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  1. Oh...maybe sometimes but I rarely see comments that specific and will usually say something like she hasn't been great since the 90s or 80s. Its horrible how people just gloss over so many of her more modern hits.
  2. What fans keep crying for a confessions? I keep seeing this but have yet to see anyone say that or at least not until FutureNostalgia came out and said they wanted her to work with Stuart again. Madame X was never gonna work especially as a summer album. Plus you had the whole Lisbon narrative for ages it seemed. For all the personas it seemed very one note other than eyepatch and I went to Lisbon to be a soccer mom. God Control does stand out and I wonder if it was the plan to be the main single with the video being released pre-album and if it was indeed going to be performed at Eurovision which makes alot more sense in the context of LAP and Dark Ballet. IMO Medellin should've been released way earlier like in Feb to be a taste followed by God Control in April/May then either Crave or IDSIF in June. Also Faz Gotoso should've been a single even if it didn't have a video it still streamed alot and with mixes it probably would've charted well.
  3. Idk depends if she wants to give him more streams and residuals. Correct me if im wrong but the offer was a flat fee but if residuals were more then she would pay him the difference as well.
  4. Well it nixed the I Want You single. I'm hoping they did come to agreement and we get mixes.
  5. If only there was some other form of promo...i mean you would think there would be actual film footage of the stuff Ricardo Gomez shoots...they should just make a montage of something and upload it, make people more aware and maybe DJs would be more inclined to play it. Honestly, I'm surprised the singles have all gone to #1 and hopefully this one does as well
  6. Another mockup i did if it was old school with a cassette and CD maxi with my dream of remixers
  7. Apparently it's up to #2...hopefully it doesn't drop or stay at #2. Out of all the songs I'm surprised this one is taking so long! Do you think it's because there was no video or single promo? If it hits #1 it'll be her first promo only single to hit #1 since Impressive Instant in 2001.
  8. Most def! I couldn't believe it...then another M site tagged me to let their followers know I had made the cover etc because people were messaging them asking the release date
  9. Follow on Twitter @XXXstigmaticXXX for other mockups ive made and on insta I'm @stigmaticfanatic
  10. Haha oh my! My insta is full of mockups and I never would've thought it would spread for this one image.
  11. I made that lol I don't think ive ever felt so horrified and flattered at the same time. I messaged her but no response but her insta story expired anyway so it's all good I guess!
  12. Nope, it was there before. Look at all the horrible things that were said and done when Obama was president. Trump isn't the cause of this but a symptom of it. If it hadn't existed he wouldn't have gotten to where he is at. Trump is the poster child but hardly the cause or the originator of this state.
  13. Not fair, it falls on the senate...look how obama always struggled because of them. And now we even less democrats and more Republicans. Thats why i hate this generation who do not vote or will vote 3rd party just because they dont think someone is perfect. Look at hillary...did people really think she was worse than trump? And now we're stuck him and his supreme court justice. What is happening to america is our own damn fault. We let this happen. And we better buckle up for trumps 2nd term.
  14. I live in texas and can assure you people care more about guns than human lives. More thoughts and prayers i guess?
  15. Oh please, you're singling out the US when it is in other places too. Are you gonna comment saying europe sees her as irrelevant too? The music industry is changing and unfortunately fans never caught up and that makes all the difference for an artist.
  16. Calm down, they dont play anyone's videos. And give me a break, she's had better press here in the past 10 years from the superbowl to the mdna tour to the Grammy performance and now with madame x. She's not having hits only because her old fans dont stream so there's no power there.
  17. The tour will be a non event unless its controversial. The videos are done, promo is done...remixes not even sure if more will be released. This is the music industry of 2019. Said it once and I'll say it again, it truly is like shooting your load right as you stick the tip in. Sad but not exclusive to Madonna. Expect it to be like this until 2025 when she releases M15.
  18. Sadly the sign of the times, its like cumming right when you slip the dick in. Oh well, we still have a good album, several videos, promo interviews and performances. I mean there's a reason why arianna released two albums in a year, so its not just a madonna thing but an industry thing. We still have the tour coming up tho!
  19. Err...nobody cares about the VMAs and i would say that whether M was nominated or not. Celebrities don't even attend anymore, its all Mtv's reality stars. Plus, after last year i wouldn't want her to go anyway. The way they threw her under the bus with that speech was horrible. And let's see the performers this year cuz i can guarantee you none of them are real stars. Who's gonna be the biggest one there? Billie Eilish? Trash.
  20. Lol im not petty, i dont take anything personal and the tone of alot of how i say things gets lost in text form
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