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  1. Madonna RARE

    amazing quality ! thanks
  2. Madonna RARE

    I didn't know that! I thought it was a kind of "official portrait"
  3. I do. One last thing and I'll shut up: she has scars on her nipples (everyone has seen the Uomo Vogue outtakes). Just saying. On the butt I honestly don't know and I hope exercise is really the result but when you see the WTG tour and S&S the shape is the same, then afterwards it's totally different and really much bigger. But I know this is a burning topic so I'll stop here sorry if I offended anyone.
  4. She had a boob job already, sometimes around 2003/2004. Compare when she filmed swept away and the gym pictures in London. That's pretty normal after 2 pregnancies. the weight increase makes her boobs fuller now. But I suspect she also did have butt implants. after S&S tour her bottom looked so different, almost square. Anyway normal procedures for women after 40 even Cindy Crawford had some work done. When it comes to her face it's a different matter tough.
  5. thansk for that. good choice.
  6. Yep, they had light facelifts and still look like themselves. M sometimes does, she's still very much herself but sometimes the people who take care of her mess everything (stylists, hairdresser, makeup...).
  7. Anyway that last appearance reminds me of that disastrous Berlin look.
  8. she looked just perfect here, so Madonna
  9. can't agree more! this bad coloring makes her hair look dirty. and the hair up makes her cheeks look even more unnatural. why is she still working with this guy he's done nothing interesting for years. i miss murenu, garren...
  10. Remember this is just after the Oscar night party, she's probably still recovering from it :)
  11. She's definitely super gorgeous considering she's almost 60, and she still looks like Madonna, not a monster like many others. However, still thinks this hairdo doesn't suit the shape of her face. Makes her cheeks more prominous. Anyway, she looks so good I wonder why she's been single for years. Probably makes men freak out. Such a shame.
  12. AGREE. Sadly Andy Lecompte is not doing a good job - again. Don't know why she keeps him around, probably because he's like a little dog bowing at her. So unimaginative. And those roots... please.
  13. totally agree with this it's a long time i'm thinking to write a kind of memo to her with all the things she could do about her artistic history and legacy. she's achieved so much and belongs to the history of music, photography, fashion, art and much more for God's sake! Especially thinking that many of people that counted are no longer alive and she's here strong and creatively active! i am sure she doesn't like to look back and prefers to think about the future but you are SO right that her musical legacy has been neglected for many many years. when she started, her management really cared about fans and issued nice merchandising etc... all this has been left aside and what's been done has always been thought in a rush and to keep us quiet. i sometimes feel like her management treats us like chicken, dropping seeds in our faces for which we fight like animals... i wish she could open her eyes and change her management, Oseary is a disaster. Greedy and inexperienced. Was given too much trust adn responsibility at a too young age. Look at his instagram it's all about posting selfies with celebs he's known for years, how pathetic. no vision. let's wake up people! :)
  14. Madonna RARE

    Ok so what about those sheets sold by mattmedium on ebay? someone's been buying them for a lot of $, but will we ever have the chance to see these pix in good quality or will they end up in someone's collection and get lost forever or so.. how sad
  15. HQ Photos Thread

    thanks much!