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  1. Madonna visits LIVE WITH KELLY AND RYAN, dec 8th

    You're probably right! But remember when she finally did Howard Stern in 2015 she said she didn't go on his show back in the day because of how mean they were to her. Like, how does she find out about these shady gossip people? Who tells her what is being said? *Looks over shoulder*
  2. Madonna visits LIVE WITH KELLY AND RYAN, dec 8th

    I love Wendy, but she has been extremely harsh to M. She has this tactic of prefacing a disrespectful comment with a compliment, so it seems balanced, but its mostly shade about her age. Though she recently praised her for flying coach with the masses! That said, Madonna would never do her show though, it's too risky, and she can't flirt with Wendy which is part of her talkshow strategy- she even flirted with Kelly "Head in her boobs" Rippa! Get a room!
  3. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    On Milk's Instagram he said he tried on the ORIGINAL gold Gaultier corset, but sadly it didn't fit. (She's so tiny and cute!)
  4. Madonna Songs used in Movies and TV Shows

    Same. I re-watched the series when they began streaming it on Netflix, and noticed Take a Bow was also played on the very first episode of the show. M bookends the whole series!
  5. Nowhere Bar in NYC is having a listening party for Erotica this Friday, as well as having the S.E.X. book on display. You couldn't pay me enough to allow my copy of that book into a bar though...
  6. Madonna new album in 2018

  7. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I definitely noticed more details and moments in the new blu-ray version... but then again i purposely only watched the Showtime release just once, just so it would stay special. I think it's worth having just for Tears of a Clown and Like a Prayer... and the sheer beauty of M on blu-ray.
  8. New MUSIC!!!!! The QUEEN is ready to RULE THE WORLD again

    We're due for a proper reinvention -not that we are owed anything- but I think she senses this need for change. Glad she's excited about making art again! I hope the media will be kind and receptive to her this next era, since during RH every article seemed to begin with... "Unlucky Madonna can't seem to catch a break lately...". As long as the MUSIC is on point, nothing else really matters.
  9. Give Me All Your Luvin' APPRECIATION THREAD

    Have you guys heard this amazing cover version? I love it. I do like the original, being a perfect lead-up for the Superbowl, it made sense. However whenever I play this version by the KDMS, non-fans tell me, "Oh she should have done it like this, it's much better..."
  10. Celebration: Original or Video Version?

    Benassi Remix FTW, it has more OOMPH and sass. It matches her vocal delivery. Original production sounds like a generic club track playing on any 90's night.
  11. While I worship the Rebel Heart album......

    I waited about a year to listen to the demos. Once, before the album came out someone put the demos on at a party and i freaked out and screamed at them to shut it down lol. That would have robbed me of the singular experience of listening to (finished) new M music for the first time. Now i can appreciate the glimpse into the creative process. I'm glad i waited because I have the album versions cemented as the "real" versions.
  12. Madonna at MET Gala 2017 *SLAYING*

    So hot! Gorilla Zoe is a rapper/producer. Maybe she's referring to the trap music that is playing in that clip. I love the Diplo and Nicki both liked the video, too.