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  1. The Youtube crusade thread

    videos from MADONNAVEVO now available on her official channel
  2. The Youtube crusade thread

    Merging is coming! Hope they gonna add videos from Warner channel too
  3. The Youtube crusade thread

    Warner Music Germany unlocked some Madonna videos. Now we have one more copy of Music, American Pie, Papa, Material Girl, Express, Like A Virgin, Burning and Hung Up
  4. The Youtube crusade thread

    They'd better block this unofficial Frozen upload with 20,000,000 views otherwise it will steal all views from ROL anniversary hype
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Some Madonna preps I hope
  6. YouTube reaction videos

    this guy gets thousands views, please spam your Frozen or whatever requests on his channel
  7. would be great, but if she's still looking for collaborators it's far away from release. When she started posting studio pics I thought she's about to drop something in 1-2 months, cause we've been said she's working on it since September
  8. her joke post about new single and video preview just made me think that we are months away from new music, maybe even a year
  9. Unapologetic Bitch Living For Love is a very good song, but really bad lead sinlge
  10. The Youtube crusade thread

    and we need official audios for singles without music video like Angel, Nothing Fails, Revolver... Some of them are top-5 and top-10 hits
  11. The Youtube crusade thread

    It's uploaded already. btw they need to change the video cover, this one is horrible
  12. The Youtube crusade thread

    They've made Ray Of Light playlist and it's missing two music videos ROL and DW
  13. The Youtube crusade thread

    seems like Drowned World music video is coming
  14. HQ Photos Thread