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  1. Ugh I saw it's super expensive, I feel it deserves it, I own the original orange cd and I'd love to have this it looks amazing also need those mad professor mixes!
  2. I am a very big fan and thank you for this, this is my fave album of theirs and one of my fave albums ever, deserves such an amazing treatment
  3. Oh wow I want this so Bad this is excellence!!!
  4. I was on yt and smh this song was put on my recommended playlist I am so impressed by the song and the video and looked up some of his other songs and all are equally to me gorgeous, dark sad haunting. I had no idea this guy existed I adore his style and I wish Madonna would work with such a talented person like him or her upcoming music to have this style. Anyone that knows something more about him?
  5. I was in serious denial,this can't be true oh my god,such a huge loss such a talent gone too soon!Devastated
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