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  1. Madonna Rebel Heart Tour to be aired in Australia
  2. I know , but she looks like a drag queen at least in PlastiK , she does . SOY CARISIMA PARA TI
  3. TACON , PUNTA TACON, TACON, PUNTA TACON JAJAJJAJA I LOVE HER ..she is really a drag queen , she should be on Rupaul drag race
  4. false , that albums never were on sale at columbia club ,,just in BMGs , so the sales estimated by mj dangerous areo so accurate , and in the end of the day the fact that if those albums went diamond in USA ,doesn t matter , her sales outside USA are shit in order to prove that she is one of the biiggest selling female artist of all time you have to bring how many n1, top 10 abums ,Singles ,she has around the world , certifications , and the most important her chart run per market , of course you won t , because her performance outside USA is miserable, if she were, she should be selling something now , and she is not selling a shit on itunes in any market she sold 105 m of records worldwide , she isn t so far one of the best selling female artists of all time . Madonna 342m Rihanna 240m celine 235m Whitney 212m Pariah 211m
  5. in USA , yes but worldwide the woman never was a great seller even in USA ,she just was decent , never a great seller ..NEVER
  6. Amszing album
  7. Legendary
  8. Great soundtrack it owns an Oscar , don t forget that
  9. i LOVE IT , yasss another cover for the QUEEN