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  1. I completely agree. I think it was a much stronger song and could have been a much cooler video than Oh Father. I knw an upbeat heartbreak song would be confusing, but it would also be pretty awesome and experimental. I think it's one of her strongest songs of all time.
  2. Not gonna lie, I'm like a 99% Music fan, 1% side projects fan.
  3. Is it weird that I'm a mega fan and have never seen this movie? LOL.
  5. Type in Madonna Megarate into the search bar and it should pulll up rounds 1-7.
  6. I would kill for a studio version of If I Had A Hammer. Her live performance was brilliant. Great song. Great performance.
  7. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Accurate.
  8. Best Night ANY mix, I would be happy with. I'm kind of obsessed with that track.
  9. That's what's weird about Buzzfeed. In terms of their political journalism, I would say that they are incredibly competent and John Stanton is an AMAZING political editor. His reporting and his department are the only thing that gives credibility to the website. The rest of the website is a complete joke, with plenty of incompetent, ill-informed, ignorant SJW's who contribute absolutely nothing to journalism, commentary, or entertainment. It's basically ad sponsored info-tainment. The reason I actually posited this is because I was blown away that they A.) know who Madonna is and B.) actually give her credit for an experimental album, though, much like other comments, is probably not the right album to credit for being experimental and ahead of its time.
  10. Zing. Yeah, cohesive is definitely one of those words that have been so overused and used incorrectly that it basically has no meaning anymore.