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  1. LIB in Britney's Love 2 Love U

    Im 80% sure this was for Blackout as its produced by JR Rotem. If it was polished vocally a little better id like it.
  2. Kids react to Madonna

    Shady in parts but they said good things in the end. Hopefully now they can go stream her albums.
  3. I love MATM and im not ashamed. I even know the whole choreography... Britney’s not Madonna’s cane dancing ;)
  4. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Im so frusturated. i went to two Best Buys in my area and both didnt have it and they searched the other stores in the area and said they didnt have either. Then i called Barnes and Noble and the guy said its not even showing up in his sytem. I guess this is a sign i just need to get the Japanese version.
  5. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    It looks great. Best packaging in a while. I like how it says "Two hours of the Rebel Heart Tour" Not the whole thing two hours hehe.
  6. HOLY TRINITY | Remixed & Revisited

    My fave song is definetly the VMAs performance. I listen to it a lot more then the album version of hollywood. I personallly like Into the Hollywood Groove.
  7. ‘If We Took a Holiday’

    I died when she said she didnt see anything about a guitar solo. and the whole interview part. Her Superbowl parody video is better imo.
  8. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    If i had to guess I would say its that period after LDLHA where the lights are dark and madonna pushes the stairs up and all that. Hopefully not though!
  9. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I said most popular meaning it gets the most streams per day not that it's her most streamed song. I probably should have been more clear. and like a prayer has over 70 million streams there's another version with 20 million
  10. Madonna On Spotify (Quality Control)

    I like the remixes of the songs there because we all know they will NEVER in her lifetime put her pre 2005 singles on any music site. One thing that bothers me is the multiple versions of play counts. Like a Prayer has over 70million combined but it only shows 48 million on her main page. Ive seen haters on other sites use the 40 million to deminish her and it pisses me off.
  11. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    and another performance will? MG is her most popular song on spotify so maybe they were going by that.
  12. After the Rebel Heart Tour in DC she DJed at one of the local gay clubs and honestly it was terrible. She hardly played Madonna and when she did it was the worst mixes ever with like one line of the actual song. My friends and I were so dissapointed.
  13. What GH do u prefer to listen to

    lol I knew I spelled it wrong but I cared as much as Madonna did when releasing GHV2.
  14. What GH do u prefer to listen to

    I listen to Celebration the most just because of the amount songs on it and i like the remasters of the Madonna, Like a Virgin, and True Blue Singles. Though i like the IC version of Holiday better. I never understand when people complain about chronilogical order and GHV2 is basically in order it goes by era for the most part. I agree about the edits and DCFMA though :)
  15. I cant wait to see the videos of Candy Shop