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  1. Whatever Madonna comes up with, and chooses to do, I'm sure it will be great. However... I think she needs to come out banging. Everything at the same time coming out. Digital single, video, promo pictures, interviews. All within the same day. Preferably within an hour of each other..
  2. I wish we weren't so hung up on chart performance at this point. I mean, Madonna has been around for 35 years. She has proven ALL... What I want is good music, and a fun concert tour. I realize Madonna has her family, and she wants to express herself. That should be all that matters. It's very difficult for an "old"(don't kill me) act to capture the younger audience that buys records. If she can do it, great. But I'm not gonna hold onto that, I just want a good record.
  3. Well thank u! It's very hard in this age of leaks, but I think it's worth trying.. Whether it happens or not, I'm sure we're gonna get quality music, just like we always do.
  4. I think everything has to come out at the same time. It's her best chance. Whenever Madonna does anything like that people pay attention. Just look at her Super Bowl ratings. People still want to know. If she comes out with the song, the video and the promo pictures, everything all at the same time for a single. Is the best way to go for her. Good luck Madonna!
  5. I'm not a huge fan of Oseary. I think the main reason Madonna likes him, and will keep him, is because he's very financially oriented and so is Madonna. Personally I just want good music. Madonna is a mother of 6 children now, so if she can't do a lot of promo I completely understand. Just let her make the music
  6. This time it looks like she has a good hold of the music. Can you imagine if you wake up one morning and a new song is already on iTunes? Oldschool excitement!!
  7. Very exciting, but it feels soon somehow.. I just heard the bit she sang at the MET, and don't hate me for saying this, but it doesn't sound like a first single. I'm probably totally wrong so don't mind me, it's just what's going trough my mind. I have faith in Madonna, so it's gonna be awesome, guaranteed.
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