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  1. I don't think she has much to lose. I mean, radio already don't play her. We fans don't give a shit about critics. I applaud her for doing this, hopefully it's gonna go over well. Some people say that there is already a dictatorship in place, but we don't know about it because americans have guns. If we take away the guns, they're gonna have the freedom to take away other rights. That's the rhetoric anyway. Let's see what happens. I don't have guns, and I never had them, so I'm not part of this conversation. Just watching it from the side and hoping for the best.
  2. Hmmm... Yeah, she performed more in previous eras, but I feel like she has invested a lot in the few performances she did for this era. Medellin on BBMA was incredible. It was viewed more than 11 million times on YT, and was seen live by millions too(including me). And she totally slayed..
  3. My fav from the album. Awesome, awesome.. could have been the first single, easily. I heard it's getting a video. This is the song that can bring everyone together.
  4. The sound is edgy(in a good way). But I think the one track everybody will agree on is God Control. It's awesome. I'm so glad there will be a video for it. It's religious political, and SO gay.
  5. Yes. That really comes down to taste. Madame X is certainly unusual, that can't be denied. I enjoyed it. Some people probably won't like it. Definitely not a traditional Madonna sound, but I like that.
  6. Wasn't expecting the sound she went with. It's a VERY good album. I'd say Rebel Heart was better. But excluding RH it's the best Madonna album since Confessions. Congratulations Madonna! You did it! And I don't even care if these teen agers with no attention spans ill buy it or not. You are an excellent song writter and musician. Always striving for excellence.
  7. I really like the song. It's my favorite from Madame X so far. It's a good video too, but Medellin's was a lot better. Such a pity. This song needed a grand video. But money doesn't grow on trees, we can't expect a high budget every single time, unfortunately.
  8. I really like the messaging. The ending is gorgeous, and she looks very young, it's unreal. I hope a lot of people get to watch it. Gave me a few Borderline vibes. Madame X is on point!
  9. The final version is much better than the leak. Medellin is still my favorite. Crave video is good, but it's a little on the cheap side in comparison to Medellin. I can't wait to see the other stuff that was recorded.
  10. Everybody drops videos on Fridays. By doing it on Wednesday Madonna has a bigger chance of getting a decent amount of attention.
  11. Anybody here watched Hunger Games? I felt like I was watching the reaping ceremony while watching this Eurovision show. It's like, the presenters were well aware that they were BSing people, and that they were covering things up. Very strange feeling. Never got this vibe from any other music event.
  12. I think Madonna is possibly pleased at this point. She'd been wanting to cause a big stirr for years, but only got minor reactions. Finally, she's back where she wants to be. In everyone's minds.
  13. I liked the performance. But obviously she has alienated almost everybody. One thing that is interesting to me, is that a lot of people can channel what the GP's thinking is gonna be, the moment they see it. My mom was that way, and my sister is too. Whenever something went wrong and I couldn't tell, they'd tell me right away. And I don't think they've ever been wrong about such things. I find that quite interesting. It's a talent I don't have.
  14. You can watch the stream here. This version is not muted. Somebody please record it and save it so we don't lose it from these censoring bastards. EDIT: Nevermind, It just went down. Hope somebody recorded it.
  15. Okay. Just saw it, and I think some people are overreacting. The LAP arrengement was fine. But, I think the feedback wasn't working. She was drowning her voice, and that happens when singers can't hear themselves. This has happened before in other occasions. The Power of Goodbye at the 1998 EMA's. Hung Up at the 2005 EMA's. Now, for the controversial bit. I think she just alienated everybody. This is proof that when Madonna wants to talk about something, she doesn't strategize or premeditate anything. She just takes the chance and goes with it. And I think she shouldn't do that at th
  16. I was gonna say that! She looks gorgeous in it. I can't wait to see the finished version. It's already looking very good. Hopefully the leaks won't rush them along so much.
  17. Very cool video, got me Borderline vibes. I dunno if it's gonna be popular. It's a little simplistic. Medellin was better, and more ambitious. I think Medellin is gonna go down as the bigger hit of the era. I feel like Medellin is like 4 Minutes, and Crave is prolly gonna be like Give It 2 Me, in terms of impact. Unless we change that somehow.
  18. Crave reminds of Sia a little. I don't know what's gonna take to make this a hit. It's more commercial than Medellin for sure, but it's not carrying the hype of a first single. The hit potential is there, but it's difficult. At least Medellin was popular in a lot of Latin countries. That will push the album in those places, and Madonna is gonna get the money for those sales. Which I guess is all that matters really. Still, I'd love a US hit. No sure why at this point, but I kinda do.
  19. Don't worry. I assume you want a dance song from Madame X. I'm pretty sure we're gonna get it, since the songs we got are completely different. It's probably a diverse album. Crave is the best one so far for me. I loved it the instant I heard it. I hope Madonna's team really give it a push. Maybe the money they're saving on the video, they could use to push this song. Payolla or whatever, I wouldn't mind to be honest.
  20. Just heard the whole song on YT. It's excellent. Much stronger than Medellin. It's very current and commercial. This is Madonna's big chance at getting a new hit in the US market. I think fans were expecting a dance-y disco song. And this isn't it. Doesn't mean it's not VERY strong. It's a VERY good single. Mark my words. You'll all be digging it in no time, we're gonna get a video and we'll hear it a lot.
  21. I haven't heard the whole song, but while I wouldn't say generic, it's definitely more commercial from what I can hear. What's the problem with having a very commercially-sounded single? Totally natural. I'm sure there will be dance-y tracks on Madame X.
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