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  1. Avicii has passed away

    terrible news, such a young person. Although I don't understand fans who wants a release form M now, that' would be so bizarrely inappropriate, I don't think M would ever do it, sounds like something Gaga would immediately do
  2. ohhhh okay okay, I thought we were talking just about the tours, so I was referring to the RH one-off performance... didn't take the AMA's into account
  3. I think "Take a Bow" should be included too, one performance is not enough to consider it properly performed
  4. New Madonna MDNA Skin interviews

    I don't believe for a second that MDNA skin is all she uses from cosmetics
  5. I don't want her to cover it - but I always thought "What a Feeling" from Flashdance would have been a great Madonna song
  6. Could be, and I think that Donna was big help, because their voices blended perfectly.
  7. Is there a realistic unbiased (scientific?) explanation on why M's live vocals have deteriorated so much in the last 10 years or so? I mean, compare The Girlie Show to Sticky and Sweet, it's like two different people.
  8. but what if somebody IS second best themselves?
  9. Was MJ a big of a star as Madonna?

    I think they were very VERY different artists and very different stars, and this makes it more difficult to compare them. Madonna definitely had a much bigger impact on society because she was exploring and discussing many controversial topics, and MJ was keeping it more "safe", although I don't think it makes him less relevant. I do believe that his impact on music was greater than Madonna's, simply because he appeared a decade earlier and he influenced the late 70's that were crucial for the development of pop music that came in the 80's. Madonna's music was often referential to something that came before her. And in terms of fame, MJ was much more secretive and private, and that gave him the air of an untouchable star, where Madonna was somewhat more approachable and in touch with the world. But in therms of sales and charts and touring (facts that solidify M as the biggest female star), MJ was more successful than Madonna much earlier on. He had bigger album sales, the biggest selling album of all times, his tours were a gigantic success decades earlier than Madonna achieved her touring success.... So overall, I would say that they are difficult to compare, but the numbers are MJ's stronger side.
  10. To be fair there have been some spelling errors in her handwritten material too
  11. Favourite so called "filler" songs

    not even a filler technically since it was a bonus track, but Beautiful Killer sounds like a single from the Confessins era, absolutely love it
  12. Madonna Madness Bracket

    of course, yes, the winner will always be the same, and the top4 or something, but the top10, top20 depend on the combination of songs in the first stop.... Sure, the goal is to pick one winner, but the songs making it to the second and third step really depend on the first two songs that were paired.
  13. Madonna Madness Bracket

    looks like so much fun! BUT, don't understand how the songs are put against each other in the first step... any other combination would bring totally different results
  14. my concern is that the music might take the back seat again because she wants to prove herself as a director, and there's nothing left to prove with music
  15. Well, to be honest, he is credited for about 20% of the song.... and it wasn't THAT huge either, it came and went... he did just FINE, it's not like he wrote something as huge as , I dunno, Despacito all by himself.
  16. it's nobody's fault, and there's no conspiracy against M in this case... it's a relatively minor category, and it gets little air time after all the songs are performed. If the Academy "really didn't want her up on that stage" they wouldn't have invited her to perform in the first place.
  17. slightly offtopic, as it's The Girlie Show, but nevertheless interesting
  18. the tourbook had a MUCH better interpretation of the same theme
  19. the winner chooses who accepts. There is no conspiracy here.
  20. but who's rude? the only person who could have requested that M accepts the award is Sondheim...
  21. Guess they were not as tolerant as Diane Warren
  22. and what's funny is I think Madonna snubbed them first a few years earlier (1987 I think?).... They offered her to present Best Song or Best Score or something, and she refused, telling them she would only present acting categories because she's an actress
  23. I actually think the winner decides on who accepts the award, it has to be arranged in advance
  24. slightly offtopic, but not completely - there was an amazing video montage of Vogue on youtube a few years ago, with scenes from an older European movie, I think it was featuring traditional ethnic dances.... it looked a-ma-zing! Does anyone remember this or has the link?
  25. I've always seen it as her (premature) midlife-crisis album