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  1. and another performance will? MG is her most popular song on spotify so maybe they were going by that.
  2. After the Rebel Heart Tour in DC she DJed at one of the local gay clubs and honestly it was terrible. She hardly played Madonna and when she did it was the worst mixes ever with like one line of the actual song. My friends and I were so dissapointed.
  3. What GH do u prefer to listen to

    lol I knew I spelled it wrong but I cared as much as Madonna did when releasing GHV2.
  4. What GH do u prefer to listen to

    I listen to Celebration the most just because of the amount songs on it and i like the remasters of the Madonna, Like a Virgin, and True Blue Singles. Though i like the IC version of Holiday better. I never understand when people complain about chronilogical order and GHV2 is basically in order it goes by era for the most part. I agree about the edits and DCFMA though :)
  5. I cant wait to see the videos of Candy Shop
  6. Love this performance. Being a one off performance makes it even more special. Shame about the audio problems though (quieted beginning, her mic obviously being lower then the back track).
  7. Drowned World Tour: Favorite performances?

    Drowned World IMPRESSIVE INSTANT - top 10 favorite performances by her Music Ray of Light is also great.
  8. "Rescue Me" appreciation thread

    Can someone make a mashup of Rescue Me & Living for love like that RHT version? I really need that in my life.
  9. Good thing i have an Amazon gift card from work so I dont have to spend my own money on this
  10. "Rescue Me" appreciation thread

    As much as I want her to sing it live I do not know if she has the "voice" to sing it like she did orignally. I am scared it will sound like how she has been singing Express Yourself for the past 15 years. Not my cup of tea. Id still welcome a live performance though.
  11. The leotard is definetly the most iconic look since the cone bra because it gave way to the iconic Vagisil gifs.
  12. I will definetly buy this (I cant resist) but I am dissapointed in LDLHA not being there when it cant be that hard to add it. I am wondering if Take a Bow will be included in the TOAC content because of them muting all of the TABs on youtube. i doubt it though.
  13. Madonna Live Earth 10th Anniversary

    As much as i like the performances, the energy, and the atmosphere this was the first time Madonna looked "old" to me. I think the hair could have been a different.
  14. the 2000 Brixton academy audience was awesome

    Love this show. Also love that we got a live performance of WIFLFG album version. Not that I dislike the spanish version on DWT but its nice to have both.
  15. Hey guys, new member here. I'd have to say 4 Minutes and Me Against the Music. I see a lot of hate by Madonna fans on forums but I love them. They get great reception at the gay clubs in DC. I also love American Life. Rap and all.