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  1. Everybody Physical Attraction Angel Over and Over (Rock Version) Papa Don‘t Preach (This one needs a makeover) Open Your Heart (MDNAT didn‘t do the song justice) Who‘s That Girl (The RHT version was tragic) Express Yourself (a proper rework NOT based on Shep‘s Mix) Oh Father Till Death Do Us Part Rescue Me Bad Girl I‘ll Remember Secret Bedtime Story Take a Bow You‘ll See Frozen Skin Nothing Really Matters The Power of Good-Bye anything from American Life anything from Confession other than Hung Up NOTHING from Dry Cunty NOTHING from MD/NA Ghosttown Sorry...I couldn’t narrow it down to 5.
  2. Bedtime Stories - 23th Anniversary

    Human Nature / Sanctuary / Take a Bow I‘ll Remember
  3. No. True Blue was the one that was originally not considered as single. Open Your Heart was supposed to be the third single. They went with True Blue when radio stations started putting it on heavy rotation. I think that sort of explains why it was left off of IC & Celebration. It was a hit but not one of the “planned” ones.
  4. a kii

    No. he just worded it incorrectly. I talked with him about this. This thread was a result of a conversation I had with him.
  5. No it was originally scheduled to be a single from Like a Virgin, just like Love Don’t Live Here Anymore. Into the Groove (which was only meant as b-side) and the Geffen singles (Gambler in particular) got in the way. The remixes of Over and Over that were included were done before the release of the album for the Over and Over single. I‘m very sure about that. The LAV singles would have been: 1. Like a Virgin / Stay 2. Material Girl / Pretender Crazy for You / Gambler 3. Angel / Into the Groove 4. Dress You Up / Shoo-Bee-Doo 5. Over and Over / Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
  6. The unavailability of dance mixes of Into the Groove and Holiday. The mixes of Over and Over were most likely from the cancelled single release. Where‘s the Party was originally going to be the final songle from True Blue. Physical Attraction replaced the remix of True Blue.
  7. THIS. BLASPHEMY! Not surprised though considering only 30 people voted.
  8. Woooaaahhh so many good songs leaving already! ISAAC? HOLY WATER? GIRL GONE WILD? BEST NIGHT?
  9. Give Me All Your Luvin’ and Turn Off the Radio already out!