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  1. Random Tweets about Madonna

    Ikr also the define annoying hahaha I'm dying this deserves to blow up
  2. Random Tweets about Madonna

    Not a celebrity tweet but it's very well done and funny 😂
  3. YouTube reaction videos

    I agree he's super boring idk how he got all these views
  4. YouTube reaction videos

    I do not consider this one a good reaction but I love the look in his eyes he looks mesmerized,I wish we had more reactions to frozen watching them reminds me of my 8 yo self watching on MTV mesmerized and speechless, scared(lol I was a kid) and isnpired at the same time a stunning video
  5. New Celebrities that love Madonna thread

    Awww Miley is such a fan!!I love it
  6. Wow I love this song I knew about the sample but never paid attention to the lyrics to figure it out, to me seems she's talking about Madonna
  7. New Celebrities that love Madonna thread

    Well I didn't know the song was for the real Madonna, we love a Madonna fan, I imagine he has a crash on her since true blue?lmao!Anyways I tried listening to it on yt but can't find it all that comes up is true blue by Madonna not the wisest move to put those two words on the title
  8. I don't think you qualify for a Megastar status when your audience is limited to one country tbh
  9. Not bad at least she's not as local to the US only as ppl call her!Although even the RNT had like 120 dates and 115 where in the US
  10. Never here in Greece either so I suppose in the US and and the UK maybe? Does she even have a#1 in the UK?
  11. Tbh the only song video of hers I remember as a kid from her possibly saw it on MTV or something
  12. I'm sure she was a star in some countries,I knew her more as Mj's sister as well,I'm just saying the success she's had she was never even remotely close to M's ww stardom
  13. Growing up in Greece I never remember seeing her videos or listening to anything related to her besides( scream cause of MJ) !Madonna on the other hand I knew since an infant and have memories of hers since I can remember,I knew her like some kind of myth huge Megastar until I got into her with ROL/Music that were huge here!The agenda Janet fans are trying to push lately that Janet is/was bigger than Madonna bugs me cause it's a total lie! Sales,charts and overall ww impact debunks that but they're delulu.In the US for a short period of time (1-2 years?during M's erotica) maybe? but other that that never did that happen!Ppl just love to hate Madonna!But guess who's album/era is considered today iconic/the boldest move in pop history and got rock n roll hall of fame recognition!Hint not Janet
  14. YouTube reaction videos

    I love him yeeees he's turing into a fan same with Prince Shangai!!