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  1. Madonna's Hair 2017

    don't get excited! it's fake! keep watching and you'll see she's not turning to brown ;)
  2. Madonna's Hair 2017

    Yes but you're a male. Not easy at all for a woman. Even though a new trend is coming and more and more women are embracing natural grey. I'm fine with her going as a blonde or a brunette, as long as she doesn't show those large fake roots.
  3. Madonna's Hair 2017

    Yep, that was perfect. Kudos to Aaron Henrickson her makeup artist. doing so much good work on her since he started.
  4. Madonna's Hair 2017

    I'm really glad to see this topic, it's something I've been reflecting a lot on. The black roots are unfortunately fake, it's a trick used by many celebrities to make believe they don't have grey hair, everyone does it. For Madonna it's so obvious, if you look at some pictures in the RHT she switches from small roots to exaggerated ones. Unfortunately she hasn't had a good hairdresser for years, I really think Andy Lecompte isn't doing any good to her. Those huge black roots for instance are ugly. I miss Garren or Luigi Murenu... they did amazing stuff. The blond color is something she's probably going to keep as it highlights the face and makes wrinkles less visible. But I would definitely be very happy if she'd try something new. And I don't think she's ready for grey either. She does a lot of talk about anti-aging, but she's the first one to use fillers, dying her roots, etc... not very coherent even though I really think she look amazing, and most importantly, unlike many others, she DOES look like MADONNA, not like a kind of monster. Go comment her Instagram pix, I'm sure she reads a lot of them, and maybe she'll decide to try something really new.
  5. Madonna's 12 Apostles

    and Steven Meisel!
  6. HQ Photos Thread

    Thanks for the picture KrazyKid, still miss a lot of these
  7. Madonna RARE

    yep to bad for the watermarks
  8. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    She looks good. finally no horrible black roots. Current hairstylist is so unimaginative, really a pity cause she's so creative.
  9. Madonna RARE

    Found this on Andy Schwartz website, never saw it before.