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  1. And its things like this that will keep Republicans winning. Even the comments are saying it was unnessesary
  2. Yep incredible cover. I think a True Blue version without the MX text should be the definitive version.
  3. Dont say that too loudly or 3/4 the people on this forum will come for you. Hopefully we continue to get more goodies!
  4. I love the whispering. Its part of why its so infectious.
  5. Why would a remix take out good parts of a song? The song is 6 minutes of "good stuff"
  6. Weve known this for a long time. His nudes are all over the web
  7. They have released the remixes to DJs. The club chart has nothing to do with us fans. So they dont have to release them at all on spotify/itunes. Makes no difference in its chart placing.
  8. I think for me the biggest reason why I listen to it less is because she doesnt perform it on the tour. The same thing happened with me and Inside Out and Best Night on RH. Lost interest after she ignored them on tour.
  9. Looking For Mercys chorus is beyond tragic. So repetitive. I rarely listen to it anymore.
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