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  1. Uhm.. interesting. The snippet wasn't too bad. It's obviosuly a lot more commercial than Medellin was. If the video is really great, this could finally be a hit for her. Maybe not top40but a Hot 100 entry is defnitely possible. I kinda like what I heard. I think people were just hoping/expecting a dance track, and that's why they're expressing disappointment..
  2. I don't feel a lot of momentum coming from this song. So I hope, for the good of this era, that the video is AWESOME. Like, really good. Has she filmed it yet? Anybody knows?
  3. Ok, I hope so. This record has been cooking for so long, and talented people have been working on it. Idk why I can't expect something totally excellent. Medellin was a solid grower, but that's not always enough. Especially for lead singles. Good luck Madonna
  4. People who have heard it don't sound too enthusiastic.. Heh. I was hoping that the second single would be stronger than Medellin.. oh well..
  5. Language is not an issue. It doesn't matter if the song is half Spanish. Songs in freakin Korean have topped the charts in the US. Repeat after me. The problem is AGE!! Age-ism. That's the problem.
  6. So many artists that I don't even know getting a lot of attention. Also, watching Drake get so many awards was dreadful. I wanted to vomit..
  7. Wow, FIAH!! I had to hold my jaw last night. This performance was shockingly good. WAAAYYY above my expectations! If Medellin doesn't get a good boost from this, we cannot blame Madonna for it whatsoever. She's delivering it and working her ass off!
  8. Poppy is a character. She and Titanic Sinclair(her producer) like to pretend that she is an AI. A Robot. They're trying to ride a wave that is coming during the next decade. AI is gonna be everywhere in a few years.
  9. She's a good girl, and she's been very kind to Madonna. I wish nothing but the best things for her. But she is not good when it comes to music. Her songwriting is basic, VERY basic. And most of her videos are cringe worthy. Her latest video takes the cake. I wish Madonna could be getting the views and attention TS gets. Because, to me, Madonna deserves it more. Taylor Swift's music feels like cheese with mayo. I don't mean to be disrespectful but it's just my honest opinion..
  10. Good for Taylor that she has such appeal, but she's barely a real artist. The "ME!" video looks like an advertisement for detergent. I can see the appeal, but it is depressing. Ten years into Madonna's career, she had done Like a Prayer and the Sex book. The riskiest Taylor has played was going from folk to pop, which is commercial as all get out. If we don't address this enormous problem of ageism now, all of these artist that are blowing up now will have no future. They'll be hanging themselves by 40...
  11. I've been playing the audio video as well. It's a shorter video, and it only includes the song. I can listen to it from start to finish. And it refreshes more quickly. Of course, the longer the actual MV is on the trending list the better. So it's higher in the list of priorities.
  12. If the performance really slays, everybody's gonna be watching it online the next day.
  13. How cute. If you don't believe me do your own research. Have a wonderful weekend..
  14. No, that's for other streaming services. YT is just one permanent view per user IP. It sucks, I know.
  15. This industry is incredibly ageist. It's amazing to me that we can make so much progress in terms of racism, and homophobia. But misogyny and ageism is still at the very top. If Taylor Swift were 60 right now, she'd never get the views and streaming numbers she's getting.
  16. Wow. Watching Taylor Swift getting tens of million of views in just a few hours makes me a little depressed. Yikes!
  17. Yes it's true. They only count one view. They do this because of the advertisers. The metric really should be renamed, since it's not really a view count, but a user count. If you have VPN you can watch the video multiple times. If you have doubts on whether this is true, you can test it yourself. Make a YT account only you know, post a video, and try to watch it repeatedly. Even if you use multiple accounts to view it. Only one view will be counted. I've done this myself one time. It's true, unfortunately.
  18. Her stance on that picture reminds me of Daenerys, a little bit. Gorgeous.
  19. Oh yes. You're absolutely right. I've been liking anything positive that I can find. It is a really good thing to do. The biggest potential is gonna come when they perform at the BBMAs. The people who like Maluma must come through. Have you seen how many views that other song he's featured on has been getting? Maluma is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to streaming.
  20. We can only do so much. Only one view per IP is counted. So new people have to watch the vdeo constantly. It's trending pretty highly now, so it's probably gonna peak this coming week. But Madonna's team have to do their job. And Maluma's audience has to pick up on the song and the video. I'm optimistic that the song will be a Top 40 hit. Maybe not Top10. But Top40 is already considered a hit, so... How high did Janet's "Made For Now" go?
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