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  1. Diplo is amazing but i dont understand why youd choose to work with someone who is known for crazy party trap music and make a watered down 90s house song as the first single.
  2. of course they still matter, not because i need them to enjoy the content of an album but sales bring in more money and more interest which helps with more singles, more videos, more remixes and more to a tour.
  3. i think too for awhile Madonna just looked SO haggered from all the stuff she was having her do in workouts. once Madonna dumped her, her body began looking so much more healthier.
  4. Hard Candy : the divorce diary album

    its funny because there is a reocurring theme of time, fuzzy dreams, and saving the world. alot of fans gave her shit for that saying she was being too repeative but i just think that it was all subconscious. she was turning 50, her marriage was on the rocks, and her brother was writing a shitty book about her all as she was trying to adopt David and help the children of Malawi so i think that explains why she phrased certain things the way she did and had this sense of urgency. its an interesting slice of psychology behind this woman and her legacy. looking back it is a solid album and got shit for it being made with hitmakers. she'll always be judged unfairly but damn she has never put out a bad album.
  5. Favorite single covers from Rebel Heart?

    in Japan they did! 😂😂😂 not only for PDP but also the TB single!
  6. Supposed Singles ?

    I've found a radio version but it just sounded like the album version so i didnt bother to finish it. bye bye baby is such an odd release
  7. Celebration: Original or Video Version?

    I originally hated the benassi remix until me and my friend danced to it at a club and it was awesome. lol the original I love too and tbh i think she was ahead of the retro 90s/early 00s dance trend that Gaga and every other pop person started doing.
  8. Supposed Singles ?

    you can try finding the VMA performance on youtube...too lazy myself to search but the VMA version was gonna be the radio/single version and was more slower, definitely more 90s r&b rather than new jack swing not to be confused with the hip hop mixes on the single.
  9. Supposed Singles ?

    actually, the one he did was used for the VMAs, not the Girlie Show. Girlie Show was the album version pretty much. in the Girlie Talk interview she mentions how she was thinking about the video for it but wasnt sure because the only video Mtv played off of Erotica was Rain.
  10. Supposed Singles ?

    yup. the guy who remixed Fever Edits 1 & 2 did those. the original Dallas Austin instrumental for Survival leaked and it's pretty much TLC's song Creep lol
  11. Supposed Singles ?

    i used to have this awesome mashup of Im So Stupid and Benny Benassi's Satisfaction...it was killer
  12. Supposed Singles ?

    i wonder what the original Dont Stop sounds like...Survival and Dont Stop are both remixes :/
  13. Supposed Singles ?

    im not too sure if she wanted to name it Black Madonna or the photoshoot was just of her as the black Madonna...i know she mentioned it in the rolling stone celebration interview
  14. Supposed Singles ?

    no, its all from what Joseph Kahn posted on twitter awhile back.
  15. Supposed Singles ?

    Candy Shop was the original title of the album, Warners told her no cuz of 50 cent having a song that title, then she decided to name the album Give it 2 me but warners said no again because timbaland justin and nelly furtado had just released their song give it to me then she fell back on Hard Candy. she mentioned it in an interview...i forget which one