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  1. I just saw he stated he got rejected by 30 and went to unbound that is a publishing company that works different and you have to find funds for your book or something
  2. He's been tweeting about it all day I guess we can ask him to share some info from the rejection letter/publisher etc because if this is just a strategy to use Madonna fans to fund his book that is disgusting and so far is working fans are sharing all over twitter https://twitter.com/MattCainWriter/status/914893657488134145
  3. If that is really the publishers response and it isn't bs like @Kim noted to fund his book,then that is the case for sure and it is disgusting
  4. Neither will I,It's all over twitter today and felt like sharing it here! I hope he's not lying about the the publishers response for promo
  5. I have no idea if it's true or not I saw it around on twitter and saw other fans supporting him!I am curious to know if it is tbh, why would he lie though And make a whole video about it!For pure promo?
  6. The book was rejected by publishers because it was labeled too gay and Madonna is "over".Now this guy needs support to publish his book through unbound and prove publishers wrong!It's a story about a young boy who idolized Madonna! "An everyday story of love,life and causing a commotion" as he states http://attitude.co.uk/publishers-told-me-my-book-wouldnt-sell-because-its-too-gay-and-madonna-is-over/ https://unbound.com/books/the-madonna-of-bolton/
  7. Not going to happen at least now,but I'd love her to work with massive attack again on original music this time!This downtempo type of music and aesthetic fits her voice so well!One can dream can't wait for what she comes up with next I want to be surprised with a cohesive ERA that only she knows how to deliver!So excited
  8. Gay Times Poll Queen of Pop

    Vote Vote Vote they are getting closer!!
  9. Looks like the colossus of Rhodes to me it was one of the seven wonders!
  10. I am so so excited oh my god I can't wait!!!!!
  11. New Celebrities that love Madonna thread

    I think she was bitter about the kiss that was cut to show Justin at that moment, she's talked about Madonna again after that very positively and bionic was a Madonna tribute!also she's said like 3 times that I've seen that lap is her fave song of all time
  12. Madonna Instagram Thread

    @StarmanI do yes how can I send it to you?I am new here so I am still learning!
  13. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Exactly what I thought after seeing all these posts, that she's inspired and will/is writting new music!! I can't wait for it!!!!
  14. Do you have any video or interview where he said that?
  15. Thank you for the translation!!I love what he said!I could hear the first part but not the "I have probably bought every one of her records in my life"