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  1. GUS is slaying flop princesses forum boludo jajaja
  2. yes I remember that , popo carey claimed that she sold out stadiums in China , but nobody saw the boxsore of those concerts jajaj
  3. Shakira's 'El Dorado' Scores Biggest Sales Week for a Latin Album in More Than Two Years 6/7/2017 by Xander Zellner Shakira scores the biggest sales week for a Latin album in more than two years, as her latest LP El Dorado bows at No. 1 on the Latin Album Sales chart (dated June 17) with 20,000 copies sold in the week ending June 1, according to Nielsen Music. The last Latin album to sell more than El Dorado was Gerardo Ortiz’s Hoy Mas Fuerte on the June 5, 2015-dated chart, which debuted at No. 1 with slightly more copies (also rounding out to 20,000). El Dorado is Shakira’s sixth No. 1 on the Latin Album Sales chart and eighth top five. El Dorado also arrives at No. 1 on the Latin Pop Albums chart with 29,000 equivalent album units earned, earning the singer her seventh No. 1 on the list. She now holds the record for most No. 1 Latin Pop Albums among women; she was previously tied with Thalia, with six. Over on the Top Latin Albums chart, El Dorado enters at No. 2, earning Shakira her eighth top 10 effort. Just ahead of Shakira is the Summer Latin Hits 2017 compilation, which debuts at No. 1 with 37,000 units. Shakira concurrently sports five separate titles from El Dorado on the Hot Latin Songs chart. β€œChantaje,” featuring Maluma, places the highest at No. 3 (it previously spent 11 weeks atop the tally), followed by β€œMe Enamore” at No. 4 (a new peak), then β€œDΓ©jΓ  Vu” with Prince Royce at No. 10 (it previously peaked at No. 4). The other two entries -- β€œPerro Fiel” featuring Nicky Jam (No. 27) and β€œTrap” featuring Maluma (No. 45) -- debut on the chart. With Shakira’s two debuts, the singer has now charted 39 entries on the Hot Latin Songs chart, the second-most among female soloists in the chart’s 31-year history. Ednita Nazario holds the record with 39. Most Hits on the Hot Latin Songs Chart by Female Soloists Number of Hits, Artist 53, Ednita Nazario 39, Shakira 38, Olga Tanon 37, Ana Gabriel 32, Yolandita Monge 31, Rocio Durcal 30, Gloria Estefan 20,000 copies is huge nowadays for a latin Γ‘lbum in USA ..i can t at Ednita Nazario
  4. last week Mediatraffic #9 Shakira - El Dorado 68.000 equivalent sales
  5. she sold 2,000,000 of tickets in USA -Latin America , right now she is selling out big arenas like Staples center in USA,. she and her pet ...for sure she will go on tour by heself next year , so she would end with 2.500,000 tickets sold this decade , for a latin star its amazing , she would be whatever you want,., but she is huge here ... . 2006 at Latin Grammys , Alejandra and Shakira
  6. you can t stand see her name ,, you brought here too honey , I was quoting other famales , not only Alejandra , so I can write about Paulina and its ok , and not about Alejandra .jajaja read again Paulina got a n1 spot by herself in US Latin at 40 , Shakira just a top 10 great for paulina , even though her career is over
  7. OMG , this cow is totally crazy
  8. Celia was 80 years old when this song smashed ...AMAZING
  9. , Jesus as usual , I was talking about Billboard the most important chart , and i considered celia and Gloria as the oldest females who got a top 10 in US Latin..yai Ale had a very little career in Spain , like Thalia and Paulina have in Argentina now -Argentina airplay last n1 2011 tan solo tu ... Alejandra 43 2016 La bicicleta, chantaje Shakira 39 BC Thalia , not even with Maluma she got a n1 spot , it was n 3 as Mi peor error , BC Paulina .. -Mexico Airplay last n1 2016 , la bicicleta, chantaje ..Shakira 39 2014 Mi peor error BY HERSELF ...Alejandra 45 yaiii 2011 Golpes al corazon ..Paulina 40 BC Thalia , as well not even with Maluma she got the n1 spot thanks to Jesus I did an accurate summary how the mexican trinity and Shakira did regarding their ages , and yes this decade behind Shakira is Alejandra as single artist , and in terms of longevity Shakira has a lot to do , also she has not a n1 by herself in any important market here in Latin America in the last 7 years, , she got 2 smashes with feats .Me enamore would be n1 in Mexico and Argentina , but despasito blocked it , well despasito blocked whatever ..great for Alejandra who is the oldest diva who got a n1 by herself in an important market , at 45 , not considering Celia Cruz of course ..who is the QUEEN OF LONGEVITY ,here , she got a hit in her 80s , la negra tiene tumbao ..i bet no other female in the world has or had that amazing acheivement ... CHER WHO Alejandra is going to release a new lead single in november with all the support of universal , its almost sure that its going to be a collaboration with Maluma , omg I can imagine Alejandra getting a hit in the 3 latin markets , Argentina , Mexico and US latin at 49 or 50 , OMG I just can t wait ...she need a continental hit ,her singles with shitty trevi and Samo flopped big time in US Latin and Argentina - yes Shaki is regining now , I don t like her , but I can t deny her domination now
  10. Imagine momo in her 50s Madonna at 54
  11. 1000 times betther than shitriah
  12. tragic
  13. Shakira got a billboard top 10 hit by herslef with Me enamore , great For her ,at 40 ,she ties Paulina Rubio with Me gustas tanto , but Paulina got the n1 spot in 2011 , but Shaki is so far from Gloria Stefan ,Celia Cruz ,regarding oldest females who got top 10 hits in Billboard hot latin songs now she is more closer to Alejandra Guzman who got her last top 10 at 43 with Dia de suerte . That s why even though her career is over , Paulina is legendary , a n1 spot on hot latin songs at 40 , BY HERSELF , Shakira have to beat that older than 40 ,
  14. omg at her face , she looks HORRIBLE
  15. lady caca