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  1. Gay Times Poll Queen of Pop

    Vote Vote Vote they are getting closer!!
  2. Looks like the colossus of Rhodes to me it was one of the seven wonders!
  3. I am so so excited oh my god I can't wait!!!!!
  4. New Celebrities that love Madonna thread

    I think she was bitter about the kiss that was cut to show Justin at that moment, she's talked about Madonna again after that very positively and bionic was a Madonna tribute!also she's said like 3 times that I've seen that lap is her fave song of all time
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    @StarmanI do yes how can I send it to you?I am new here so I am still learning!
  6. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Exactly what I thought after seeing all these posts, that she's inspired and will/is writting new music!! I can't wait for it!!!!
  7. Do you have any video or interview where he said that?
  8. Thank you for the translation!!I love what he said!I could hear the first part but not the "I have probably bought every one of her records in my life"
  9. In this video he talks about her again but it's dubbed and we can't hear what he says clearly and I can't find the original!at 14:08
  10. I have seen him talk again about her, I never knew he was a collector as well, rip amazing man he was a big part of my child adolescent years!
  11. I found them thank you very much!!I will do my best to catch up and have them all ready asap, thanks again
  12. Random Tweets about Madonna

    I hope this is hinting something about Madonna
  13. Ah I see where can I find all the rest of the rounds?Sorry but I am just learning how to use the forum and until when should all them be send?
  14. New Celebrities that love Madonna thread

    Also anyone mentioned xtina she said many times she loves Madonna and her favorite song is like a prayer!! her whole Bionic era was also a tribute to the Queen! Also Jason Derulo he said numerous times he's a big fan because of his mother and that he grew up with M's music
  15. New Celebrities that love Madonna thread

    Are massive attack fans of her omg I love them they're like my second best after Madonna I know they collabed but didn't know they're fans!!I also read somewhere that teardrop was intended for her but it didn't happen because the members were disagreeing on the singer altho she loved the demo and everything! What an amazing day my other faves worshiping the Queen