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  1. dcbyebyebaby

    Madonna's LIVE VOCALS on all tours

    I always assumed she played the guitar live because I remember reading that she didn't include Dress You Up on the RIT because it was too difficult. I think it was DYU.
  2. dcbyebyebaby

    New Album Means New Tour

    Google always has those fake shows. Ticketmaster does this occasionally.
  3. She did not get on stage at 1. There's multiple articles saying for the Sydney shows what time she started and none say 1am.
  4. Well if I'm not mistaken the RHT tickets only said "opening act on at 8pm" (at least mine did in the US) so to me that doesn't imply when Madonna would be on stage. How can she be "2 hour late" when there was no set time? I understand the trains closing is the most important thing but I remember a lot of news articles said she was late. She can't be late if she didn't specify when she'd be on.
  5. I personally love the Rebel Heart Tour dvd. Its my favorite one since Confessions by far. Although I get angry everytime i see “Special Features” and all it has is 15 min excerpt of TOAC (including Holiday which is on the main setlist) and Like a Prayer. MDNA Tour dvd i cannot stand her vocals at all. Its a shame because i really love the presentation and aesthetics of the tour but i cant sit through songs Human Nature, Express Yourself, and I dont Give A and others. The editing doesnt bother me so much as it does most of you though. The crane footage of MDNA though looks superb.
  6. dcbyebyebaby

    Madonna's LIVE VOCALS on all tours

    Does anyone have a link to a youtube video of the RIT performance of Express Yourself and Madonna sings the “Dont go for...” too early and then realizes it and says “oh shit”? I saw it in a thread on here but I cant remember which one.
  7. dcbyebyebaby

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Im so frusturated. i went to two Best Buys in my area and both didnt have it and they searched the other stores in the area and said they didnt have either. Then i called Barnes and Noble and the guy said its not even showing up in his sytem. I guess this is a sign i just need to get the Japanese version.
  8. dcbyebyebaby

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    It looks great. Best packaging in a while. I like how it says "Two hours of the Rebel Heart Tour" Not the whole thing two hours hehe.
  9. dcbyebyebaby

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    If i had to guess I would say its that period after LDLHA where the lights are dark and madonna pushes the stairs up and all that. Hopefully not though!
  10. dcbyebyebaby

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I said most popular meaning it gets the most streams per day not that it's her most streamed song. I probably should have been more clear. and like a prayer has over 70 million streams there's another version with 20 million
  11. dcbyebyebaby

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    and another performance will? MG is her most popular song on spotify so maybe they were going by that.
  12. dcbyebyebaby

    Drowned World Tour: Favorite performances?

    Drowned World IMPRESSIVE INSTANT - top 10 favorite performances by her Music Ray of Light is also great.
  13. Good thing i have an Amazon gift card from work so I dont have to spend my own money on this
  14. I will definetly buy this (I cant resist) but I am dissapointed in LDLHA not being there when it cant be that hard to add it. I am wondering if Take a Bow will be included in the TOAC content because of them muting all of the TABs on youtube. i doubt it though.
  15. dcbyebyebaby

    the 2000 Brixton academy audience was awesome

    Love this show. Also love that we got a live performance of WIFLFG album version. Not that I dislike the spanish version on DWT but its nice to have both.