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  1. I will not comment any further on this track because I know my opinion on this song may anger some die-hard fans from what I've seen in the other thread. What I will say is that I still have a bit of hope for the rest of the album but I really don't expect much. Then again, she gave me everything I was hoping for with her last album. I will probably survive an album that is 100% not my cup of tea.
  2. Oh dear...I guess I'll have to wait for the album but this is like a bad reggaeton version of Turn Up the Radio. Too much auto-tune and I'm not a big fan of the verses.
  3. I want to feel uncomfortable while listening to my queen.
  4. Y'all are gonna hate me for this but my OCD told me to do this.
  5. Yeah hahaha and JAMES on one of the other tracks.
  6. I LOVED the Rebel Heart & MDNA covers. This one doesn't get me particularly thrilled for two reasons: I wanted BRUNETTEDONNA & I hate the text placement. Other than that it's fine. Not my favourite but it's alright. As for the track titles...I don't really know what to think yet. Some of it looks really messy and some of it looks REALLY GOOD. All in all I'm excited because it's Madonna of course and because the lead up to this album has been phenomenal so far.
  7. This Little Mongo owed up and is taking pride in starting the fake rumor on reddit about Madonna's album. What a pathetic loser...but we should thank him for the free promo!
  8. Hell to the fuck no! This bitch can stay far far far far far away from M14.
  9. Three Nicki features were already more than we needed. Also...how ridiculous to have the same rapper featured TWICE on the same album. That‘s just sad and also partially the reason why I‘ve always hated the filler that was Dance 2night on Hard Candy. So pointless...
  10. Someone get this whore with her pound shop weave out NOW. How dare her form a government coalition with a party that is anti-human rights? How fucking ridiculous.
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