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  1. Hell to the fuck no! This bitch can stay far far far far far away from M14.
  2. Three Nicki features were already more than we needed. Also...how ridiculous to have the same rapper featured TWICE on the same album. That‘s just sad and also partially the reason why I‘ve always hated the filler that was Dance 2night on Hard Candy. So pointless...
  3. She just needs to get rid of Kevin Antunes for fucks sake.
  4. The show had a nice concept. Still, I think she could have easily added a few more songs. Words, Rescue Me, Thief of Hearts and Bad Girl, most importantly. Like a Marlene was terrible and after performing it on every tour, it wasn't a necessary performance since casual fans probably hated it anyway. I get why she has done In This Life but I'd still preferred to hear Bad Girl after a performance of Thief of Hearts in the disco section. I'm Going Bananas was also a pointless waste of time. This whole tour was just a BIT whack in terms of song selection but the stage production and everything else was great, I agree.
  5. Not really, Dress You Up opened the Virgin Tour and the song became a single AFTER the tour had ended.
  6. S.E.X.

    Drowned World Tour: Favorite performances?

    Impressive Instant Mer Girl / Sky Fits Heaven / Mer Girl (Reprise) Lo Que Siente La Mujer La Isla Bonita (the best rendition of it ever!)
  7. S.E.X.

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Exactly the ones I least cared about. We don't need BOREDline since we have that version in color and HQ from the Jimmy Fallon performance. Holiday is mehhhhhh overdone and already included in the actual tour and Don't Tell Me...well nice to have but Intervention, Easy Ride, I'm So Stupid and all the other album tracks were more desirable. Hate this release. Everything about it...it's so obviously targeted at her undeserving casual fans. As if any of them would care if Like a Prayer wasn't included and we got Who's That Girl or Take a Bow instead. The only good thing about this trainwreck of a release is the fact that the cover was not designed by Aldo Diaz (hopefully she won't ever work with him again).
  8. S.E.X.

    rate the tours

    You are being delusional because you keep ignoring the FACTS not theories but FACTS I presented and act totally biased in regards to it repeatedly saying how excellent it was instead of trying to convince me why exactly it was so excellent. You have not given me a single reason to change my mind other than telling me that her other tours weren't flawfree either. WHAT was so excellent about RHT that made it better than her other tours in your opinion. I'll wait... In a few years, yall won't be so butthurt over negative opinions in regards to tjis tour. It's the same shit every time. People LOVEEDDD MDNATand now they regarded as one of her worst lol.
  9. And you made the right decision. Instead they prefer Kevin Antunes auto-generated keyboard synths and drum tracks. That lame Holiday finale! or the even more awful Salsa version of Dress You Up that sounded like a karaoke version of a cover done by some Mexican artist. He needs to get the boot, instantly.
  10. S.E.X.

    rate the tours

    Okay...stay delusional. Most people agree that RHT was her most uncohesive setlist. Sure, her other tours had a few moments like that but Rebel Heart had these moments in every section. Add the awful costumes, watered down album renditions and subpar visuals to it and you have her worst out of her post-2001 tours. If you think it was excellent despite these flaws doesn't matter. Taste is always subjective. It's still a fact that this show was her least elaborate and most rushed in recent times.
  11. S.E.X.

    rate the tours

    No it doesn't. Most of her others tours really only had minor changes but the setlist was done early on and didn't change much. M is not very flexible when it comes to her setlists because she wanted to spendmore time on rehearsals. It's also funny that she had an in-ear-man this time giving her directions. It only further proves the theory that most of the show wasn't rehearsed well enough cause they kept changing things last minute. RIT is similar to RHT. Both were very try-hard GH Tours but RIT was more well executed than RHT and seemed much bigger. The interludes, screen projections, the costumes and mist importantly the song arrangements were far superior.
  12. S.E.X.

    rate the tours

    Not a theory but a fact. She herself said that she changed the setlist countless times and made some drastic changes to incorporate more classics. It's in one of the interviews that appeared in a magazine. The show was shit cause it didn't live up to the potential the album offered. It was a very unbalanced setlist that ignored her three best albums entirely. It didn't flow because there were too many visual ideas that were squeezed into the sections. No flow, sonically. (How do you go from Body Shop/True Blue in Rockabilly fashion to a Disco segment in Deeper and Deeper to HBC/LDLHA and then to an improvised performance of Like a Virgin that sounded more oriental?) It was just all over the damn place and simply made no sense. All her other tours made sense and were consistent in one way or another. RHT wasn't.
  13. As if most gays would value the music or quality of the performance over the outfit. Kim, sis...why are you even surprised?