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  1. Mehhh I prefer Amazing and Beautiful Stranger over this. The live remake was cool but idk this song is a total filler imo.
  2. YES! That version of Iconic is absolutely fantastic! Now imagine the tour performance with that version of the song!
  3. Thank you. Avicii's takes on the songs sounded incredibly dated on arrival and it truly was for the better she changed and reworked them. I only wished she had giving the other producers more time and could have went through with her 2-disc album so she wouldn't have had to squeeze 19 tracks onto on disc. I think that is also the problem why she chose some demos over the others. She had to make sure they weren't too long. Rebel Heart truly deserved a good remake. While she chose my favorite demo of the track for the album, I believe it is lacking a nice twist. The cvicii demo was kay but a bit cheesy and not timeless in my opinion. My favorite demos are: HeartBreakCity (New Vox) and Inside Out (Rev4 Demo) those two are the only ones I prefer over the album versions. I also prefer Iconic Part 2 and the acoustic version of Joan of Arc.
  4. Out of all the great extra song choices...she ends up chasing Like a Prayer which was already part of her last two releases. A SNOOZE. LDLHA cut in favor of some bullshit about Detroit (hopefully that part was removed) and of course no Take a Bow, Who's That Girl or Ghosttown. TOAC only a documentary most likely without any of the songs and just her unfunny jokes! I'm screaming...not like I had any high hopes or expectations anyway. Can't wait to see Aldo Diaz' mess of a cover to be honest!
  5. I think overall, Madonna has always had great taste when it comes to choosing images for her releases. There are, however, a few that I feel needed a slight tweak. So, yeah...I'm guilty...
  6. I made some alternative cover art for Lust for Life making the logo look more like the logo of the name. I also used those beautiful images from Dazed magazine. So sad that she tends to waste her best images for magazines all the time.
  7. It's probably an early, unmastered take. Maybe using some vocals discarded in later versions. You can easily tell it's an unprofessional mix of stems, due to the fact that the lead vocals, harmonies and background vocals are basically on the same volume.
  8. God, I hate this song so much. It's rather embarrassing it got released by some fool.
  9. It's fake. Someone just played around with the multitrack. I guess that multitrack comes from an earlier take and not the final album version. Still a fake version that was labeled as a demo instead of a "New Mix made from stem" to gain attention and fool us. Annoying. It seems that there is an easily accessible source for these stems but sadly only a select few know where to look for it. Otherwise, all these ransoms wouldn't be able to obtain and leak them.
  10. I've had so many haters who settled for the thrill of basking in my spotlight. They've never been so peeeettttyyyyy....
  11. Me after listening to those dreadful Evita performances of hers:
  12. Petty LePen needs to get her filthy mouth washed out with some of this! Or how about some good ol enema?
  13. I'd be down for it. What other names do we have? I think I read Janitor Jackson somewhere! Hilarious! I do love Tranet too though.