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  1. I use Spotify premium and you dont need internet to play your local files. I uploaded all my Madonna maxi singles to Spotify and it works offline perfectly because you download it to Spotify. Spotify also will add any song. I have Blond Ambition audio that is only labeled as Track 1, Track 2, etc. with no artist name or anything. Spotify allowed me to add it.
  2. Cant you just open and close the app? I think that resets it. Also its 9.99 for premium thats nothing.
  3. He also had the nerve to say Madonnas version was too "sexual" and she was obsessed with her erotica books. Ok mister pornography collection.
  4. He sings in his deep voice here. It sounds like natural voice to me.
  5. I think hes guilty but Ive been bopping to Dangerous all day today. A video of his acts could come out and I would still listen to him. No regrets.
  6. Tragic. Only Ariana is even remotley exciting. I dont even know who Tame Impala is.
  7. He actually has two more US legs. One in September and then another in January. Its crazy.
  8. In Dancing Queen when she sings "Youre a teaser you turn em on" I thought she was speaking spanish or something until I looked up the lyrics
  9. He has over 80+ shows in the US alone and they will probably be 90-100% sold out. Theres definite interest.
  10. I want to like him but he doesn't have that big a range with his voice. Always singing in monotone. I like the duet but it's not something I'm going to willingly put on. It's good for background noise.
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