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  1. Nowhere Bar in NYC is having a listening party for Erotica this Friday, as well as having the S.E.X. book on display. You couldn't pay me enough to allow my copy of that book into a bar though...
  2. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I definitely noticed more details and moments in the new blu-ray version... but then again i purposely only watched the Showtime release just once, just so it would stay special. I think it's worth having just for Tears of a Clown and Like a Prayer... and the sheer beauty of M on blu-ray.
  3. New MUSIC!!!!! The QUEEN is ready to RULE THE WORLD again

    We're due for a proper reinvention -not that we are owed anything- but I think she senses this need for change. Glad she's excited about making art again! I hope the media will be kind and receptive to her this next era, since during RH every article seemed to begin with... "Unlucky Madonna can't seem to catch a break lately...". As long as the MUSIC is on point, nothing else really matters.
  4. Give Me All Your Luvin' APPRECIATION THREAD

    Have you guys heard this amazing cover version? I love it. I do like the original, being a perfect lead-up for the Superbowl, it made sense. However whenever I play this version by the KDMS, non-fans tell me, "Oh she should have done it like this, it's much better..."
  5. Celebration: Original or Video Version?

    Benassi Remix FTW, it has more OOMPH and sass. It matches her vocal delivery. Original production sounds like a generic club track playing on any 90's night.
  6. While I worship the Rebel Heart album......

    I waited about a year to listen to the demos. Once, before the album came out someone put the demos on at a party and i freaked out and screamed at them to shut it down lol. That would have robbed me of the singular experience of listening to (finished) new M music for the first time. Now i can appreciate the glimpse into the creative process. I'm glad i waited because I have the album versions cemented as the "real" versions.
  7. Madonna at MET Gala 2017 *SLAYING*

    So hot! Gorilla Zoe is a rapper/producer. Maybe she's referring to the trap music that is playing in that clip. I love the Diplo and Nicki both liked the video, too.