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    Favorite live performances of La Isla Bonita?

    Girlie show
  2. well i expect the video promo in june I wonder which one will be ..
  3. Rebel heart tour has over 13 m of views on youtube, all videos combined , even without an official video ..so I guess she can release the dvd ,
  4. littleGuzman

    Grammy's 2017

    so she is still fat after all
  5. littleGuzman

    Grammy's 2017

    boring ceremony
  6. littleGuzman

    Grammy's 2017

    Katy looks amazinggg
  7. littleGuzman

    Grammy's 2017

    so Beyonce is the female with more grammys in history
  8. littleGuzman

    Grammy's 2017

    Pink didn t win as usual
  9. littleGuzman

    Grammy's 2017

    Adele is so boring , eww , somebody knows if Pink won I hope Adele destroys FLOPga .getting a biggest boost after the ceremony
  10. but she sold almost 1 m with rebel heart , over 1 m attended the tour , so she has real hardcore fans , at least the dvd can sell 300k , it would be more profitable than flopita s or Mariahs last studio albums , considering the dvds are more expensive than cds the tour album can sell 150 -200k why it would be cancelled , but really im so worried
  11. Latinos need a transmission of Rebel heart tour , especially Argentina where Rebel heart album can get a boost , it is in best selling albums top 10 now , after almost 2 years , imagine if after that it reachs the n1 spot ...lol also we deserve it ..we love her