianas do rituals here all the time. It has a strong musical aspect to it. Sometimes I can't even sleep. There's a lot of drums and singing. They kill animals, some of them bathe in their blood. It can be a little upsetting, but there's also a lot of beauty to it.
  9. She can do Fallon and Co. later on. An awards show is more fitting for the debut of a lead single. Think Hung Up at EMA's. It's gonna be BBMA, that's a no brainer..
  10. They only did Like a Virgin and Hollywood at VMA 03, and it was an explosive performance. Express Yourself VMA 89, was awesome, 1 song. 2 songs is plenty. Perhaps one classic and one new song. It's gonna be great..
  11. Yes, probably. I think the best strategy to have to be honest. It's gonna be great. Fasten your seatbelts!
  12. People's attention spans are at the worst they've ever been. If Madonna releases her Netflix doc a week after Beyonce's, one is not gonna interfere with the other. For M, the big challenge is to make a media splash. The newer generation is not in the egde of their seats like we are. Madonna has to play out a good media strategy if she wants people to listen to her record. I think they've been cooking that for the last few months. It's gonna be an interesting era, if nothing else.
  13. Ah, you mean EMA? Hung Up came out over a month before that EMA performance on iTunes, and the video came about two weeks before. If the song is really good the details might not matter much.
  14. Yeah, I think we need to find things to do. I have exams, so I've been studying like a maniac. I'm sure things will come to me fast if anything big happens.
  15. They mirrored the image. Her left eye is very different from her right.
  16. "not very good" means not commercial enough. And that certainly includes someone's age. It would be naive to pretend that it doesn't.
  17. If the horse is really important to her vision, maybe she should consider filming it at another location and integrating it in post production.. It would likely be a little more costly(and it could delay things). But I definitely don't want Madonna to compromise her vision.
  18. I think she needs to have at the very least the first single and video out at the same time. Or within a day of each other. People's attention spans are terrible these days.
  19. The wait is killing me. It was nice of Madonna to give as bone by performing Beautiful Game last year. It's a good song, I think.
  20. Seems very Mirwais.. Sounds legit..
  21. Maybe but I don't think that's a good idea.. I think it may be what @caba1 said a few days ago. Here's the quote:
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