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  1. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    I reported this video there with the quote "I'll break your neck". You can do the same, here's the screenshot, how to do that.
  2. wtf?? " because Madonna is a turn-off now that she’s an old woman. " Professional publisher NEVER answer like that! This authour is spreading this shit for self promotion or the Attitude do this.
  3. Is COADF her most "modern"-sounding album?

    COADF is a masterpiece!!! But. When I first heard ROL and Music, I couldn't understand this sound, it was so extraterrestrial. Don't remember anything else, except Johann Bach, that have challenged me so much
  4. I'm listening Bonobo now and thinking, what a great collaboration this may be.. His approach to Madonna thing could be very interesting but maybe I'm wrong
  5. Madonna RARE

    M on the drums!
  6. About the Erotica global influence: does anyone know about the existence of monographs and serious researches of sociologists or any culture experts?
  7. Rocco moving back to NYC

    Not sure about Guy. It looks like he has low talent, but his manipulation skills work for him. That's the only explanation, why his floppy carrer is not dead.
  8. Rocco moving back to NYC

    Well, M stays in Portugal, maybe for a year, maybe more.. So if Rocco is back in NY, it's obviously NOT because of his mom or the Ciccone family.
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Maybe she just doesn't want to be related to M so clearly?.. I hope, it is so
  10. Happy birthday Rocco!

    we look obsessed with Jacqui this week :))) btw about Rocco - he, maybe, looks like his father, but in astrology context he inherited more M's aspects/Ciccone psychological features, than Lola did. Interesting thing.
  11. Happy birthday Rocco!

    yeah happy birthday, son-shine, while your mother can not post a pic like this with you
  12. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    This!! Something went wrong after the divorce, but nothing is forever I believe, her next album will be brilliant. She's more than capable to create something great again. And it seems, she's inspired now.. I think, we'll forget about "ageism on the radio" with her new album Craving for that...