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  1. maybe “Keep god first” is God Control chorus? Mudabeatz produced some amazing tracks...
  2. Eurovision has 0 impact in America. Even in some Europeans countries nowadays.
  3. Some people are writing “Drip” on ig posts. So it might be the name of the single
  4. https://madonnahistory.wordpress.com/2019/02/27/new-album-and-the-first-single-release-with-maluma/?fbclid=IwAR1gxqSjOiAUnglGEYJMsEne4mu9LXgb7SCcz0h2M1LVdfEE5FPczEhKwpM 1st single with Maluma. I guess this info came from MTribe.
  5. I’m glad these two fabulous ladies were there at the party. Do you guys remember they were our firdt rumour of a collaboration for Magic? this is still my jam
  6. Lol really sounds like an American trying to say something in portuguese. Ei gostoso, he’s probably trying to say
  7. Since Madonna is influenced by Brazilian / Portuguese artists, what do you guys think about the album cover been inspired by this one of Daniela Mercury?
  8. So Madonna will be dropping two songs until the WORLD PRIDE in NY which is going to be a huge concert in the city. Album dropping right after or a month later. This is even more excited than Grammy/Brits appearance or performance. I’m ready for it!
  9. So we gonna have Veras for the first time in the setlist?
  10. Madonna posted again Hedy Lamarr quote on ig. Can we start to dream about the album cover inspired by this look?
  11. But for sure, the juiciest thing is that Madonna unconsciously revealed the titles of the 15 tracks that she is currently mixing: Killers Extreme Occident++ Dark Ballett* I don’t Search, I Find God Control++ Batuka** Funana** Medellin*** Future I Live Crazy Faz Gostar**** Loca***** Back That Up****** Come Alive Please, note that this is not a tracklist, but a working board with the tracks they are currently mixing. Those ticks are related to the mixing
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