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  1. madonna's shadiest moments

    Madonna has ended careers commercialy or hit-wise speaking, with one or two words. Courtney Love: Drugs ?(1995 MTV VMAS), since then Courtney ventured into total irrelevance, Lady Gaga: Reductive(2012), the artflop aftermath, which never managed to reach the pure sales of MEGAFLOP Bionic(and with 20 times smaller promo budget than ArtFlop) (released in 2010 with 792,000 copies in USA).Every single released after 2012 by Lady Gaga never made it big globally like before, Applause is only certified Gold(her last single to do so) in United Kingdom, world 's second most important music market. Lets not even talk about Joanne singles...
  2. She has 6 UK+Ireland stadium dates and the first announced ones are sold-out. What is going with the world ? But, her album is already down to #14 on UK charts.
  3. Camila Cabello

    the debut album is coming January 12th 2018. https://twitter.com/camila_cabello?lang=el
  4. Beyoncé Thread

    The hive is already celebrating on twitter the #1 song that will become a reality on Monday by Billboard. All these remixes and this one worked out for her.
  5. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    Imagine wanting to be remembered as a Christmas meme ????? Well some people are remembered as memes and others like the Queen of Pop.
  6. Madonna new album in 2018

    I have a feeling it is coming on her 60th birthday.
  7. great new, I cant wait for her tour, I am already saving up money for that.
  8. Katy Perry thread

    Last night in Saint Louis, Xcel Energy Center
  9. blending with peasants, but honestly if you don't pay attention you cant figure out she is Madonna. So, why not travel like that ? She will feel like a normal person, after so many decades, but DailyFail and co. are at it again.
  10. Just like i told you. Every alive grammys predictioner said Million Reasons was a given for SOTY with superbowl hype, all these perfomances. She must be seething she got only into these two categ. after the huge promo machine with the grammys sweeties in her Joanne mix(Mark Ronson, Beck etc). She ended up in the two categories with the commercial juggernaut Ed Sheeran( who also got snubbed in the Big 3 with the biggest song this year Shape of You) and Kesha Rose coming off the rape gate(who scored her first two deserved Grammy noms, by only doing good morning America upon album release week in august as a promo). This is all staged by the Academy just to have Gaga perform and luckily not win and go home empty-handed. Another shocker is Taylor Swift 's LWWWYMD snub. Her high-budget narcissist fest video was a video of the year given(Bad Blood video got also a grammy) by all the industry people and a possibled song/record of the year. Note that Look was the only hit from her Reputation album. Her noms are also in non-winning fields(best duo, country songs credits.) The 2018 Grammys are staged fot a black musician taking home AOTY after the 2017 backlash, which is 99% Kendrick.
  11. Madonna new album in 2018

    LOL at the title
  12. Deleted the whole thing from my phone, it aged like milk. Witness is the best pop album released in 2017. I mean I downloaded reputation and honestly I was only listening to two or 3 songs after initial second or third play. There is little to no replay value in this album. It is more like a statement album than a good crafted album like 1989. It is not like Katys album is a pop masterpiece, it is just other material served is subpar this year..
  13. Reputation sold 2 million copies worldwide in the first week of release according to BillBoard. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/8039679/taylor-swift-reputation-debuts-no-1-billboard-200-albums But, United World Chart reported 1,620,000 units for the first week. Take into account they don't track Brazil, China and some other Asian markets. http://www.mediatraffic.de/albums-week47-2017.htm
  14. She is playing both Wembley and Etihad Stadium in June 2018. Good luck selling them out.