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  1. I never listen to MDNA, Hard Candy or Rebel Heart. Too generic. My favourites are AL, Music, Like a Prayer, Ray of Light and Madonna. The news about Mirwais is a huge good news.
  2. Madonna is working on new music.

    lol ... Abs not her. She will never wear silver nails. And that clown outfit is soooo crappy cheap.
  3. Madonna is working on new music.

    Maybe there is no full album. Maybe it will only be a single. Maybe a single in a compilation ... Maybe.
  4. I've been planning for a while to make a stereo mix out of the 5.1 audio from RH, which is in fact NOT compressed. I've done it already from Drowned World Tour DVD and from Down Under DVD too. Those are really great mix in fact, more natural with less crowd sound ... ;-) ... no compression added
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    It's her outfit for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 ...
  6. First of all, where is the problem on posting genuine and interesting information about Marlene ? What's the problem with posting just from time to time ? What is the problem, tell me ... ? It is her voice ... she clearly says that she is "is a vulgar taste" .. not correct in english but what she says is impossible to translate from french, because her french is very very old school, but it is really strong and negative, pejorative. Secondly, Marlène did in 1992, in her bed in Paris. She was living recluse in Paris, away from the eyes of the public, away from photographs and cameras. When and where did she saw BAT ? Do you have some reference of what you write ? She was bitter at the end of her life. It is ok to be bitter. This comment doesn't surprise me. However, your comment does. "I've always heard ..." ... "Maybe ..." ... Yes, we should and we must focus on VALID and CHECKED informations. Don't you think ? Unless you like fake news ...
  7. You have to put this in the context of the Who's That Girl Tour. At one moment, Madonna throws her fake panties in the public during Material Girl. It is not really her undie, it's a sort of fishnet undie ... I think it is the first fake news about Madonne. France Soir is a gossip news paper. The Mister Chirac is a well know french politician, futur Président de la République. At the time, in 1987, he was Prime Minister. The guy you can hear talking to Marlène is a friend. The kind of friend that record your communication to be sure to sell it to television the day you die ... :-( ... Frensh transcription Friend : Comment ça va ? Marlene : Estce que vous avez vu le France Soir ? C'est Monsieur Chirac qui embrasse Madonna. Friend : Oui ! Marlene : J'ai été choquée moi. Elle ôte ses culottes et elle les jette dans le public. Friend : C'est vrai ça ! Marlene : C'est un goût de misère! Et elle, elle est vulgaire à un point affreux, non ? Mais vous savez, quand on a rien d'autre, comme si on disait, faute de mieux, on couche avec sa femme, on dit. English translation Friend: How are you? Marlene: Have you seen France Soir? It is Monsieur Chirac who kisses Madonna. Friend: Yes! Marlene: I was really shocked. She takes off her panties and throws them into the audience. Friend: That's true! Marlene: It's a taste of misery! And she is vulgar at a frightful point, don't you think? But you know, when we have nothing else, as if we were saying, for want of anything better, we sleep with his wife, we say. The last sentence is a french expressions, Faute de mieux le roi couche avec sa femme The desperate guy would even have sex with his wife. Indeed, from Marlene's own voice, she hated our girl !
  8. The track could be called "Goût de misère!" ...
  9. Looking around copyright registrations....

    interresting ... pitty therre is no dates ... :-(
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I remember a documentary about Marlene ... about the fact that Madonna supposedly gave her underwear to Jacques Chirac while in France in 1987 ... She talks at one moment, in french with her typical german accent, on the phone: "Quel goût de misère !" ... I'll let you translate it in english ... I'll try to find it for you guys ... Iconic moment. ;-)