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  1. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    What's the REAL story of Junior Vasquez? I've heard several things. She didn't attend a party of his at the Tunnel and he got pissed and did If Madonna Calls which pissed her off and they never worked again until according to Liz that she let him remix Hollywood for Donatella but that they would never work together again that it was just a favor for a Versace fashion show. Another story I heard, I wish I could remember where I read it but that in an interview with Junior himself said it was all a misconception that the real reason they never worked together again was because Warners was pissed that he did If Madonna Calls without their permission and that's why they never commissioned him ever again that he had nothing to do with either of them personally. So what's the real story?
  2. M_Sinner is correct, she mentions it in the Girlie Talk interview. She mentioned she was thinking about filming a video but wasn't sure since only Rain got played. She was already on tour when this interview took place.
  3. I wanna say he did something with Truth or Dare because on VH1's Behind the Music he's being interviewed and he's saying during the editing process the only scene she objected to was when they're playing Truth or Dare and she says the love of her life is Sean. She didn't want it in but he made her keep it in.
  4. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    Ah you're right forgot about those
  5. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    Like someone said earlier, I have a feeling it's when they were going through the archives for her boxset that these songs and photos got into the wrong hands but even then...nothing really has leaked from the 90s other than some erotica outtakes...nothing off bedtime story, ray of light, music...not even 80s tracks. They're all pretty specific to 04/05 to today. I mean pretty much the entire sessions for rebel heart leaked and the entire photo shoot for MDNA
  6. Whenever I see a comment on Facebook where they make fun of her age I always reply Yeah Madonna is old but she's not the one who's broken a hip or had to cancel tours and that automatically shuts them up.
  7. Madonna 2018 Calendar pre-order

    Ugh perfection! I wish she would have an album cover like this, even a greatest hits because this sums up Madonna perfectly! Exotic, erotic, and oh so holy.
  8. Yes Raul, there was...i believe the design was just a plain black background the with the gold Erotica single logo
  9. Madonna 2018 Calendar pre-order

    Love the pictures! But I really hate the design of it :/ but the images are truly her best recent ones
  10. Not the exact dress but I'm assuming it's the same season, alot of the clothes look similar to that black leather dominatrix look.
  11. Also another tidbit, the book and album art which were done by fabien baron was inspired by Warhol (surprise surprise). Baron was working for Interview magazine at the time (he left and then came back in 2010 I believe) which was Andy's magazine. Even the video was filmed like many of Andy's underground movies out of focus and color all over the place. And even the infamous Erotica logo/spider handwriting was Warholian. He used to have his mother sign and write things for him.
  12. The dress was designed by dolce and gabanna. A couple of years ago I found a picture of the dress on a runway...perhaps Cindy Crawford? Or maybe I'm confusing it with her at the d&g fashion show where Crawford modelled but for sure it was done by d&g and I can no longer find the original picture of it on the runway.
  13. Supposed Singles ?

    Yeah that were just tossed out there.
  14. Killer songs Madonna sat on

    I think she honestly loses track and interests in everything she does...if she had done the Ray of Light tour who knows? I would've loved Shanti/Skin as an opener tho
  15. What were these pics for?

    I've seen a Russian Cosmopolitan mag cover with one of the takes but really airbrushed...idk if it was real or just fanmade