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  2. lol well El dorado is out , new Shakira s album
  3. I love her
  4. its very painful to see how Janet fans are so pressed because Maddy ...
  5. the fact that flopita got a huge music deal doesn t mean she was the highest paid woman in the 90s , or she produced more money in that decade , Mariah got a huge deal in 2001, but she was fired after the mega flop of Glitter , well Jancel was not fired like momo , but she was not the best selling female artist in the 90s , not even in USA, , less globally , Adele , Beyonce , Taylor haven t the biggest deal but they are insanelly well payed , Madonna was better payed in the 90s than flopita , she mega outsold her , in fact Madonna got the legendary Forbes cover ....jancel could never Madonna produced 1,700,000 per show with the Girlie show ..while janet 700,000 per show, Madonna produced 800m in just album sales , janet 400m for sure the highest paid woman in the 90s was Celine , because her amazing album sales , and of course Titanic royalties
  6. not only tan solo tu , Mi peor error too, and very soon Yo te esperaba , Janet is a huge flop on youtube , even Paulina who is a flop too slays Janitor on youtube the fact that flopita videos from 80s and 90s have miserable views mean that she has not legacy at all , youth don t give a shit for her old music , not even when she was popular , her music is forgetable , even more than Mariah s
  7. she is the best