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  1. I'm not the one who posted that in atrl. I don't even do atrl.
  2. I agree with everything you said. Just because one member on here said that doesn't mean it's true. There is literally NO evidence of that other than that member saying it.
  3. Nice try. You got exposed. https://atrl.net/forums/topic/51638-lady-gaga-surprise-performance/?page=6#comment-3480141 Why would you even make that up?
  4. I'm a little monster and even I think this is pretty strange.
  5. Lady Gaga thread

    These just make me love her even more
  6. Lady Gaga thread

    I've seen the Gypsy video. It was just a compilation of her tour kind of like what Taylor Swift does. Oh and there might've been three videos unreleased because I've seen rumors about how she shot a video for Venus.
  7. Lady Gaga thread

    I never said she was the best. I just think she's pretty good. I think Madonna's the best performer.
  8. Lady Gaga thread

  9. Lady Gaga thread

    I know Lady Gaga makes a lot of mistakes. To be honest I can think of several off the top of my head.
  10. Lady Gaga thread

    I think she knows exactly how to have a hit song. She knows the producers who did her old songs. She could even release one of her really good earlier unreleased songs and it would be huge. But I don't think she wants a hit song. I'm not sure why she doesn't though.
  11. Lady Gaga thread

    I'm not afraid to admit I don't really like her recent stuff as much. I mainly like her stuff from 2008-2013. I think I've only heard Joanne twice and Cheek to Cheek once. I'm still a fan of her because I'm a big fan of her earlier albums. Even though her music has gotten a little more boring I still think she's a great performer.
  12. Lady Gaga thread

    Every celebrity has pictures of them taken at bad times though.
  13. Lady Gaga thread

    Off topic but I love that gif! It's one of my favorite shows.