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    ABBA thread

    I have a friend from high school who was an ABBA fanatic and he was showing me this when we were teenagers, and he was dramatically fuming that this should be considered the first music video in history because he wrongly believed that it was released before Bohemian Rhapsody
  2. functions_X


    I love this Grace Slick ballad with insane lyrics
  3. functions_X

    Boys and coach found in cave after 10 days

    Surely the movie will be whitewashed, with the number of kids reduced to 5-6 and one black kid and one girl added to fit today's norms
  4. functions_X

    Boys and coach found in cave after 10 days

    apparently they went in to write their names in the cave as some sort of a maturity initiation ritual ( )and as the cave started getting flooded they went deeper and deeper to find shelter
  5. functions_X

    Boys and coach found in cave after 10 days

    just read an article explaining that they might stay in the cave for up to 4 months, due to parts of the cave being flooded, so now teams are finding a way to bring them supplies for the next few months. Apparently the only way out is a 6 hour dive through mud, and it's difficult even for skilled professionals, so now teams are deciding what to do. Parts of the cave that can be drilled from the surface are not connected to the chamber where the kids are, and diving is impossible for them at the moment because the kids are not trained for that, so for the time being it seems like they will be stuck there. Unbelievable story, surely a movie will be made some day.
  6. functions_X

    Music CONSUMPTION topic 2018 version!

    I download music and burn in to a blank CD for my car, and at home I listen to downloaded music and youtube
  7. LOVE it, it's the ultimate live version of Music! also love the Kraftwerk sample in the intro, it worked great with Music
  8. there is ALWAYS an ethnic segment, usually something latin... and one "budoir" segment where M seduces the female dancers, it's a given... and one gym/disco segment, usually in the end.... The last 6 tours follow a very similar pattern
  9. functions_X

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    one of my favorite tours ever, and I was so impressed with the whole live band and M's amazing strong vocals, so musically it is her strongest tour for me
  10. functions_X

    Is MDNA tour her best ever?

    No... I don't think a tour can be her best without the actual musical aspect of it being great... Sure, the stage is amazing, but there are barely any live instruments, too many backing tracks, etc... Wish it was more like The Girlie Show, with actual live musicians, it would give the music so much more depth.
  11. functions_X

    Madonna's LIVE VOCALS on all tours

    she is playing live, but basically just repeating a few simple chords, and Monte is playing the real riffs in the background
  12. functions_X

    Madonna's LIVE VOCALS on all tours

    Could be, and I think that Donna was big help, because their voices blended perfectly.
  13. functions_X

    Madonna's LIVE VOCALS on all tours

    Is there a realistic unbiased (scientific?) explanation on why M's live vocals have deteriorated so much in the last 10 years or so? I mean, compare The Girlie Show to Sticky and Sweet, it's like two different people.
  14. Well, to be honest, he is credited for about 20% of the song.... and it wasn't THAT huge either, it came and went... he did just FINE, it's not like he wrote something as huge as , I dunno, Despacito all by himself.
  15. functions_X

    Looking for arena pics of WTG and Girlie Show

    slightly offtopic, as it's The Girlie Show, but nevertheless interesting
  16. sure, but this new trend of starting with album tracks started much later, in the 80's and 90's it was always a huge hit opening a show, personally I prefer it that way.
  17. Sure, the performance had that spoken intro, but I think that starting with an less known album song is not a great idea for any artist, it just makes casual fans feel like they are out of place at the concert. And most of the people at any concert don't really know every song from the album, so a hit is a much better choice to get the party started.
  18. love the name of the tour!
  19. the parents should be sued and pay for the tickets
  20. functions_X

    Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    yeah, it looks like a simplified version of a spaceship.... it has a spaceship vibe, more than actually looking like a spaceship... and the early 2000s were very space-themed, cyber etc, DWT is great example of that.
  21. functions_X

    Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    Regarding Madonna, your relationship with her got off to an inauspicious start with her firing you before you went on to design four very successful shows for her. Can you tell us about that? “In 1985, as Madonna was in the early stages of planning her very first tour (the Virgin tour), Howard Rose (Madonna’s agent) and Freddie DeMann (her manager) saw my work on Kim Carnes’ Mistaken Identity tour and brought me in to meet Madonna. After a short meeting, I was hired. I gave her some scenic ideas I thought she might like. She asked me to bring some drawings in to view. I had them assembled and took them to her recording session.” “Remember — this was 1985…rendering wasn’t like it is today. Not being a very good artist myself, I had a rendering artist create the drawings for me to show to Madonna. These illustrated the scenic ideas I had described to her at the meeting. I then went to the recording studio where Madonna was working, and I showed her the drawings. She asked: ‘Okay…but where am I in this scene?’ I responded by pointing to several areas on the drawing. She replied: ‘Yes, but I NEED to see ME in this drawing!’ I reminded her that I’m not the artist. However, she pressed on. So, I took out a pencil and drew a rather basic stick figure that would roughly represent her position and scale in relation to the drawing.” “Of course, she wasn’t at all happy with that and sent me to her manager’s office. Upon arrival at the office, I was informed that I had been fired! So, I had become the first person ever hired for a Madonna tour and shortly thereafter, the first person ever FIRED from a Madonna tour!!! Fortunately I was hired back a year later for her second tour (Who’s That Girl) and continued to work with her on the Blond Ambition, Girlie Show, and Drowned World tours.”
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    i just hope he stays away from M's music.... She has to realize that these cool rappers won't make HER songs chart
  23. functions_X

    Justin Timberlake thread

    sure, but that doesn't mean he has a career... most singers appear in movies and have no career to speak of
  24. functions_X

    Quincy Jones doesnt hold back

    it's a great read! at his age, he doesn't have to keep quiet about anything, and he surely has a lot of knowledge about the industry
  25. functions_X

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Well, now we can finally drop the theory about white males getting a pass for everything they do