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  1. Express Yourself from the tours ranked

  2. In which tours should M have sung Spotlight?

    I think it would've been perfect for the first two tours, but the song came out "too late" for them. I can't imagine Spotlight as a part of BAT or even CT.
  3. Like A Prayer from the tours ranked

    1. BAT - needs no further explanation 2. MDNA - love the choir behind her 3. RHT - sooo intimate and moving 4. S&S - unique arrangement 5. RIT - has nothing special in it IMO
  4. Take a Bow from the Japanese release

    You are absolutely right. :) They used more Sydney footage. Basically, these "extras" come the nearest to the original idea why they shot the last two concerts with cranes and spidercam.
  5. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Jesus Christ... LAP is absolutely perfect. What an exceptional and moving rendition of the song. Funny, it sounds more live and alive to me than the "core" film itself. Listening again and again and again. Can't wait to see the video and Take a Bow as well.