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  1. I can't believe there are people still to this day that don't believe it was all staged. Why did she have her nipple covered with that thing if it wasn't to be exposed? How do they justify that? Btw, let's pretend for a minute Nipplegate never happened (it completely overshadowed the rest of the performance) what do you guys think of her halftime performance? I never liked it to be honest...it looks so cheap.
  2. Lady Gaga thread

    An interesting article about the 69 cent discount and how it's a way to "force" radios to play some songs.. Article is HERE Another wasted opportunity where she could've been exposed as she did it with BOTH her last two singles.
  3. Lady Gaga thread

    Hi guys! I know it may look strange that i write my first post in the thread of this...thing. But i've been reading the forum for quite some time and you can't imagine the amount of info i found out thanks to all of you who writes here. It was great reading! Btw now on italian forums little monsters are laughing at Katy's opening numbers in the USA...not realizing that they are actually pretty similar LOL. They use the excuse "Katy did tremendous promo and Joanne had nothing". Didn't Gaga did SNL, Carpool Karaoke, the Late show with Corden all in the first week? Not to mention all the promo that came after...