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  1. Collaborations that never happened

    yes...in fact, for a long time I thought they DID work on some stuff that went unreleased but I never could find anything that backed it up so I guess it was a false memory! I still would kill for those two working together! Throw Atticus Ross in the mix and i feel it would be the best thing she's done since ROL.
  2. 001: To Have and Not to Hold 002: Gone (Orbit Demo remastered) 003: Intervention 004: Is This Love? 005: Across the Sky 006: Tragic Girl 007: HeartBreakCity 008: Time Stood Still 009: Has to Be 010: The Power of Good-bye 011: Messiah 012: Falling Free 013: Ghosttown (Orchestral Remix)
  3. Collaborations that never happened

    It was her throat...kinda glad she didn't tbh
  4. Collaborations that never happened

    Not quite true, Moby had been the one asking her and she never had the time. I might be wrong but I want to say he originally wanted her for the song New York New York but she had just released Confessions and didn't want another New York song.
  5. What happened to Spotlight?

    Was the released version a remix? I heard originally it sounded very similar to Holiday.
  6. She wasn't two. Me and her are both born 88 so she was 7. At that age even I recognized those pics. Lol maybe I don't quite remember the songs in that era but her images were everywhere and so easily distinguishable. Hell, when I was 2 in 1990 I can vaguely remember dick Tracy and the vanity fair cover of her as Marilyn in the bob Mackie gown!
  7. I would count the above & beyond remix of WIFLGAG tbh because she used it for the video. Celebration actually sounds like it could've been the new track off GHV2 tbh.
  8. Girl Gone Wild...she looks hot, her dancing is still incredibly fluid, great editing, great symbols....idk I think it was a great video. Unfortunately GGW as much as love it is missing something. Maybe she should've done a single remix or something.
  9. Vogue 7" Single Version Appreciation

    I hate that ending! Vogue's cold ending is something that shouldn't be messed with. But anyway...what you're saying is that the album version was intended as a remix with the single version being intended as the true version?
  10. Loving The Immaculate Collection COVER

    Yup. She should've just remixed Revenge and added it. I mean Revenge DID get radio play shortly before Die Another Day being claimed as the new bond theme. She was so snarky tho about why there wasn't any new songs on it.
  11. Masterpiece vs. Ghosttown

    I just found ghosttown masterpiece and love spent SO overrated and songs like falling free and messiah to be underrated...although I do love the offer Nissam remix of ghosttown and feel that should've been the single version or an edit of it at least
  12. Alaska Thunderfuck is yes. She was also on Drag Race :)
  13. Masterpiece vs. Ghosttown

    Neither. Prefer Falling Free & Messiah.
  14. Madonna new album in 2018

    Um Major Lazer/Diplo were already producing alot of things already. Even Beyonce and Christina had songs produced by Switch (original member of Major Lazer). The thing is because of the internet nothing will be "underground" or "ahead of the current" again. Fans need to get over this and it's not even important tbh. Bedtime Stories was very current and still a great album. Every Madonna album is great in it's own way and we need to stop judging it in comparison with the outside and just appreciate it in it's own time and space.
  15. Do you miss Madonna's bitchiness?

    The only time I found her a bitch in a negative way with no redeeming or cute qualities was the rolling stone interview in 2000/2001 for Music. Other than that I've always found her funny and cute when she's being "bitchy".