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  1. Frozen (Widescreen Mix) Ray Of Light (Sasha's Ultraviolet Mix) Nothing Really Matters (Club 69 Radio Mix) Nothing Really Matters (Talvin Singh's Vikram Remix) Nothing Really Matters (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix) Those NRM remixes are some of the best remixes of her entire career. I have no idea what the hell went wrong with The Power of Good-Bye honestly.
  2. Like a Virgin - Reissue cover has already been revealed:
  3. One More Chance is sooo bad and shit that people forget it was a single too!
  4. It's WAY too slow. American Life did pretty well outside of the US. It's the video that turned the U.S. off. She needed another kickass dance song after DAD and AL was good. Hollywood or a Single Mix of Nobody Knows Me could have potentially been better but yeah NF just isn't reallly...single material. It's not particularily catchy and although it was the third single EVERYWHERE, it didn't managed to catch on which is why they pushed Love Profusion with a video instead. In fact, I think if any song had potential it would have been Love Profusion although it's not as great as most of the other songs on the album. It's by far the most radio-friendly and harmless. Nothing Fails was the international third single. It was relaesed as double A-side with Love Profusion only in the UK as far as I know. It was relaesed independently everywhere else with Nobody Knows Me serving as b-side. Remixes for Mother and Father were comissioned but it's not clear whether it was going to be a single. Some guy who reviewd the Madonna albums on YouTube said that she actually asked the audience during On Stage and on the Record whether the second single should be Hollywood, Love Profusion or Mother & Father, so it was most definitely considered and some of those remixes were also leaked.
  5. But Nothing Fails was the third single...it just didn't get a video but it was released as a single. The radio mix is pretty good. Much better than the lame album version. I voted for Intervention just because it's my fave track from the album. I think it would have done better than NF as third single. Nobody Knows Me could have done pretty well with a proper radio mix als RIT studio version and Mother and Father too. A lot went wrong during that era. She shouldn't have given up after Hollywood honestly.
  6. Me going through this thread on my way home:
  7. The Whore of Instagram 1. Takes A Slut 2 Know A Slut 2. Donald Trump, Suck a Dick 3. Nobody Wants to Fuck a Clown 4. No Fat Cunts Allowed 5. Trust No Bitch 6. Fuck Fuck Fuck Yeah 7. Blow Up 8. The Son Rises, The Son Sets 9. Shitting on the Whole World 10. Australia (Never Coming Back Again) 11. Sock Bitch 12. Lady Gaga Was Found Dead
  8. "NO FAT CUNTS ALLOWED IN MY PRESENCE!" Omg loooolllll Poor Tranet! That album was tragic...
  9. Title says it all! Hopefully it's not to early for this. Let's get it started, everyone! A title that was suggested by a friend of mine who is also on this forum. I would tag him but I don't know his username here: MADONNA FORTIN A play on words with her mother's maiden name and the number 14. I imagine Madonna on the cover as a somewhat futuristic, "new age", Madonna figure. Something like this:
  10. The actual title is "Shitting on the Whole World" they reported it incorrectly.
  11. What about releasing Paradise or Impressive Instant as singles from Music/GHV2? Paradise already had a video ready and Impressive Instant could have been a hit. Also, GHV2 came out around the same time the tour DVD came out. I don't get why they didn't take the opportunity to bundle them for a boxset. Maybe even use the Paradise video and single as a single to promote all of the three releases (Music, GHV2 & DWT) and throw the Megamixes on there as b-sides.
  12. What about GHV2 as a two-disc set? Disc 1: Best of 1992-2001 Disc 2: Best of Remixes + new tracks Then, for the boxset, add the DWT DVD.
  13. She hated GHV2. I mean...have you seen the tracklist? She was trolling so hard at that time and even mocked her label for "forcing her" to promote it.
  14. Liquid Love is one of her best unreleased songs and should have been on Music honestly but I don't see it on a GH album. Arioso got my vote because I feel like it's the most retrospective of all of them. She was a married mother of two by then and I think this song is just such a beautiful answer to all the shit she got from 1992-2001. It's like a vulnerable Human Nature. "Everyone's a specialist On where I've been And who I've kissed Choices I should make The lovers I should take"
  15. A nice take on it but I don't really see it. ;)