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  1. RebelMe

    Is MDNA tour her best ever?

    I think it was a fantastic tour, but not her best.
  2. RebelMe

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    Rebel Heart Tour
  3. RebelMe

    Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

    The charts nowadays are depressing
  4. RebelMe

    Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

    Dope for album already. What an amazing production!
  5. RebelMe

    Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

    Head First is one of my favorite album of them, the retro production grab me till my bones, love love!
  6. RebelMe

    Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

    I'm still trying to get over they last album. Still speeches about Tales of Us. But let Silver Eye come, I'm enjoying all the songs released till now.
  7. Cause it's not a compliment when I say you fab, you are just a F-A-B with your fake ass, bitch

  8. RebelMe

    Eurovision thread

    I can't wait for this year Eurovision! Have so many good songs