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  1. Rita Ora is not that bad?

    all 3 songs are a 10/10.
  2. Final PINK opens with 407k in US, having the highest opening debut since Lemonade(640k something). She opens with 70k in Australia and 70k in UK, getting Platinum and Gold cert in these countries. Expected worldwide sales for first week 650k-700k.
  3. Taylor Swift thread

    the worst song I heard the last 3 years, I wont replay that shit gorgeous even if you payed. WHAT IN THE FLYING FUCK ??? A 13 years old school girl would write a better one.
  4. Taylor Swift thread

    I am only hearing negative opinions for her new material, literraly the video has over 1 million dislikes. It is her first video reaching that, it is shoved down people 's thoats with youtube playlists and people are complaining about that in the comments, the same thing with Spotify. the label is putting on the most popular playlists and people avoid it, thats way it is falling. In majpr European markets like France and Germany the song never happened...unlike Shake it off.
  5. Taylor Swift thread

    The song fell 5m audience today in US radio. THATS HUGE DROP. She is #35 οn US Spotify, while the other promo single is about to exit Spotify top 100 tracks in US. If she doesn't pull a trick with her second single she is done and her album will fail. POP 2 1 TAYLOR SWIFT Look What You Made M... 15292 15147 145 84.632 -555 Spins -945 Bullet -4.956 Audience
  6. She will actually have the biggest debut of all male or female in PURE SALES, bigger than Ed Sheeran.
  7. Katy Perry thread

    Ι want to see her in Italy and only 30something platinum tickets left and fucking Stubhub has the prices for all European shows to crazy high levels, while the us dates have tickets there for 14$. It is so unfair. Other option is cologne or berlin show may 23rd or jun 6 where there are standing tickets for 90 euros. There is obvious real demand here in Europe and Australia than US I guess.
  8. As it is well known Xtinct career crashed in 2010 with Bionic, while Robotney 's career ended with Gloryhole(only 8 weeks on BB200, not even 50% of what Rebel Heart sold). Back in 2000 you could easily tell was that Britney and Christina would have a big and promising careers.' As for pink, she was considered a non-factor as her albums were way less commercially successful than her peers in the 2000-2005 period. After I am not dead(2006) and later Pink was only gaining momentum, while the later two were vanishing, with Robotney having a repeak in 2008-2011. In 2012 with the Truth about Love Pink had a x3 Platinum album in US and platinum in many countries, while Lotus(2012) was not even Gold in US. Britney Jean(2013) and Gloryhole(2016) tanked even harder than Lotus. Christina ended up making oreo commercials, Robotney was moved to vegas after her many empty shows in Femme Fatale Tour(2011), while Pink made her most-lucrative tour in 2013-2014. Her new album is expected to open with 370k units including tour bundles in US like MDNA. (Her sales in many countries like UK, where non-bundles are happening are way higher than even later gen-female artists like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Beautiful Trauma is expected to sell 70k first week in UK, while Fadga 's Floppane only sold 26k with discount and Perry 's Witness 16k without discounts.) Why Pink outlasted these two overexposed peers ?
  9. Taylor Swift thread

    today she lost cause the song peaked and the label stopped pushing it, if you check the archive the previous week she was getting huge updates, cause the payola kicked in, because the song was falling for 2 weeks straight before. That's what I said. time to move on to single #2
  10. Guys I didn t knew Pink was a touring force ? She played so many arenas in Australia in her last tour. I think people like her more because of the circo medrano show than her songs. Is she singing live doing this ?
  11. Taylor Swift thread

    http://kworb.net/radio/ you can see us radio here, it also has Spotify, you tube etc numbers
  12. Kids react to Madonna

    They clearly see through the re-invention that this is a legend. Not that little brat "is this young lady gaga"
  13. https://atrl.net/forums/topic/81177-is-adele-bigger-than-madonna/ Little flopster tried to make Adele bigger than Madonna and it backfired....

    I think she should become a singer. I have listened a clip of hers in youtube playing a stageplay. She was singing nicely.
  15. Katy Perry thread

    this great megamix knocks.