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  1. Brazil is big enough to give M another 100M song on Spotify and 100M video on YouTube, which is considered as success for a 60+ y.o. artist
  2. December 28 is friday #laterthisyear #soon
  3. According to dailystar M is in London putting the finishing touches to her new album and Drake promised to work with her on something. If it's true Drake can easily give her a guaranteed top-10 hit in US and UK www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/goss/715360/drake-madonna-jesy-nelson-kylie-jenner-selena-gomez-michael-buble-fleur-east-george-ezra
  4. probably a studio session with Migos (I hope I'm wrong)
  5. New MDNA Skin product is real, it's coming out this fall and she already shooted new ad with Fatjewish and photoshoot with Klein for it. All these "music related" things are just fans dreams and wishes. We know nothing about new album and how far it's from being finished. Remember in August 2014 she posted "the calm before the storm" and fanbase just exploded saying she's ready to slay and in October 2014 Guy O said they are still looking for producer for the album. I think we should be happy with these MDNA Skin promo campaign cause it gives us new events and photoshoots which are so rare for M these days
  6. Giovanni Bianko is a creative director of Vogue Italia and Mert & Marcus have a contract with Vogue Italia this year, so unfortunately this photoshoot is probably another promo for new MDNA Skin product that's coming out this fall
  7. It's Mert & Marcus so it's gonna be a close-up photo with a random effect that every fan will be obsessed with for the next few weeks after album cover revealing
  8. i'm pretty sure this Nicki secret is for Madonna album. Interscope will never let her release an album without feautures. It's pretty hard for 30+ years old acts to get attention on Spotify and M is about 60 so prepare for Nicki, Cardi and few more collabs
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