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  1. The ending of God Control totally leads to Like a Prayer, Would be very interesting on the tour if she decide to do LAP after god control.
  2. This was the best vocal track of this album. Queen really served! My god look at me now! The way she sings is very Portuguese PT, Portuguese BR would be in a different way to say. But it’s still very cute!
  3. Like someone else already said, clearly the B-day Song of this era. Could be easily be replaced by Ciao Bella, which is 100x better than this.
  4. I’m A Sinner Body Shop Come Alive The holy trinity of this decade
  5. Anitta was caught laughing about Maluma’s lyric towards Madonna
  6. Why are there two versions of the same song? This isn’t helping it
  7. The song is too longggg and one two cha cha cha is all over it
  8. Hm the song is leaked. I’ll respect the queen and wait for it
  9. MADONNA TO RELEASE HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED 14th STUDIO ALBUM MADAME X GLOBALLY ON JUNE 14th FIRST TRACK “MEDELLÍN” WITH MALUMA IS ZANE LOWE’S WORLD RECORD ON BEATS1 TODAY MTV PRESENTS MADONNA LIVE & EXCLUSIVE: “MEDELLÍN” VIDEO WORLD PREMIERE ON APRIL 24 PRE-ORDER MADAME X NOW ALBUM PRE-ORDERS INCLUDE DOWNLOAD OF “MEDELLÍN” Madonna’s highly-anticipated 14th studio album Madame X will be released on June 14th globally from Live Nation, Interscope Records and Maverick. The first track from the album “Medellín,” with Colombian superstar Maluma, will be Zane Lowe’s
  10. Wait is anything close to Con Altura? Because this song is awesome!
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