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  1. when the promo vidieo will come out on youtube grrrrrrrrrr
  2. I was going to post that jeje GREAT
  3. so just like 50 days yaii
  4. STUPID BITCH ....... yes months ago, I was thinking that Alejandra could feat in that song perfectly SOOOOO
  5. so the promo video is going to be released on youtube soon..CAN T WAIT I hope Living for love wilL be , in order to still selling the Rebel heart era and to the album get a bigger boost on sales
  6. I love the cover
  7. well MDNA Tour video sold like 180k in Latin America , 110k in Brazil , and the album 60k , so Rebel heart tour would sell at least 300k and 200k worldwide ,Video and album ,I guess
  8. really the hope is here in Latin America , MDNA tour video sold 110k in Brazil ,60k in Mexico , 20k in Argentina i hope the video sells 400k worldwide , the cd 300k as MDNA tour video and cd LATINOS NEED A TV TRANSMISSION
  9. US iTunes n 2 my assss.....
  10. In US latin it is n1 and n 2 http://www.popvortex.com/music/charts/top-latin-songs.php shakira and Maluma n 4 US feat Justin Bieber n4
  11. biggest latin hit this decade poors Maluma and Shakira jajaja
  12. Madonna Rebel Heart Tour to be aired in Australia https://www.drownedmadonna.com/2017/04/25/madonna-rebel-heart-tour-aired-australia/
  13. littleGuzman

    Who's That Girl performance @ WTGT

    SHE IS THE BEST PERFORMER EVER ..... quien es esa niña , señorira mas fina ... She delivers more passion than a lot of latin acts , Shakira wishes