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  1. S.E.X.

    New Album Means New Tour

    What the fuck? Did they really? Some people...I swear to God. I mean one has to only listen to these awful studio version from her last three tours to know who the superior musical director was. Burning Up from RIT with REAL INSTRUMENTS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Burning Up from RHT with all the synthetic drum beats.
  2. Your damn right about that! All jokes aside, I think Sorry has a good shot at appearing on the next tour. It's the most empowering and political song and she's in a rather political mood rn, so who knows. Anything from Ray of Light minus the title track Beautiful Stranger American Pie Don't Tell Me What It Feels Like for a GIrl American Life Hollywood Nothing Fails Love Profusion Sorry Get Together 4 Minutes Give It 2 Me
  3. I mean...I get she's still mad it wasn't a single but her petty ass needs to let it go and stop torturing us with this unnecessary filler.
  4. Ban list from the next tour: Holiday Like a Virgin La Isla Bonita Vogue Human Nature Music Candy Shop List of songs she is more than welcome to perform: Everybody Physical Attraction Lucky Star Crazy for You Gambler Into the Groove Angel Live to Tell Papa Don’t Preach Open Your Heart Causing a Commotion Like a Prayer Express Yourself Cherish Oh Father Vogue Justify My Love Rescue Me This Used to Be My Playground Erotica Bad Girl Fever Rain I‘ll Remember Secret Take a Bow Bedtime Story Frozen Ray of Light The Power of Good-Time Nothing Really Matters Beautiful Stranger American Pie Don‘t Tell Me What It Feels Like for a Girl Die Another Day American Life Hollywood Nothing Fails Love Profusion Sorry Get Together Jump 4 Minutes Give It 2 Me Girl Gone Wild Ghosttown
  5. Who the fuck cares about the crowd? No one. Madonna concerts are about the experience of seeing the best female artist ever. She‘s not MJ who kept doing the same classics his entire life. I‘m glad she‘s always changing it up. Holiday has been performed on every tour aside from one and nothing will top RIT and DWT‘s re-inventions. RHT‘s rendition was a disappointment. She has at leadt 10 song that are equally successful and well-known. Holiday is hardly her biggest or most well-known song. I felt it was incredibly unbalanced. Too many 80s songs and not enough from the 90s/00s. Holiday was the most bland, disappointing and mediocre ending she has done in ages. It felt like a last-minute idea. RHT was a GP-pleaser and I hope the next tour isn’t. People are gonna buy tickets to see her no matter what. They won’t know the setlist beforehand and they won’t care if there are at least a few song she knows and she has enough they would know.
  6. NO No more Holiday. Everything that came after the fantastic DWT and RIT renditions was disappointing. If you wanna dust something off from Debut, bring back fucking Everybody or Physical Attraction.
  7. I LIVE for your posts! Besides, hasn't she skipped Like a Prayer on her last tour and only performed it occasionally? I'd love a full blown ethereal/warrior goddess/medieval section featuring: Like a Prayer, Nothing Really Matters, Frozen and some of the new songs from the album. She has ignored Ray of Light long enough and this time around I want at least two songs from that album and NOT the title track! It was a missed opportunity to not move I'm Addicted, Like a Prayer and I'm a Sinner into the world music section and have Kalakan play the heavy drums on those songs. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN EPIC! The majorette section could have been moved to the end of the tour with Turn Up the Radio, Everybody & Celebration as encore! Girl Gone Wild Revolver Gang Bang Papa Don't Preach / Sorry I Don't Give A Best Friend (Interlude) I'm Addicted Nothing Really Matters Like a Prayer I'm a Sinner / Cyber-raga or even better: Frozen leading into... ...Open Your Heart! 😍 Masterpiece Justify My Love (Interlude) Vogue Physical Attraction / Erotica something else. Not Human Nature! Like a Virgin / Love Spent Nobody Knows Me (Interlude) Some Girls / Give Me All Your Luvin' - Medley Express Yourself (WITH THOSE DAMN DRUMS!!!!) Turn Up the Radio Everybody Celebration
  8. S.E.X.

    Add one song: VT setlist

    I'm a rebel, so I'm just gonna ignore the rules and do whatever the fuck I want with this tour, ha! SUE ME! Lucky Star - THIS SONG SCREAMS OPENER Everybody Into the Groove Holiday Instrumental Interlude / Gambler Over and Over Crazy for You Physical Attraction Burning Up / Instrumental Interlude Borderline Love Don't Live Here Anymore Angel Dress You Up Instrumental Interlude / Like a Virgin Instrumental Interlude / Material Girl
  9. She just needs to get rid of Kevin Antunes for fucks sake.
  10. The show had a nice concept. Still, I think she could have easily added a few more songs. Words, Rescue Me, Thief of Hearts and Bad Girl, most importantly. Like a Marlene was terrible and after performing it on every tour, it wasn't a necessary performance since casual fans probably hated it anyway. I get why she has done In This Life but I'd still preferred to hear Bad Girl after a performance of Thief of Hearts in the disco section. I'm Going Bananas was also a pointless waste of time. This whole tour was just a BIT whack in terms of song selection but the stage production and everything else was great, I agree.
  11. Not really, Dress You Up opened the Virgin Tour and the song became a single AFTER the tour had ended.