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  1. I'm so confused about the deluxe cover, but it is beautiful.
  2. Next week will be having an Apple Event, maybe the thing is about that. Because it will be all about streaming and things like that. Maybe the Documentary that she made (if it’s real) will be exclusive for Apple Video or whatever they name it.
  3. now I know why there are so much toxic things going on here
  4. The song is not even out and all I read is complaining. You guys should stop being so negative. Sometimes I think some fans only like Madonna for her music, but never learned from what she always says and fight for. I particularly don't like Anitta, but a Brazilian artist getting recognition, showing that South America is more than the latin influences, is fucking great and we should appreciate it.
  5. I agree, and will catch carnival in Brazil, that will be in March. Brazilians love Anitta, and Madonna was always strong on the radio here, so. It would be a great start for her
  6. Yes, it's more logical to me. May is not a good date for her fist single, tbh.
  7. Killers Extreme Accident Dark Ballet I Don’t Search ? Find/Fun/Fim God Control Batuka Funaná Medellia Future I Lie/Live Crazy Faz Gostar Loca Back That Up Come Alive
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