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  1. But also to her most drastic decline in terms of commercial appeal and popularity. Mainly, due to fucking GMAYL being the lead single. Masterpiece should have been a buzz single preceding the album with GMAYL as a bonus track or something. Then, GGW or I'm Addicted should have been the first single.
  2. This song would have been better had it been about someone's dick, like I assumed it was when I first saw the tracklist.
  3. Swim, Skin and Sky Fits Heaven are all single material to be honest but I went with Skin.
  4. I think Jawbreaker would have been a smarter juxtaposition than Hard Candy, especially since she had the whole "boxing" theme going on at that time.
  5. 1) Ray of Light 2) Like a Prayer 3) American Life 4) Confessions on a Dance Floor 5) Rebel Heart 6) Music 7) True Blue 8) Madonna 9) Hard Candy 10) Like a Virgin 11) Bedtime Stories 12) Erotica 13) MDNA
  6. Ummm...the first half obviously. It's literally just fillers after Dress You Up.
  7. Agreed. Or the love for Turn Off the Radio...listening to the writer's demo makes me furious. She ruined what was once a decent track.
  8. Happy Birthday to her most lazily executed and overall worst album! It gave us the following gems: Girl Gone Wild, Gang Bang, I'm Addicted, Falling Free, Beautiful Killer, Best Friend and Love Spent. The rest should have remained unreleased.
  9. Forbidden Love, without a doubt. A great and underrated song.
  10. I'm rooting for Britney, Don't Do It!
  11. I prefer this over Erotica it's more melodious. This would be great if it had the You Thrill Me chorus instead of the one used here. The La Di Da da's are great!
  12. The guy who covered Candy Shop is trying to land a job on her team, I see.
  13. A lot of artists do it nowadays. "Singles" are slowly becoming less important due to the fact that non-singles can chart based on digital sales and streaming. Million Reasons was released a long time ago. She probably had the John Wayne video ready for a single release right after the SuperBowl but Million Reasons ended up doing surprisingly well, so she decided to give that dying song one last shot and succeeded. She then released the JW video for additional promo and thought that it would possibly blow up but it flopped so she decided to cancel whatever plans she had for it. She is known for doing that. Judas tanked as second single in 2011 and was replaced by The Edge of Glory as "next single" only a month later or so. Venus was replaced as second single by DWUW because it did well as a promo single. A-Yo was replaced by Million Reasons because the latter had better sales as promo single (only due to Carpool). She doesn't focus on longevity, never has and that's her issue. She is too focused on getting attention and hit singles that she decides to scrap things she has planned because of her anxiety to do well. She makes dumb decisions that prove to be bad decisions in the long run because she sucks at planning things in advance. The total opposite of what M has done during her Warner years.
  14. Rihanna is amazing and ANTi is such a great change for her and a sign that she's truly evolving as an artist while still keeping her signature essence. That's how you re-invent yourself. She truly studied the queen unlike a certain someone who just skimmed through the Madonna 101.