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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    She looks like Trump with a wig and Kylie Jenner pink lipstick in the last picture to be honest
  2. It’s funny how you’re begging for our understanding about your fave disease and on the other hand you tried to mock Madonna aging.
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Me everytime I visit Madonna’s instagram
  4. As far as I know, the album will still be under interscope / live nation management. But the tour I have no idea, she’s done with LN. I hope she’ll sign with AEG.
  5. Joe Henry liked Madonna’s last post
  6. The war is over: Janet Jackson on Madonna in 2008

    Finally I know from where this meme of shipped back come from
  7. Candy Shop confirmed on the next tour
  8. Well, if you’ve used your sense of humor, you would’ve understood what I was joking about. I’m sorry
  9. The new Lauryn Hill with talent.
  10. At least we gonna have a hit on Streaming Charts