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  1. You really have an attitude problem do you?

  2. It must be my personal taste, but I've never listen so much to a Madonna album, Madame X, compare to the last two previous ones ... The quality, balance, complexity is really high. I do think it is her best album ever.
  3. Last version ... even if only 5 guys on earth will watch it, I enjoyed making it.
  4. I ll try to fix certain shaky shots tonight plus some minor edit finetuning
  5. I did my personal contribution, with my very own edit, and some grading, and also some improvement in the audio quality. What do you think of this ? Please, enjoy.
  6. Anyway, she is going to enter rehearsals time for the tour. We had all the promo. Next is the tour in september.
  7. Haters should have a look at this ... If they want to hear and see something boring.
  8. The music is soooo good. But the lyrics. Embarasing. I always skip this one. Sorry guys, but for me it is a missed opportunity
  9. The ray of light citation is about the weather, not the song ...
  10. "ABC7 will be broadcasting the march beginning at noon and going until 4 p.m." https://www.google.com/amp/s/ny.curbed.com/platform/amp/2019/6/28/19154249/nyc-pride-march-worldpride-livestream-watch-online-abc ... No show then.
  11. Maybe on their website but absolutly NOT on the air.
  12. This interview is soooo heavily edited, it is hard to tell if the answers/reactions match the questions. A highly poor and trashy interview. Unwatchable.
  13. I just heard it on Cidade FM. A portuguese radio from Lisboa.
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