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  1. to be honest, it's been a rule for decades, so it's not like they made it up just to spite her.... although, there definitely was an anti-Madonna bias for all of her previous movie songs
  2. which of her songs were definitely eligible for a nomination? Considering that the rules are really strict (when the song appears on the end credits etc). I remember that "Masterpiece" didn't fit the criteria for eligibility... how about the previous songs from movies? EDIT: Okay, it seems that Live To Tell wasn't even eligible, because it wasn't written specifically for the movie where it was used - only songs that are "original and written specifically for the motion picture" are eligible to win : "Live to Tell" was originally an instrumental composed by Leonard for the score of Paramount's romantic drama film Fire with Fire. However, Paramount rejected the track, believing that Leonard was incapable of creating the score for the film. Leonard later presented the instrumental to Madonna,who decided to use it for At Close Range.
  3. I don't disagree with it... sharing somebody else's video depicting a kid involved in sexual acts is child pornography, the fact that it was their schoolmate or whatever is irrelevant
  4. is this madonna with elvis??

    I mean, additional talk about her, an interesting moment of history
  5. is this madonna with elvis??

    it seems to be catching on, but it's nothing negative, even if it's not real... makes M look cute, and gives her additional free promo
  6. YouTube reaction videos

    I remember this like it was yesterday, I was a lonely gay teen and MTV was my whole world
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    would love to have an autobiography
  8. Random Tweets about Madonna

    not a tweet, but an interesting read - in First Class with Madonna https://thepointsguy.com/2010/06/british-air-first-class-experience-and-encounters-with-madonna-june-9-jfk-lhr/
  9. really? for Milk, the drag queen? I doubt a man would fit Madonna's petite costumes
  10. HQ Photos Thread

    the one with her labia hanging out
  11. Like A Virgin Sweet & Keen

    why is the thread calledLike A Virgin Sweet & Keen ?
  12. so happy she's not working with her anymore, she looked like Skeletor back then... although I do remember fans gushing over her looks back then and vilifying anyone who said otherwise and claiming it was all photoshopped by the evil media
  13. Like a Prayer is rightfully considered the #1 M song of all times
  14. she looks and sounds like a little monster, so irritating
  15. HUNG UP at Live Earth

    I think she wanted to wear something that seemed more appropriate for a seemingly serious event, but still not too conservative so she opted for black tights
  16. HUNG UP at Live Earth

    yeah, I didn't like the hair, hate the big curls
  17. La Isla Bonita from the tours ranked

    at the show I saw, there was shorter pause in the darkness before Holiday, so it seemed like an encore.
  18. fragile masculinity at its finest
  19. HUNG UP at Live Earth

    totally, the energy was much stronger and the crown went ballistic.... the crowd shots from Live Earth don't really show that much enthusiasm
  20. HUNG UP at Live Earth

    I prefer the classic Hung Up look from your signature, but I understand Live Earth was a different kind of an event
  21. HUNG UP at Live Earth

    loved the singing dancing etc, but I was disappointed by the look... although it was much more appropriate for that type of the show than the usual leotard, I understand that
  22. holy fuck, who are these people, and how old? This is like that time someone though Born This Way was Madonna
  23. Favorite single covers from Bedtime Stories?

    I remember when I bough this, my dad looked it and went "Madonna really is a pervert!" and my mom immediately snapped "A-ha!!! And when I said that, you wouldn't back me up!!" upset over the Secret cover