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  1. Azealia Banks

    Soda deserved better than this.
  2. OMG sorry, sis! I just remember seeing someone in here stanning her and I was mad as fuck because I usually come here to express my frustration and not to see even more people kissing her back extension.
  3. Ew at some people in here that stan her. Know your place, girls! This section and thread are not meant for praising white supremacists and KKK youth!
  4. looks quite familiar, doesn't it (doesn't it?) True. It's worse than bad...it's fucking terrible.
  5. The reductive Trump of Pop

    That song is honestly fucking terrible. I hate how the parts that are supposed to rhyme are emphasized. It shows how amateurishly written it is. The only good part is the chorus and that is the part that she cannot sing convingly. Instead of changing her tone to fit the vibe of the song she tries to belt it all in her fake opera-singer tone. It’s so fucking whack. Besides, a song like this simply isn‘t for her. She is/was a performance „artist“. Her career is/was based around outrageous costumes and performances and dance music. This song doesn’t lend itself to any of that. Million Reasons is a song Carrie Underwood should have gotten instead of her. Gargoyle isn’t a ballad artist. She wants to have a hit ballad SO BAD but she can’t and she won’t cause no one likes to hear her whine. All her ballads are fucking CRAP.
  6. Hero Without You ...that's pretty much it.
  7. HOLY SHIT! Now THIS is a damn fucking READ. Kelly Minus’ wig has been... ...SNATCHED!
  8. Ugh of course she’d pull out the 1989-sounding reject hoping it would get her at least ONE hit for this album (it won’t). That song, however, is so bland and boring. It’s pure pop, yes, but not of the good sort.
  9. The show had a nice concept. Still, I think she could have easily added a few more songs. Words, Rescue Me, Thief of Hearts and Bad Girl, most importantly. Like a Marlene was terrible and after performing it on every tour, it wasn't a necessary performance since casual fans probably hated it anyway. I get why she has done In This Life but I'd still preferred to hear Bad Girl after a performance of Thief of Hearts in the disco section. I'm Going Bananas was also a pointless waste of time. This whole tour was just a BIT whack in terms of song selection but the stage production and everything else was great, I agree.
  10. Not really, Dress You Up opened the Virgin Tour and the song became a single AFTER the tour had ended.
  11. Not really because everyone makes fun of 2007 Britney. Nobody cares about the fact that she allegedly had mental health issues. I didn’t even know she had any until recently. So yeah that certainly wasn’t the reason she flopped. I think another problem with pop girls is also that Urban, Rap, Hip Hop and male artists are considered more “cool” and less “gay” by the kids of today. It’s this underlying homophobia and the fear of being viewed as gay and lame for listening to pop music and people like Katy Perry and shit.
  12. Hey Hey Hey wasn’t released as a single. It was JUST the video and that video was a rip-off of her own Perfume commercial (which was miles better). I think it all boils down to CTTR being a weak lead single and Bone Apple Tit being an even worse follow-up.
  13. I’m so sad that Witness didn’t do as well. It’s my favourite album of hers. Sadly, they released the worst three songs as singles because of the rent-a-rapper features. Witness, Hey Hey Hey, Power, Roulette, Deja Vu, Miss You More all could have been much better singles. They also would have allowed her to finally adopt a more mature image. Her slapstick, self-depreciation shtick has gotten stale and it was about time she let go of it.