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  1. Its not even a new theory my mom has been saying this since inauguration. That Bidens swearing in was on a movie set. The same one they filmed the moon landing in 1969.
  2. I think the voters who believe fraud is the scary statistic there.
  3. Technically Arizona and Nevada can still flip to Trump but its a small chance. Arizona we will know at 9pm central time apparently.
  4. it is crazy that even with the massive media blitz to get young people to vote that Trump is fending of Biden. It has been nonstop on every social media platform, commercial, celebrity page, email etc for over a month. Everytime i open instagram it asked me if i voted. Without Covid trump would have demolished Biden.
  5. Apparently Cubans hate Mexicans and so Trumps wall is a good thing to them. Many Cubans live in Florida. Thats what my BF told me but it may be more then that.
  6. And its things like this that will keep Republicans winning. Even the comments are saying it was unnessesary
  7. Yep incredible cover. I think a True Blue version without the MX text should be the definitive version.
  8. Dont say that too loudly or 3/4 the people on this forum will come for you. Hopefully we continue to get more goodies!
  9. I love the whispering. Its part of why its so infectious.
  10. Why would a remix take out good parts of a song? The song is 6 minutes of "good stuff"
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