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  1. Madonna invented halftime

    Madonna needs another super bowl , she can perform more classics she can open with Material girl , she can perform also La isla bonita , Into the groove , Holiday or Ray of light and her last hit in USA , 4 minutes , she needs to sing a ballad too , it should be the legendary Crazy for you ...
  2. but she sold almost 1 m with rebel heart , over 1 m attended the tour , so she has real hardcore fans , at least the dvd can sell 300k , it would be more profitable than flopita s or Mariahs last studio albums , considering the dvds are more expensive than cds the tour album can sell 150 -200k why it would be cancelled , but really im so worried
  3. Madonna invented halftime

    her local moderate career ...
  4. Madonna invented halftime

    who is janet
  5. Madonna invented halftime

  6. Latinos need a transmission of Rebel heart tour , especially Argentina where Rebel heart album can get a boost , it is in best selling albums top 10 now , after almost 2 years , imagine if after that it reachs the n1 spot ...lol also we deserve it ..we love her
  7. Madonna is so relevant

    Today I heard Into the groove on the radio again ....mega classic
  8. Madonna was bigger than Janet in 4 consecutive decades, she outsold her in every decade , period , for that she produced more money every decade Janet was the princess of payola , she got very good peaks on hot 100 , but her single sales are poor ,..at least Mariah s payola was useful in order to sell albums unlike flopita, who was not a great seller in USA she used to need to wait 3-4 years in order to get good sales , while Madonna had the power to release albums every 2 years and she was capable to sell at least 2m per album in the 80s and 90s an example 1990 Im Breathless 2.4m 1990 TIC 11.8M 1992 Erotica 2m 1994 Bedtime stories 2.8m 1995 Something to remember 2.7m 1996 Evita 2.5m 1998 Ray of light 4.6m Janitor 1993 Janet 9m 1995 designe of a decade 2.8m 1997 The velvel rope 3.2m her perfomance, overall is very poor next to Madonna s
  9. Madonna is so relevant

    Today La isla was playing on the radio
  10. Madonna is so relevant

    Hours ago Into the groove was playing on the radio
  11. Rebel Heart Tour Showtime Viewing Thread

    When Rebel heart tour is going to come out
  12. Madonna is so relevant

    another cover
  13. Madonna is so relevant

    OMG my topic , well i will say that im so happy that im here again ...i had a terrible year , last year , my mother died , I was taking care her for almost a year ..she died in october , so since then my life changed , i m doing my best ...trying to be strong , and I know i will be fine , my mother wanted that i try to be happy well Madonna is always played everywhere
  14. Which #2 single should've reached #1

    I ll remember, Express yourself and Material girl
  15. Madonna working on a new album in 1957?

    I expect something in 2018