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  1. Emma G is of the generation that demand "safe spaces" so for Madonna to broadcast imagery that directly confronts the issue is probably too much to handle, especially those with actual trauma. I sympathize with her experience, but wish she could see the forest through the trees and get the greater message and Madonna's positive impact on the issue.
  2. Mine too! It skips to the next song in the cue every time i try to watch it. This is on the playstation app. Very weird, as this has never happened with any other video.
  3. M Dolla is subbing for Madame X in the thumbnail above lol. Personally I would love a banger remix from MK or Disclosure, it would keep Medellin on the RISE.
  4. I thought the interviewer did a nice job, and it was nice she praised the BBM award performance... One thing- did the dj say she thought the Madam X holograms were from Madonna's previous eras, like Like a Virgin? I kinda wish Madonna had corrected her, like "Bitch that is me NOW!", though it probably would have made it awkward.
  5. I think fan hype and expectations being so high worked against her with this performance. We had seen the Met gala so LAP was old hat, and shaky at that. Now Future, with those video screens and the minimal choreography had me captivated... I'm here for more of this on the Madame X tour. I feel it's not as bad as some were saying, and hope she puts it on her official YouTube. IMHO.
  6. This is so good, I want it! I would settle for a cd maxi single like the olden days though. You should have that design pressed yourself and sell them for $$$.
  7. The In the Sphinx remix is really dark and goes hard... I can just picture Madam X going all TOMB RAIDER with Maluma chasing her through the underground. Agree that a proper reggaeton banger remix would do really well...
  8. Wendy's show is a guilty pleasure for me, but I was really disgusted by this sneak attack. After saying the Billboard awards was very entertaining, she then seemed purposely intent on dragging only Madonna, hating on her performance in an ageist way, and claiming to not like the song, even after hyping the release of Madame X and previously saying that she LIKED Medellin. I think this kind of flip-flopping is part of Wendy's brand strategy, to try and please everyone. One day she'll say Madonna looks great and can still "dip it and do it", as she says. The next episode, she will rag on her and say she needs to stop making music. That way, she pleases both the haters and the fans. I don't believe a word that comes out of her, it's all just to keep people listening and agreeing with her... It's totally disingenuous. This era I am just focused on my own enjoyment and sharing it with the fans. The glee some people get from tearing her down is just part of Madonna's legacy at this point.
  9. I was thinking he meant it would be pulled from YouTube if more of the song was played in that clip. I hope radio explosion happens though, too. Glad they got some backlash from the original video and glad he addressed his initial dismissive reaction- that shit pissed me off right when i was riding high on the new M song. At least in this video he read SOME positive tweets too, and justified his (wrong) opinions. And the woman chiming in was a nice touch "MA-LU-MA- I love that!" lol.
  10. She's really dropping it like it's hot in the new teaser. serving Choreography! Can't wait until Wednesday.
  11. I made a playlist for apple music on my i-phone, with Medellin being every other song. Question- if you choose to download the song to your phone, does it still count into the streaming numbers for Medellin? Or must it literally be streaming from apple music using wifi or whatever to count towards the charts? I'm not entirely sure how it all works, but I'm trying! Great to see the YouTube numbers rising so quickly
  12. Thank you, this is awesome! The production is quite plush and layered.
  13. Totally ageist. And the way certain "journalists" cherry pick negative tweets drive me crazy. People can just back up any statement with "Twitter isn't having it." and quoting 3 random tweets, It's so lazy.
  14. That right there is amazing. Her magnum opus and people just weren't ready. It just goes to show how some people operate, like "So... do we hate this? We probably hate this."
  15. After streaming the song multiple times on YouTube today, against my better judgement I let the next video play: a horrendous ET Canada reaction video. It nearly ruined my day with their boring, predictable, basic-bro reaction... you really just have to ignore the negative noise. However, I am SO glad to see all these legit positive reviews. I love the song, and it's great to see non-fans react so positively as well. This bodes well for a hit.
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