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  1. St!nk

    Queenk is going to perform at Grammys , she MUST beat caca, she will win .., for sure beautiful trauma album is going to get a huge boost
  2. St!nk

  3. St!nk

    in her defense Sober has a a great airplay in USA
  4. What do you think of Gloria Estefan?

    Noo .general public don t know her music .Alejandra s classics are everywhere .radio .clubs .youtube i just heard yo te esperaba anf tsn solo tu at mc donals yaii .face it
  5. Trapezes and dull songs. P!nk

    yaiiiii P!nk Tops Katy Perry for Most No. 1s By Women on Adult Pop Songs Chart With 'What About Us' https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/8031419/pink-what-about-us-adult-pop-songs-chart-number-one-record-katy-perry
  6. Natalia Oreiro

    biggest global soundtrack from a soup opera ever
  7. What do you think of Gloria Estefan?

    she is in latin America like flopita in USA and worldwide , young people don t know her ..her music , or classics are not popular anymore like some Mexican diva who is rejected here she is so respected in the latin market but she is defo THE PAST ... just look her views on youtube ans her airplay is not even decent but this in my favorite son from her
  8. Trapezes and dull songs. P!nk

    almost 600k sold in USA QUEEN
  9. Trapezes and dull songs. P!nk

    She s doing great
  10. Natalia Oreiro

    She won a Platino award for her performance in Gilda
  11. Natalia Oreiro

    OMG , she deserves it ..please not Shakira Again