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  1. Hard Candy : the divorce diary album

    They played this at work this morning and I was shook. Also they played Hollywood when the store was closing and I was bopping down the aisles Since starting there in late 2016, they've played Madonna like three times
  2. Tragic Madonna Wax Figures

    Okay out of all of them, this one is the most reminiscent of her (which is tragic tbh). The rest either look like sex dolls or drag queens
  3. Falling Free

    It definitely has a ROL quality to it. I think it's a hidden gem, thrown away with the rest of MDNA (which is one of my favourite albums)
  4. Photos that made you a fan

    Which era is this from? Recent or older?
  5. Photos that made you a fan

    The Girl Gone Wild photo shoot by Mert and Marcus. Specifically, the single cover photo. Iconic, sexy, and I always get comments on it (since it's my phone's wallpaper). Pretty good for an "old woman".
  6. Interesting, because I know Hung Up was a huge hit here in Australia. Like, whenever I play it at home, guests/family will hum/sing to it. I think the general public associates "Madonna" and "biggest hits" with pre-2000, simply because of media bias (whenever mainstream media sources refer to M nowadays, they'll say something like "the Material Girl" or "Vogue singer" or something like that).

    Girl Gone Wild Come at me.
  8. BEST 3rd TRACK

    Sorry, only because it was the first Madonna song I truly became addicted to 😇
  9. Rebel Heart Tour Showtime Viewing Thread

    Thanks so much zerbion
  10. Rebel Heart Tour Showtime Viewing Thread

    This sounds amazing, but the original link has been taken down I'm hesitant to ask someone to upload this file again as they seem to be taken down quickly. I'm from Australia, so there's literally no other way for me to see the Showtime edition