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  1. Right? She sounded totally off-key on that track and the dance beat was soooo bad. Like not even one of the bearable ones but one of the most trashy ones I've ever heard. Sounded like a Kylie outtake.
  2. When will people be over those damn Avicii demos? I'm a hater.
  3. Hit me up, if you want a link. I have the iTunes+ files. :) I know it's a bit early but I think this is her best album by far. I still had to slightly re-arrange the tracklist a bit though. 13 Beaches Cherry White Mustang Summer Bummer In My Feelings Groupie Love Lust for Life Love Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind God Bless America - And All the Beautiful People in It When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing Beautiful People Beautiful Problems Tomorrow Never Came Heroin Change Get Free I don't understand why she didn't make 13 Beaches the first track. It's the perfect opening song and it's even better paired with Get Free as closing track (and the long outro with the sounds of beaches).
  4. I mean... The MDNA era as a whole was just WRONG. Girl Gone Wild should have been the lead single right from the start. GMAYL was the song that truly ended her on a commercial level and completely tarnished her reputation. I mean a performance of Girl Gone Wild at the Superbowl before Like a Prayer would have been...MINDBLOWING! Girl Gone Wild I'm Addicted Beautiful Killer / Gang Bang Falling Free (Remix) or Love Spent (Remix) Turn Up the Radio was never a good single choice. Way too cheesy and off-putting for the GP.
  5. Perfectly agree with this! I've never seen anyone pick out exactly the same five songs I would have picked!
  6. How Will I Know So Emotional I'm Your Baby Tonight I Wanna Dance with Somebody I Will Always Love You Queen of the Night Run to You Exhale (Shoop Shoop) Step By Step If I Told You That My Love Is Your Love It's Not Right But It's Okay Million Dollar Man I Look to You I know it's 15 songs but I had to include them all.
  7. A little more polished and it would have been a great "new track" on GHV2. Also perfectly befitting as a response to people calling her a home wrecker for dating Guy Ritchie (a married man at that time).
  8. That shit should have NEVER happened. Everygodly deserved that spot SO SO MUCH. I really don't understand what made her change her mind and do La Isla again.
  9. THIS SUCCESSION IS EVERYTHING!!! Love how it goes from thunder -> rain -> sunshine. GENIUS!
  10. She made a post about it on her Instagram before the RHT. It seems she was considering it for the tour. It's so interesting cause the RHT really gives the impression that she had a lot of ideas that got scrapped in the end or squeezed into one section. The shows seems "last minute" and compressed. I think she tried to fit in as many classics as possible to the expense of a coherent setlist. Just my impression. I'm not a big fan of the tour overall but it seems not as many people were too bothered by it.
  11. Completely agree! It's beyond beautiful! Do you guys want a link with snippets from all the songs? THEY ALL SOUND SO FUCKING GOOD!
  12. This would have fit so well somewhere on the Girlie Show to be honest. Preferably as part of the Maritime/Sailor segment instead of fucking I'm Going Bananas. On a side note: True Blue and Who's That Girl also could have fit into that section quite neatly.
  13. Beat Goes On, Heartbeat, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You and She's Not Me had quite a lot of potential in my opinion.
  14. I think Warner wanted it as second single but M preferred Give It 2 Me. They still promoted it on the sticker because of the Kanye feature. There were rumors about BGO being chosen as 3rd single for the US market, while Miles Away was chosen to be the next single in Europe. Not sure how much about that is true, though. I personally think, that GI2M was not a good second single and the video was incredibly boring and lazy considering that it was one of her favorite tracks on the record. Oh wow that's terrible :/ Oh yeah of course her sister would pull something like that. UGH