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  1. Nope, it was there before. Look at all the horrible things that were said and done when Obama was president. Trump isn't the cause of this but a symptom of it. If it hadn't existed he wouldn't have gotten to where he is at. Trump is the poster child but hardly the cause or the originator of this state.
  2. Not fair, it falls on the senate...look how obama always struggled because of them. And now we even less democrats and more Republicans. Thats why i hate this generation who do not vote or will vote 3rd party just because they dont think someone is perfect. Look at hillary...did people really think she was worse than trump? And now we're stuck him and his supreme court justice. What is happening to america is our own damn fault. We let this happen. And we better buckle up for trumps 2nd term.
  3. I live in texas and can assure you people care more about guns than human lives. More thoughts and prayers i guess?
  4. I mean what do you expect when you refuse to follow the rules? People are so entitled and think they dont have to follow the rules and when they face consequences people side with them and yell INHUMANE! Well bitch, act like an adult human and you wont have to be dragged.
  5. Gross. Not to bring Gaga into it but she made a post on Facebook about gun laws and all the comments are basically saying you can't away my gun. That's the priority and it's fucking insane.
  6. What's crazy is that I work at a bank and we have signs that say you cannot carry in the establishment. I've had people get down and make big huge complaints on how it's their right to carry in the bank. It's disgusting. Even when I saw Rebel Heart in San Antonio they literally said it was private property so No one could carry and you would not believe all the loud groans and bitching I heard. It's like a Simpson's episode. People seriously lack common sense here.
  7. I'm from South Texas and it's insane the gun culture. Like really really really bad. I know people like to joke about Texas being gun crazy but it's true. My state is gun crazy and full of psychos.
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