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  1. They come from the same sessions as the Die Another Day video/S&S tour book shoot. However, they don't seem to fit with the other shoots. Were these done for a scrapped interlude for the Latin segment maybe? Something that was originally in place of that odd Rain interlude?
  2. Supposed Singles ?

    This song was a wasted opportunity. Definitely would have been a better single than DW/SFL (although one of her best songs of all time).
  3. Supposed Singles ?

    Same...it's a shame she stopped bothering about singles since Music
  4. What were these pics for?

    Thank you for actually answering my question!
  5. Killer songs Madonna sat on

    Old sources claimed Falling Free was in place of Masterpiece originally and she was gonna perform it too I guess? It was later considered as replacement for the version of Like a Virgin cause M didn't like the way it turned out at first. I think in terms of it being an interlude...I feel this was gonna go where Nobody Knows Me was in the end and Nobody Knows Me was gonna go where Best Friend was.
  6. Fuck I almost forgot about it! How dare you remind me of that abortion of a song! I will seriously spam her Instagram if she dares to pull this shit out on the next tour again.
  7. They are not. But Burning Up was an odd choice and a rehash of the RIT version. It also made absolutely no sense between BIM and Holy Water.
  8. Burning Up on RIT was better. This performance was lame and unnecessary.
  9. DJWhiteShit is also responsible for the musical direction of the Joanncelled Tour. Says a lot about him...he was also responsible for mixing her Halftime Show. NOTE: He couldn't even blend the songs together into a medley!
  10. Lana Del Rey

    So obvious that it was originally shot for Best American Record. Beautiful video but doesn't really fit the song.
  11. Hip2Hip Actually...may I suggest a new thread title? Hip2Hip - Gargoyle's latest sob story: She has "Fibromyalgia"
  12. Basically loves her most balladish/boring songs except for Impressive Instant which only got a backhanded compliment.
  13. @Crystal Coffin change the title to "GMAYL's aborted sister"!
  14. Drowned World Tour: Favorite performances?

    Impressive Instant Mer Girl / Sky Fits Heaven / Mer Girl (Reprise) Lo Que Siente La Mujer La Isla Bonita (the best rendition of it ever!)
  15. Which setlists had the best oldies & newbies?

    Oldies - RIT Newbies - CT
  16. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Exactly the ones I least cared about. We don't need BOREDline since we have that version in color and HQ from the Jimmy Fallon performance. Holiday is mehhhhhh overdone and already included in the actual tour and Don't Tell Me...well nice to have but Intervention, Easy Ride, I'm So Stupid and all the other album tracks were more desirable. Hate this release. Everything about it...it's so obviously targeted at her undeserving casual fans. As if any of them would care if Like a Prayer wasn't included and we got Who's That Girl or Take a Bow instead. The only good thing about this trainwreck of a release is the fact that the cover was not designed by Aldo Diaz (hopefully she won't ever work with him again).
  17. And we all thought this feud was over. Guess Gagamel really needed something the media would eat up to get people to talk about UnLoved. May I suggest an alternative title? Flop or Fad - In the Trashcan with Lady Gargoyle.
  18. That version was the Stuart Price Remix so not the actual final version and yeah...it sucks. The actual track though...Booooyyyyy that's a fucking JAM.
  19. Madonna On Spotify (Quality Control)

    Not true. I'm also from Germany and the Standard Edition is also available for me. It just uses the cover of the Deluxe Version. The version of Devil Pray is also the original and not a live version.